In Short

With its gentle breeze, curling waves and a stunning backdrop, Krabi is the ideal location for those looking for an exciting ride on crystal clear waters.

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Best For: Water sports, Adventure, Views
Cost: Windsurfing can be learnt from approximately TBH 3800

What’s So Awesome About It

Windsurfing offers the best of both worlds for those who can’t decide whether to go sailing or surfing. This sport uses the force of the wind and the buoyancy of the water to enable the rider zoom across the surface of the water. It is truly an awe inspiring feat, to whiz past as you constantly keep trying to balance yourself against the wind and the sea, with a picturesque view to keep you inspired.

The ideal time to go windsurfing in Krabi is between November and April. If you are after the bigger waves, the monsoon season from April to November, brings some impressive ones.

What’s The Catch

Krabi has a limited number of places offering the experience of windsurfing. Given the growing popularity of the sport, it can be crowded and should be booked in advance.This activity also requires a medium level of physical fitness.

Things To Keep In Mind

This sport requires some training to understand how to get the balance right and should not be attempted without the assistance of a professional/trained instructor. Also, make sure you’re entirely attentive while the instructor dispenses the fundamental guidelines, right before you take off.

Where You Can Book It

Koh Lanta Islands provide the ideal spot for windsurfing in KrabI and have plenty of certified instructors.

Pro Tip

Being on Thailand’s western coast, Krabi’s waters are wilder and less protected than the calmer eastern coast. Hence, it is best to track water conditions to plan your travel.