At Ithaka you will take ownership of our vision and work with an amazing team to execute challenging projects.

If you want to create a massive impact on the travel industry, we should hear from you

Job Openings
Travel Planning
Engineering at Ithaka

Engineering team are the rockstars of Ithaka. We pride ourselves in leading the way for the company and creating momentum by delivering new features/improvements every week.

We take up super challenging product concepts in our stride and bring them to life to execute Ithaka's vision of creating amazing travel experiences.

  • Senior Backend Developer

  • Associate Android Developer

  • Associate iOS Developer

Wizardry at Ithaka

The chat wizard team is the mainstay of the company. There is no Ithaka without them, as they’re the ones who hand-craft each traveler’s plan with their deep understanding of the destination and travel in general.

The wizard team is responsible for each traveler’s plan, fulfilment via bookings and the launch of new countries as we expand.

  • International Trip Crafter (Travel Wizard)

  • Chat Ops Lead

Why are we here?
We are on a simple yet powerful mission - to help everyone plan and create amazing travel experiences, and we achieve this by innovating on product, using the best available tech and an uncompromising passion for great travel experiences.
Culture == Ownership

Ours is a culture of ownership. We like giving liberty and autonomy to our people so they can execute in the best possible way.

Having said that, you will always have a team that supports you and team leads who will course correct whenever necessary.

Who are we looking for ?

If you just like following instructions and reporting to a manager 5 times a day, then Ithaka is not for you.

However, if you think like an entrepreneur, and taking full ownership of your work and executing it in the best possible way is your thing, then you'd flourish at Ithaka and we should talk. :)


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