In the hustle and bustle of the wedding, a couple often finds that they have had no time to spend with each other. Often the pictures from the wedding too are formal and amidst group. While it is a rite of passage, it is also essential that a couple has images that they can enjoy for a lifetime. Capturing intimate memories and inside jokes in a picture format. And what better destination than Bali to have a few of the most memorable pictures of you and your spouse!

In fact, a destination portfolio is something you’ll remember forever, and it will serve you a lifetime of memories. But how do you go about picking the right photographer in a destination like Bali? We’ve made it easy for you. Here we list the top three honeymoon and couple photographers from the island of bliss.

1. Gusmank Wedding Photography

Gusmank is a visual storyteller, say a host of clients who have hired his services. As the creative director of Asia Weddings & Honeymoon magazine for more than five years, and the Fujifilm X-Influencer for 2016 from Fujifilm Indonesia, he offers a wide range of professional photography services in Bali.

In our conversation with him, he suggests that two hours for one location should be ideal. However, to cover different places from sunrise to sunset, eight hours of shoot would work best. He and his team pride themselves on using natural lighting so that the images are natural and look perfect.

Gusmank further elaborates, “Be in the location at the best timing. For example, in Ubud the lighting is best early in the morning when you see the beautiful rays of light. Besides, the location is also less crowded in the early morning. Once we get the best lighting and location, the outfit is important for the photoshoot. We suggest to our clients to wear comfortable and simple outfits that will allow them to move freely, as most of the time we are shooting”

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Cost: From US$500 (Rs 35,050, or IDR 7,332,000) for a two-hour shoot
Location: The Gusmank Wedding Photography company is based out of Sanur, but Gusmank is available for shoots in Ubud, Uluwatu, Jimbaran, and Canggu.

2. Ricky & Co. Photography

For truly great pictures, choose this multi-award winning photographer for your couple’s shoot in Bali. Photographer Ricky Salim started capturing the world from behind his lens more than a decade ago, and since then has been a part of The International Society of Professional Wedding Photographers, the Asia Wedding Photographers’ Association, and the Bali Wedding Association.

Furthermore, he has shot for various 5-star hotels on the island, as well as started his own photography school. He is known to create some of the most intimate and artistic images of a couple. Their packages start from six hours in a day to a whole day of shoot.

In our talk with Ricky, he gave us tips on creating memories in Bali on camera. He says, “Bali is an island with mountain, beach, lake, and paddy fields. It has many stunning locations, which is why we suggest you choose the shoot places that have the same route, so you don’t waste your time for travel.”

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Cost: From US$1,000 (Rs 70,102, or IDR 14,664,000) for a 6-hour shoot, comprising a whole day
Location: The company is based out of Denpasar, but the crew is available to shoot across Bali and the surrounding islands.

3. Terralogical

Hire a team of photographers that will revive the smallest of memories of your Bali vacation, years later too. Terralogical offers just that, with its aesthetics and artistry with the camera work. What the clients love about the Terralogical team is that they are great at capturing couples in a way that make them comfortable with the camera. They shoot without disrupting the couple’s intimate moments, and still manage to give a hint of direction. They retain the essence of the couple’s personalities.

Couples often stress about a honeymoon or an engagement shoot at an exotic destination. The team gave us an invaluable tip for shooting in Bali. “Just relax and remember that when you’re in Bali, a pre-wedding photo shoot is also part of your holiday, so you should enjoy the whole journey and have fun.” We couldn’t agree more. When you are having fun, it shows in the pictures as well.

They suggest that two hours is usually enough to get two looks at two different locations. Along with a quick shoot package, they also offer one and two-day packages for a shoot.

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Cost: Around US$ 1,000 (Rs 70,102, or IDR 14,664,000) for a one-day shoot (6-8 hours of photoshoot time).
Location: Terralogical is based out of Denpasar, but feel free to hire them across different picturesque locations in Bali.