‘Tis the season to be jolly, packed that flare gun yet? Who knows, you might need it on that island where you’re stranded and hungry? Hey there, dear ‘Just-in-case-traveller…’, let’s just say we do understand your compulsive need to pack in your entire pantry, appliances, and that chemists’ from down the block.

As for the rest of you, where would you fit in? Don’t forget to show a little bit or a whole lot of your own tripper-self in that lone backpack, that family of suitcases in coordinated shades and tints or that vanity one too many. Read through and tell us what your packing guilt is.

The Marie Kondo Packer

marie kondoIllustration by Urja Kaulgi

Iron. Fold. Pair. Repeat. That is how you channelise the inner zen in you. We bet your stuff actually speaks to you and sparks joy – and that is how they make it to the bag. We love how your bag is a piece of art in itself and every time you take it out for a spin, the two of you end up cutting the perfect picture. Well, achievement unlocked. Afterall, who doesn’t like to wake up to a bag the insides of which look like perfectly sliced swiss rolls on a beautiful day in a far away land? We know, you do!

The Excessive Packer

excessiveIllustration by Urja Kaulgi

While we’ve taken a dig at you, right at the beginning of our post, we do relate to you the most. But there’s always a possibility of ‘just in case…I need that *insert bizarre item*. Your vanity in all likelihood, has a second vanity to match it just like your toothbrush has a pair of peep-toes to go with it. An entire evening dedicated to shopping for your dream trip, is only followed by another, this time for your dream bags and baggages. So, congratulations on packing in the entire household so efficiently – and the neighbour’s too? 

The Early Bird Packer

Early birdIllustration by Urja Kaulgi

Hold on. There’s still a month to go. So quit packing already! Your organisation skills are sure to be a cause of envy at work but for travel, errr… we aren’t too sure. A unique species that just likes to beat mighty time at its own game. Sounds like you? You’ve never been late for anything, from meetings to flights and just sometimes, you’re a little too early for that trip planned some time next year. Early Bird, we know you’re prepared and how, for your vacation and likely for the end of the world too. 

This is where it ends guys, so kindly quit scrolling, because we know you want to. If you like us and you’ve found your tribe here, scoot over to our other articles too!

Aww shucks, we almost forgot about you the same way you almost forgot your flight! We’re looking at you, the Last Minute Packer!

The Last Minute Packer

last minuteIllustration by Urja Kaulgi

You were probably procrastinating all this while, or perhaps getting tipsy somewhere. The week before last, you were contemplating whether or not to buy that overpriced return ticket while the night before last, you were still contemplating (well, kinda) whether or not to cancel the trip all together ‘cause you’re too broke to buy a suitcase. Hello, last-minute-packer, is it last-minute yet? And when you’ve finally decided to come to terms with this proud slew of successes, instead of throwing those few essentials that you actually own, into that bag already, you’re probably still laying there, watching a badly edited travel hack video. Hey you maverick, part of us would love to be you, because why not?