Would you dare to climb an active volcano? Do you fancy yourself propelling down 100-foot canyons with just the help of a rope? How does dangling over a rough sea and ziplining between two cliffs sound? If these activities have caught your fancy, then we’ve got the perfect list of things to do for you in Bali. 

Perfect for the daredevil in you, here are 10 of the coolest adventures in Bali, which will make you scream out in  excitement and squeal out of happiness.


1. Surf the massive waves of the Balinese coast


Bali is an ideal place to learn to ride the waves regardless of your experience. With great weather and the right water temperature all year round, Bali is a favourite place for surfers.

The Southern tip of Bali (Bukit peninsula) has world-famous surfing spots like Balangan, Dreamland, Bingin, Impossibles, Padang-Padang, and Uluwatu in the peninsula’s west. Beginners can check out Kuta beach, where many surf schools have sprung up.  Make sure to carry your surfboard and ride the ocean swells!

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Where: Bukit Peninsula, Kuta Beach

Average Cost: Surfboard hire per Hour: INR 300 INR


2. Zipline between rocky cliffs over the ocean.


Does the thought of dangling over crashing waves of the sea make your heart skip a beat? Then don’t miss out on trying the Abyss Zipline.  Zoom from one rocky cliff to another while being suspended high over the ocean. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, you also get to cool off in an infinity pool while overlooking the bay you flew over.

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Where: Nusa Ceningan

Average Cost: Starts from INR 600 


3. Enjoy white water rafting on the Ayung river


Rafting in Bali became popular after it was featured in the Julia Roberts starrer ‘Eat, Pray, and Love. Sweating it out to battle wild rapids and attempt a 5-foot drop in the frothing waters of the Ayung River, is sure to make everyone on the raft scream. 

Besides, the river meanders around verdant rainforests, ricefields, and waterfalls to give you a view to gush over.

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Where: Ubud

Average Cost: Starts from INR 2000 


4. Hike craggy steps near the ocean to discover a hidden waterfall


Not your ordinary gushing waterfall, Peguyangan is a series of small cascading springs falling over narrow ledges. They form natural pools which eventually trickle down into the ocean. No doubt a beauty, the real adventure here lies in getting to the waterfall.

It’s a thrilling descent over 460 steps that cling to the rocky cliffs, with a massive drop to the ocean on one side.  As you reach the top, you are rewarded with shallow pools where you can enjoy a natural spa in complete solitude.

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Good to Know: Ensure to wear a sarong here since the site is near a temple.

Where: Nusa Penida

Average Cost: Free


5. Paraglide over the deep blue sea along Timbis beach


Indulge in an adventurous paragliding session along Timbis beach to soar above rocky cliffs and the vast ocean. It’s a beautiful 12 km ride in the sky from Nusa Dua to Uluwatu. Take that leap off the cliff and get a bird’s eye view of cliffside resorts, beaches, and waves crashing along the coast. Don’t forget to capture the flight. It sure makes for a cool video to show off later.

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Where:  Timbis beach, Nusa Dua

Average Cost: Starts from INR 5500 


6. Rappel down canyons under the relentless onslaught of flowing water


If you’re the one for exploring a river’s depths, don’t miss canyoning in Bali! Not meant for the faint-hearted, this sport involves hiking through gorges, wading in waterfalls, and rappelling through deep cracks. Some of these cracks can be more than 100 feet deep and as you rappel down to the belly of the gorge, you end up in azure blue pools. End with a cliff dive into these natural pools and take your adventure to the next level. A day filled with adrenaline indeed!

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Where: Gitgit and Sambangan, north of Bali

Average Cost: Starts from INR 8000


7. Climb Atop Mount Batur To Witness A Beautiful Sunrise 


In the mood to experience a thrilling climb atop an active volcano? Don’t be perturbed, Mount Batur isn’t likely to erupt anytime soon! The trek starts in the dead of the night and takes close to 3 hours to reach the top. Head for the crater’s rim to witness an extraordinary sunrise. 

The hike can get a tad challenging as volcanoes are steep. But the view of the sun rising over a sea of clouds on a chilly morning is every bit worth the effort.

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Where:  Kintamani

Average Cost: INR 3000


8. Zoom through rugged tracks on a quad bike


Bali has a charming countryside and there’s no better way to explore it than on Quad bikes.  Ride on paths that wind through lovely plantations, bamboo forests, and quaint local villages by riding your ATV at full throttle. 

Ithaka’s Pro Tip: Splashing through muddy trails is going to leave you all dirty, so ensure you carry a change of clothes.

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Where:  Ubud

Average Cost: Starts from INR 7000 


9. Feel the rush of jumping into the cold waters of the ocean from over 30 feet


A cliff-jump from a 10-meter platform into the daunting waters of the ocean is bound to give you serious bragging rights. Brave a 5-meter leap, if the former seems too high for you! The best place to try a jump is at Mahana Point, Nusa Ceningan. And yes, after the dive, don’t forget to grab a drink at their bar or snap yourself the hues of a beautiful sunset.

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Where:  Mahana Bar, Nusa Ceningan

Average Cost:  Entrance fee is around 250 INR for a 10-meter jump and 130 INR for a 5-meter jump.


10. Experience A Canyon Tubing Ride On Fast Flowing Waters 

canyon tubingImage by Shelby L. Bell via Flickr


Want the rafting experience but without the effort of paddling? Then try Canyon Tubing – a thrilling ride down narrow streams in your very own inflatable raft. Strapped with a helmet and life vest, you will slide down gushing rivers and get to admire surrounding rainforests. Zoom downstream to watch monkeys jump over treetops and kingfishers swooping into the waters. A few rocky plunges along the route make it all the more exciting!

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Where:  Ubud You can try the activity at Penet or Pakerisan rivers. If you’re looking for higher rapids, try tubing at Ayung River.

Average Cost: Starts from INR 6300