Asiatique The Riverfront is one of the most unique and popular night markets in Bangkok. It gives you an experience of shopping in a mall and a night bazaar, all in the same premises.  

With more than a thousand boutique stalls, around 40 swanky restaurants, loads of street food joints, entertainment avenues and gorgeous riverside views, evenings here will fly by like a breeze.

How to get to Asiatique

There are 2 ways to get to Asiatique – by road or by boat. You can take a car or a taxi directly. You can also take the Red bus number 15 from Siam Centre. The bus is free and it stops right in front of Asiatique.

The road is not the most preferred way though, as the insane traffic can leave you stranded for a long time.

The best way to get there is by boat. You can take BTS Skytrain to Saphan Taksin station. From there it’s a short walk to Sathorn Pier. You just need to follow the crowds. From the pier, Asiatique operates free shuttle services which run between 4 pm and 11 pm, and they leave every 15 minutes.  A pleasant 15-minute cruise along the Chao Phraya River takes you to Asiatique Riverfront.

Timings (Last Updated – Feb’18)

Opening hours: 4.00 pm to midnight (Boats run from 4.00 pm to 11.30 pm)

The 4 districts of Asiatique

Asiatique is an organized night market, unlike other night markets in Bangkok. In fact, there is even a map to get you from one place to another.  

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Asiatique is split into 4 districts, to help you find what you are looking without too much hassle.

Chareonkrung District: This is the district where you will find the majority of small boutique shops. There are over 1000 of these stalls, selling everything from souvenirs, handicrafts, jewellery and clothing. The district also houses the famed Calypso Cabaret show and the Joe Louis Puppet Theatre.

The Factory District: Cutting edge fashion and gadgets is the highlight of this district. There are more than 500 shops here selling cool fashion designs, handicrafts and home furnishings. You will even find an Apple store here.

The Waterfront District: The Waterfront district is where you find fancy dining outlets serving everything from Italian, Korean, Thai to lip-smacking seafood. You can sit by the riverside here or ride the giant Ferris wheel. This is also where concerts, festivals and fireworks take place throughout the year.

The Town Square District: The town square district has a large sports bar, numerous cafes and branded food chains like KFC, Pizza Company, Au Bon Pain and MK.

Shopping at the Asiatique

Shopaholics are in for a feast at the Asiatique. Just the sheer variety and volume of things available here will boggle your mind.

There are around 1500 stalls spread out across the premises, selling everything from fashion to handicrafts. No matter how big your budget, you are sure to find something, as Asiatique plays host to cheap fashion pieces and knock-offs to high-end local designer brands. You will also find top-range electronics here.

Just remember one tip while you shop here – bargain hard.

Shopping Recommendations

1. Qualy

It’s a great Thai homeware store which sells useful stuff packaged in a unique way. You can find quirky items like a toilet brush shaped like an oversized cherry, a salt and pepper shaker shaped like a small chick and a log and squirrel self-watering pot plant. The shop will make you feel what your home is badly missing. And it’s hard not to get tempted by the display of colours.

2. By Myself

 If you are looking for amazing bags, then this small boutique shop is the right place for you. The bags have a vintage feel to them and the quality is amazing as the leather is imported from Australia and Argentina. They also sell cool key chains, watch straps and wallets.

3. Le Petid Print

How do you spot this one? Well, it has a tuk-tuk parked at the entrance. There are few places which design t-shirts like the ones at Le Petid Print. You get quality –shirts with prints of Tintin, Disney characters, the Beatles etc.

A great souvenir would be the t-shirt with railway travel poster for Bangkok, with the famous Thai temples in the background. If you want something original, they can even create those designs for you.

4. Magnifique Et Moi

This is the place to go for cutting edge fashion designs – the ones which have become a rage around the world. From floaty dresses and Victorian sailor shirts to twenties-inspired cloche sun hats and funky 70s print summer dresses, the collection is quite diverse. It’s a place from where you buy something to show off.

5. Try Me Accessories 

It’s no ordinary accessory store, the quirky items here are inspired by sugary snacks like a rainbow cake ring, candy floss fluffy earrings and macaroon necklaces in different ‘flavours’. You can also find bunnies, puppies and flowers. The stand out one is a romantic double swan ring and the carousel collection.

Food at the Asiatique

The Asiatique is a paradise for the foodie souls out there. There are around 40 restaurants in the premises, so you are literally spoilt for choice.

Some of them are along the riverside deck, beautifully lit and with classical jazz and local music playing on. It’s the perfect escape from the chaotic city.

And when it comes to international dining options, you get everything from Japanese, Italian, Korean, American, Thai, Seafood, and Chinese to even Turkish.

Recommended Restaurants

1. Baan Khanita

An upscale Thai restaurant, Baan Khanita serves amazing Thai food. It’s not authentic, but adjusted to cater to an international audience. It’s mellower, less spicy and so, ideal for families and kids. Overlooking the Chao Phraya River, it has a fantastic ambience too.

2. Kacha Kacha

If you are in the mood for some excellent Japanese cuisine like yakitori, teppanyaki and okonomiyaki, then head to Kacha Kacha. You can dine on the pretty outdoor roof terrace, which is decorated with colorful paper lanterns.

3. Brasserie 9

Located on the river front, this fancy restaurant whips up some of the best French bistro classics like Foie gras, oysters and crêpes suzette with a great selection of authentic French wines to go with. It also has a river facing deck. Need we say more?

4. Capri Restaurant and Bar

This place serves delicious Italian cuisine, especially pizzas and pastas. They also have an all-night happy ‘hour’ of buy-one-get-one-free deals on draught beer, classic cocktails and wine.

5. Checkmate Bar and Bistro

Want to listen to some catchy tunes while you savour some amazing food? Then this is your place. Gorge on some western food with Thai twist as you listen to a live band.

6. Nude Dern Bar

They have some mouthwatering Thai dishes here. Try the Shrimp Pad Thai and the Seafood Tom Yum. And don’t forget to drink the classic Thai Iced Tea.

7. Open Food Court

It’s not just about fancy dining places though, the main eating area in Asiatique is actually an open food court with tonnes of vendors. They mostly offer Thai food. If you want something a little casual, then there are your typical branded outlets like KFC and Pizza Company.

You should wind up your dinner by relishing some desserts. They are absolutely delicious, especially the crepe ice-creams. The chocolate infused aroma around the stalls will have you weak in your knees in no time.

Entertainment at the Asiatique

Asiatique is not just about shopping and food, there is plenty to keep you entertained. There are some incredible and unique shows that you can go for.

1. Calypso Cabaret

Calypso Cabaret is considered to be the best cabaret show in Bangkok. You will see Thailand’s famed ladyboys strut their stuff, as they sing and dance in their jazzy costumes. Pop celebrities are their favourites, their parodies of Lady Gaga and Elvis Presley are sure to tickle your funny bone.

The ambience is bar-like, with the velvety seating and pinkish lighting. Tickets to the show also include a free drink of your choice. You can even go for a show and dinner package.

This is box title
Cost: USD 28

2. Muay Thai Live – The Legend Lives

Muay Thai is a combat sport and Thailand’s most popular one. It’s an intense activity where fighters demolish each other with a flurry of elbow and knee strikes.

Don’t worry, the show is not as brutal as it sounds. It’s actually a theatrical storytelling of the origin of this martial art. The engaging plot and athleticism of the performers keeps you on the edge of the seat

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Cost: USD 37

3. Joe Louis Puppet Theatre

The Joe Louis Puppet Theatre gives you a taste of traditional Thai puppetry blended with modern choreography.  These artists perform stories from Thai Mythology with their puppets, and unlike the usual ones where the puppeteers are hidden, here they are a part of the performance.

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Cost:USD 29

4. Ferris Wheel

One of the most prominent attractions at the Asiatique is the 60 meters high Ferris wheel. If you want a breathtaking bird’s eye view of Bangkok and its riverside skyline, you should definitely take a ride.

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Cost: USD 13 for Adult & USD 8 for a child

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