We are a team of compulsive backpackers who've temporarily

hung up our backpacks to help everyone else travel.

We are engineers, designers and a bunch of other things

but most of all, we are Travelers

Our Story

Ithaka just sort of happened, to be honest. Ameya and Rahul​, the founders, were already hooked to traveling and wondering what to do next. Over a few discussions, they realised that the only thing they really wanted to be associated with was travel, and Ithaka was born!

Ithaka initially launched as a local experience booking website, focussed on Thailand, but we soon realised the massive problem of travel planning. One quick pivot, and we are the first chat based travel planning company in the world.

Our Vision

What we are trying to build at Ithaka is a seamless ecosystem for travel.

We want to take ownership of your travel experience from the first spark of inspiration, to the very last day of your trip, we want to stay involved, keep it personal and help you every step of the way.

The reason is, we believe that travel is the best way to break down barriers between people. If we can help more people travel to newer places and experience them well, we'd have played our part in moving the world towards a ​more unified, harmonious future, and that's a vision worthy of anyone's life work :)

Our Team

Rahul Singh

Co-Founder & CEO

Mithilesh Said

Co-Founder & CTO

Ameya Sahasrabudhe


Kaustubh Khandelwal

Product Manager

Abhishek Bhalla

Chat Ops Lead

Adrian Lopez

Data Ops

Ankit Mahindru


Vikram Thyagarajan

Senior Frontend Engineer

Kaushalya Bhavsar


Archana Ravi


Abhimanyu Kamthan


Siddharth Jaswal

Associate Android Developer

Samarth Paboowal

iOS Developer

Kriti Sharma


Nikita Rajore


Ajay Srikanth

Business Analyst