In Indonesia, Bali is the centre of tourism where different cultures merge to create a lovely collage of tranquillity, adventure and memories. In the heart of this island lies the central area of Ubud. Whether you’re here with family and looking for some sightseeing, hoping to pamper yourself at a spa, or want to go on an adventurous trek with friends, Ubud has something for everyone.

It is obvious you’d want to take a piece of your vacation at Ubud back home. And this place doesn’t disappoint when it comes to shopping. Whether you’re looking for a perfect centrepiece for your home, a designer outfit, or some serious surfing equipment, you’re sure to find it here. Here, the retail and wholesale picks are located around two main streets – Jalan Raya Ubud and Jalan Monkey Forest. Here’s a detailed guide to shopping in Ubud.

1. Arts & Antiques

Bali is known for its exceptional local art scene, from paintings to wood carvings and stone sculptures. Look for art based on the local myths and legends, as well as a few contemporary pieces. You can also buy stonework made from original volcanic rocks, or a serene Buddha statue along with intricately carved wooden items. If you’re lucky, you might even find some gems in the antique, from masks to jewellery and even authentic wooden furniture.

Where To Buy

  • Paintings: There are many art galleries in Ubud, where you can find similar art pieces. However, if you dig deeper, you will find a few exclusive ones that offer unmatched items. These are Neka Art Gallery, ARMA Art Gallery, Komaneka Fine Art Gallery, and Tony Raka Art Gallery in the Kabupaten Gianyar area. Find colourful modern art at Penestanan store and Batuan-style black-and-white ink paintings at the Batuan outlet.
    Even if you’re on a tight budget, Ubud will not disappoint. The Sukawati Art Market, also known as Pasar Seni Sukawati and Guwang Art Market offer affordable artworks.
  • Wood Works: If you want to buy a memorable wooden piece, or learn the basics of wood carving, Mas is the place to be. The area is about 12 minutes from Jalan Monkey Forest. It is a small village area, with many stores offering wood works. Make sure you look for stores that offer wholesale rates here.
  • Antiques: Tegun Galleri, Bojog Gallery and Kuluk Gallery at Kabupaten Gianyar area are ideal to pick some interesting antiques for your home.

2. Homeware

Revamp your homes with small and big items, such as tables, centre pieces and lamps, from Ubud.

 Where To Buy

  • Head over to Tegallalang Handicrafts for some of the most prized home collections in all of Bali. The store is at Jalan Raya Tegallalang in Ubud. Also take a look at Gaya Ceramic and Design, Horizon Glassworks, and designer Jean-Francois Fichot at Jalan Raya.
  • Looking for a cheaper alternative? Try Jalan Andong, Jalan Monkey Forest, and the Tegallalang area for street shops and tiny local boutiques.

3. Fashion

Pick spectacular designer pieces from local Balinese craftsman, or simply buy a batik sarong and interesting outfits for the beach in Ubud. You can also pick up branded gear for diving and surfing here, along with some fabric to customise your own outfit back home.

Where To Buy

  • Designer Wear & Boutiques: Jalan Monkey Forest, Jalan Raya, and Jalan Hanoman are the places to go to to find interesting apparel. Goddess on the Go!, Street 278, Rumble, and Frockk are the finest stores in these areas.
  • Street Picks: Opposite Puri Saren Royal Ubud Palace you will find the Ubud Art Market that houses all kinds of fashionable items. Here, you can shop for authentic silk scarves, handmade organic bags, basket and hats, as well as beach clothing and outfits for men and women.
  • Fabrics: On Jalan Monkey Forest and Jalan Raya, you can visit Threads of Life, Wardani Textiles, Shalimar, and Buddhas & Silk, for original Balinese fabrics.

4. Silver & Gold Jewellery

Ubud has many gold and silver jewellery workshops and showrooms. Here, you can find unique and quirky pieces with intricate designs, most of which are handmade after hours of labour. If you’re looking to customize a necklace, earring or a ring for your partner, then the local artists will do justice to your vision. However, since it takes time, you need to ensure you have enough time on hand.

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Where To Buy

  • On the southern side of Ubud is the quaint village of Celuk, which is the hub of real jewellery and gemstones. Here you can observe how artisans make jewellery in their workshop, which is a fascinating experience. You will find a few stores in Central Ubud too, such as Shivaloka Soul Jewellery and Studio Perak in Jalan Hanoman.

5. Surfing & Diving

When speaking of gold and silver treasures in shopping, you cannot possibly miss the treasures below sea level in Bali. And for that, Bali has a few of the finest stores that offer branded gear and clothing for ocean lovers. Buy swimwear, surfing boards, and beach clothing at these stores.

 Where To Buy

  • Check out Nusa Surf Wear at Jalan Goutama Selatan, the popular Quicksilver concept store and Rip Curl store at Jalan Monkey Forest, and Billabong at Jalan Raya.

Tips To Shop In Ubud

  • Start your shopping trip early in the day. If you’re one of the first few customers, you may get a better rate.
  • Don’t get drawn to the prices at one store. Most stores in Ubud have similar items, especially the street markets, so shop at a couple of places to find the best rate.
  • Bargain as much as you can. Except luxury, designer stores, most places in Ubud are open to bargaining and giving discounts to the vendors. If you start walking away, the seller might reduce his prices to match your rate.
  • Do not trust the local ‘agents’ that offer to take you to popular stores and get you a good rate, stick to the stores you want to visit.
  • If you’re looking for souvenirs and other small items, buy it from one place to get further discounts on more items.
  •  Be courteous to the sellers, while they are open to bargaining Bali has a culture of respect, so be polite while shopping.
  • While Bali is a safe place, it is known for minor thefts of money and other items. Keep your belonging safe, especially in a crowded area.

Pro Tip: There is a wholesaler’s street a Jalan Raya, where you are likely to find items at half the cost of the actual market. It is near the large statue of the archer at the end of the street.