Looking for amazing experiences you could enjoy in Bali with your sweetheart? Well, we have got it all planned out for you.

It includes the usual suspects like romantic dinners, sunset cruises, nature walks and quite a few unusual ones like movie dates by the beach, sunrise from a volcano summit and a dinner with lions.

Here are 13 awesome experiences which can make your time together in Bali memorable.

Take an early morning walk through lush green rice paddies and traditional Balinese huts and catch a spectacular sunrise

Campuhan Ridgewalk

Looking to escape the crowds to enjoy some private moments together? Then head to the lush green valleys of Campuhan. Take a leisurely walk along the ridge and gape at the valley carpeted with rice paddies. Pass through quaint villages and traditional Balinese settlements. Make sure you reach there early to beat the crowds. If the skies are clear enough, then you can even spot the majestic volcano of Mount Agung towering over the horizon.

Feel the cool sea breeze and watch the twinkling stars as you dine alongside the beach at Breeze

Breeze at Samaya

Enjoy the beach in a unique way – by dining alongside it. Set amidst lush green pool gardens and facing the beach, Breeze at Samaya is the perfect location for an intimate dinner. The crashing waves and a moonlit night set the tone for a lovely evening. The 5-star service and the delicious cuisine is just the icing on the cake. And if you reach early, you can even witness a magical sunset. It’s not just a feast for the tongue, but for the eyes too!

Witness a spectacular sunset from a 200 feet high cliff edge at the Uluwatu temple

Uluwatu Temple

If there is one temple you must not miss during your trip to Bali, it’s the Uluwatu temple. Perched on a cliff edge 250 feet above roaring waves, it’s a temple with sweeping views of the ocean. It’s considered one of Bali’s key temples known to ward of evil. But more than anything, Uluwatu is known for its stunning sunsets.

In the evening, you can watch the traditional Kecak dance. Masked performers use fire and dance to tell interesting stories and it is said these guys are so deep in trance that they can kick hot charcoal without suffering any burns!!!

Escape to the white sand beaches of Nusa Lembongan Island on the Bali Hai cruise

Bali Hai Cruise

The Bali Hai cruise is a mix of luxury and adventure. The 3 storied catamaran whisks you off to the beautiful island of Nusa Lembongan while you enjoy a lavish breakfast.  Enjoy the white sand beaches and compete with your fellow cruise members in some fun team games.

A host of adventures await you later in the day like snorkeling, banana ride, parasailing and a glass bottomed boat ride. And guess what, the cruise has a 44 m water slide which launches you into the ocean!

Pamper yourself with an open-air massage and lounge in a beautiful Jacuzzi in the midst of a jungle

Tjampuhan Spa

A trip to Bali is incomplete without a rejuvenating spa experience. The Tjampuhan Spa is surrounded by tropical jungles and a gently flowing stream. Pamper yourself with an open –air massage and soak in the relaxing ambience. There are beautiful Jacuzzi’s with crystal clear waters in a cavern.  Its an experience you must indulge in.

Climb up an active volcano and witness the most beautiful sunrise in Bali

Mount Batur Trek

If you are looking for a dose of adventure, then the mount Batur trek is unlike any you have experienced. It’s an active volcano, best known for a picture perfect sunrise and don’t worry, it’s not going to erupt anytime soon!!!

With a friendly local, you trek through the jungle in the middle of the night to reach the summit. The sky is blanketed by stars and the only sound you will hear while trekking is the groan of a sleepy jungle. Your efforts are well rewarded in the morning as you watch the sun rise over a sea of clouds. Ain’t that worth all the effort?

Preserve your favorite moments from your romantic getaway with a professional couple photoshoot

Couple Photoshoot

Sure you are going to make loads of memories with your valentine, but won’t it be better if you can show off to your family and friends? You are going to see some of the most beautiful and romantic places in Bali. Do cheesy couple poses here or get some candid shots done by hiring a professional photographer. Pick any day during your trip and the photographer will travel along with you. The world is sure to go green!

Surprise your sweetheart with a candle light dinner next to a gentle stream at Swept Away

Swept Away

Nothing screams romance as much as a dinner at Swept Away. A wooden deck set next to a rippling brook and surrounded by tall palm trees and lush vegetation makes for a tranquil ambience. If you want to make it extra special, arrange for 100 flickering candles to be lit around the area.It will cost a bomb for sure, but it will be worth it.

Get lost in a world of your own as you enjoy a 3-course menu with loads of signature dishes, fine wine and cocktails

Chase the sun along the beach on a horseback ride at the Bali Equestrian centre 

Horseriding at Canggu

Have you ever dreamed of riding a horse on a beach like in the movies? You can make that a reality at the Bali Equestrian center. The 2 hour ride takes you through quaint villages, rice paddies, narrow creeks and beach side temples. If you are not confident of riding a horse, don’t worry, you can hire an experienced guide to walk beside you.

Sail into the ocean on a pirate-themed traditional wooden ship and watch exotic dance performances and fire shows

Pirate Themed cruise

Seen the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean? How about going on a romantic dinner cruise aboard a pirate ship just like in the movie?  Everyone dresses up like a pirate here and they will even give you a bandana. Walk hand in hand along the wooden decks and swoon over a magical sunset.

There are exotic belly dance performances and insane fire dances. After a delicious international buffet dinner, groove to some live music and play fun games. They even have prizes for the winners!

Watch a movie under a starlit sky with crashing waves for company at the Karma beach

Karma Beach movie night

Watch a movie in a theater unlike any at the Karma beach club. Karma beach is actually a hidden white sand beach which can be accessed only by a funicular ride down a cliff. The views on the way down are amazing. On Monday nights, a giant screen is set up on the beach and you can watch the movie on comfortable reclining sofas with the waves kissing your feet.

The entire beach area is lit up with lanterns. It’s the perfect date – a movie, a lovely night sky and the beach, all rolled into one.

Be in a world of your own as you take a boat ride around the serene waters of Tamblingan Lake

Tamblingan Lake

Tamblingan Lake is the ideal place to just disconnect from the world. Encircled by mountains and surrounded by a rainforest, it’s a treat for nature lovers. You can trek through the jungles and observe the rich flora and fauna of the place. You can cruise through the calm lake on a traditional boat to soak in the serene beauty of the place. There are wooden tables and benches spread out in the area where you can enjoy an old school picnic.

Ride into the African Savannah in the night and dine next to a pride of lions at the Bali marine and Safari park

Bali night safari

Bali Marine and Safari park has a collection of 400 species from Asia and Africa and is a great day activity. At night the experience is even better as the animals are in their elements. Safely secured in a caged vehicle, watch wild lions and tigers jump over your vehicle, watch Komodo dragons ambling around or walk into a bat filled cave and experience a flurry of activity.

Top off the night with a traditional Balinese fire dance and a dinner with a pride of lions. Of course you are separated from them by a glass cage!