Bangkok is one of the most traveled destinations in Asia and a popular choice amongst couples. It’s a perfect combination of culture, nightlife, and cuisine. Its nightlife is the most talked about and it often gets raised eyebrows.But there is more to Bangkok than seedy bars and adult themed shows.

As a couple visiting Bangkok, there are plenty of memorable nighttime experiences to go for. We have handpicked the best ones for you.

1. Rooftop bars – A dinner date in the skies

A rooftop bar provides the perfect setting for a dinner date. There are quite a few of these sky bars in Bangkok. The Lebua Sky bar is the most popular one. Located on the 64th floor, it’s the world’s highest open air bar and the shooting location of the movie The Hangover.

The stylish patrons who visit this bar come for its elegant ambiance, jazz sessions and sweeping views of the Bangkok skyline. The illuminated bar here keeps changing color every few seconds. Do try Sunset 63 – the signature cocktail.

The other famous sky bars include Vertigo, Moon bar and the Octave rooftop bar. Pick anyone and enjoy a romantic evening in the skies.

Cost: INR 600 -1200 for a drink

2. A romantic dinner cruise

Bangkok Dinner Cruise

A dinner cruise along the Chao Phraya River is a five-star experience on the move. The cruise boat is decked up with lights, both on the inside as well as outside. The interiors remind you off a plush cozy restaurant. A live band plays groovy music as you are treated to a mouth-watering buffet with a wide array of dishes. You can also dine on the deck and gaze at the riverside attractions.

The Wat Arun (temple of dawn) across the river shimmers golden in the night. The boat also passes along the lit up Grand Palace and goes under the Rama VIII bridge.

Cost: INR 2350

3. Shopping at Night Markets

Bangkok Night Market

Shopping at the numerous night markets of Bangkok can be a unique experience. These markets are filled with multiple stalls selling souvenirs, handicrafts, jewellery and clothing. The markets near the Asiatique riverfront have more than 1500 stalls. Bargain hard and buy some funky accessories.

Besides shopping, you can eat some of the best street food in these markets. They sell everything from noodle soup to barbecued meat. If you are adventurous, you can try some fried insects like scorpions and cockroaches. Desserts like coconut ice-creams sold in these markets are absolutely delicious.

The famous markets in Bangkok are Chatuchak, Asiatique and JJ Green market.

4. Siam Niramit – An epic saga of Thailand

Learn the rich history of Thailand through Siam Niramit – a spectacular 90 minute cultural show. The epic story is told in the form of dance and musicals. It’s held at the Ratchada Theatre – a massive 2000 seater and according to Guinness, the world’s highest stage.

The first thing you will notice is the ultra-grand stage design and the impressive set-pieces. The show’s performers include real elephants and goats along with various artists in outlandish costumes.

The special effects almost transport you to the place, making it a complete visual treat.

After the show, one can go for an international buffet dinner or purchase souvenirs and Thai crafts from the show.

Cost: INR 3000 for a standard seat

5. An evening at a Jazz bar

Jazz Bar Bangkok
If you are looking for a quiet evening away from the noisy night clubs, then Bangkok has many classy Jazz bars. They are known to feature talented local and international artists. The interiors are cozy and the ambiance is mellow. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a relaxed dinner listening to some soothing music. The popular jazz bars here include the Saxophone Pub, Brown sugar and Bamboo bar.

6. Calypso Cabaret – The longest running cabaret show in Bangkok

Enter the world of glamour and over the top drama at the Calypso Cabaret, considered the best cabaret show in Bangkok. Gape in awe as ladies in jazzy costumes sing, dance and mock celebrities from different eras – right from Elvis Presley to Lady Gaga. But watch closely, the ladies are actually ladyboys – Thailand’s much respected third gender.

The cabaret happens at Asiatique riverfront near the popular night market. You can head to the market after the show.

Tickets to the show include a free drink of your choice. You can even go for a show and dinner package.

Cost: INR 1800 for just the show

7. Go for a movie date


What makes a movie date in Bangkok special? Theaters like the ultra – luxury Embassy Diplomat offer an experience unlike any.  They have private screening rooms with sofas that come with blankets and pillows. The lighting is of your choice and you get access to the control panels. It’s like watching a movie in your living room.

It also offers personalized butler service with a private call button to summon them. Refreshments come in the form of snacks and drinks include wine and champagne.

Cost: INR 1800

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8. Fine dining at a fancy restaurant

Looking to surprise your special one with a fancy dinner date? Bangkok has a variety of options, each unique in its own way and serving International cuisine to Thai specials.

Some of the popular one’s include the Iron Ferries known for its unique design and ambiance. For original Thai food, Nahm is a favorite. They serve some fantastic dishes and the presentation is quite impressive. If you are looking for French cuisine, then Savelberg run by a Michelin-awarded chef is the obvious choice.

9. Night Bike Tour

Bangkok Bike Tour

A unique way of experiencing Bangkok in the night is a bike tour. The tour takes you along the city’s narrow alleyways and through traditional settlements. It goes around temples bathed in lights.The other highlight of the trip is the night market – a flower market which hails from the 1700’s. Soak in the fragrances and colours as you ride through them.

Cost:  INR 2400

10. Party at Khao San road

Nightlife in Bangkok is synonymous with partying. There is no shortage of clubs here. But nowhere is the party scene as crazy as in Khao San road – the liveliest street in town.

It’s a heady cocktail of lights, music, street dancing and lip-smacking street food.  Buy bucket loads of booze, gulp them down with some strangers and dance on the streets.  Or you could just walk along and soak in the atmosphere.

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