In Short

The Upside Down House is a place where real-life optical illusion will transport you to another world. A great place to take your kids but not a place where you can spend a lot of time.

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Best For: Family-friendly entertainment
Opening Hours: 10 a.m. – 6 p.m.
Entry Fee: THB 250 for adults, THB 150 for children
How Much Time to Spend: 1-2 Hours

What’s So Awesome About It

The best thing about the Upside Down House is that it is just plain fun. Everything is an illusion and not what you would expect it to be. You will know exactly how you would feel if the world was turned upside down. The optical illusion is at its best, so you can find yourself sky-diving or in a jungle. You’ll get some mind-bending photography opportunities and a unique look at the world from another perspective. If you have kids, bring them here. Take some goofy pics. There is an escape room and a maze, that will keep you hooked for sometime.

What’s The Catch

The place is very crowded on weekends, with local families joining the tourist crowds. It can also get very hot in the afternoons, since the house isn’t wired to be kept cool. It’s best to visit the house on a weekday. If you want great pictures, get there early in the morning to side step the heat as well. And this is not a place where you can spend hours. So, don’t assign an entire day to the Upside Down House. You can be done in 30 minutes too.

Pro Tip

The outdoor zone has a shaded seating area where you can relax before heading off to your next destination.