Krabi is like a well-known celebrity sticking to what it’s best at. Despite mainstream tourism, with its plush resorts and large crowds, the island has still managed to retain its local flavour.

Its vast network of mangroves are still intact. Beaches remain unspoilt. Bars still play ’90s music. And life just chugs along. If tranquillity and nature are what you seek, Krabi will leave you delighted.

And to experience the best of what the island has to offer, we’ve compiled a detailed guide on what to do in Krabi. Do feel free to mix it up and, while you’re at it, remember to take it slow – you’re on vacation, after all.

Day 1

Lounge About On Railay Beach

Railay beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Thailand. Cut off from the mainland, it’s only accessible by boat.

Railay Beach

When you land on the beach, you see an island surrounded by mountains. Although the beach is usually crowded, it’s still worth a visit for its scenic beauty.

Rock-climbing enthusiasts will especially love this place, as the rocks towering over the beach have tons of routes bolted on them.

Take A Stroll Around Krabi Town

Walking along the streets of Krabi Town is a good way to get a taste of authentic Thai culture. There are fishing boats lining the docks, streets lined with charming bars and quaint cafes, and beautiful parks. The town has embraced modernity without losing its old-world charm. If you are tired after a long day, just chill out in the evening at any bar you fancy.

Party The Night Away At Soi RCA

Soi RCA is Krabi’s most popular party street, lined with bars playing mellow music. If you’re looking to relax at night with a couple of beers, this is the place to be. Tip: This is also the place where locals come to drink, so this is your chance to chat up with them – or better yet, share a drink.


Shop At Ao Nang Night Market

To sample some of Krabi’s tastiest street food, head to Ao Nang Night Market. Foodies will love this place, as there are tons of food options to choose from, including barbecued meat, delectable desserts, exotic fruits, coconut drinks, fruit shakes and Thai iced teas.

If you do make it past the food stalls, you will find tented shops selling cheap shoes, second-hand t-shirts, funky accessories, cheap souvenirs and electronics.

Day 2

Island-Hop Around Krabi

There are many islands around Krabi, and many of them can be covered as day trips. Go for the 4 Island Tour (Book Here), where you’ll hit a group of small but beautiful islands, and kayak in the turquoise waters surrounding them.

4 island Tour

At low tide, you can even walk from one island to the other along its narrow sandbars.

Another great tour is the Phi Phi Island Tour (Book Here) – its unbelievably green lagoons and limestone rocks jutting out of the sea make it a popular day trip from Krabi.

Explore The Underwater World 

With its scenic beaches and innumerable offshore islands, Krabi has plenty of options for scuba diving and snorkelling. Diving in these waters, you can come face to face with diverse marine life, right from small squids to big ones like stingrays and black-tip reef sharks.

Walk Around The Lively Ao Nang Beach

Ao Nang is the busiest area in Krabi, and is at its liveliest at night. Take a walk around Ao Nang Beach, and later chill at any of the bars in the area. Tip: Head to Boogies bar, where live bands play Reggae and Spanish songs. It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand them – the songs are catchy, anyway.

Enjoy A Romantic Dinner

If you’re looking to treat your sweetheart, there’s no better place in Krabi than The Grotto ( Nestled in a cave under a limestone cliff on Phranang Beach, it provides a lovely ambience.


It will cost a bomb for sure (Rs 8,000/US$ 125 per person for a buffet), but will be worth every penny.

Note: The Grotto is only accessible by boat, so remember to book a boat for your return journey.

Day 3

Swim In The Emerald Pool & Bathe In The Hot Water Springs

A unique thing about the emerald pool is that it changes colour depending upon the time of the day. Enjoy a swim in the waters to experience its true magic.

Emerald Pool Krabi

Take a short walk from the emerald pool (Book Here) to find small cascading waterfalls. These are natural hot water springs, whose minerals have healing properties. You will find travellers bathing in these hot-tub Jacuzzis. So don’t be shy – go take a refreshing bath in its soothing waters.

Climb 1,237 Steps To The Tiger Cave Temple

Are you up for a physical challenge? Just walk to the top of the Tiger Cave Temple. If you do manage to climb the 1,237 steps, you’ll see a massive golden Buddha statue and get a bird’s-eye view of Krabi’s scenic beauty.

Go On A Sunset Cruise

Krabi Sunset cruise

The Sunset Cruise (Book Here) is a great way for couples to spend an evening on the seas. You get to set sail on one of the last remaining Siamese sailing junks and check out the beautiful islands.

It can be as relaxed or action-packed as you want – you can cliff-dive, snorkel, and swim in the bio-luminescent waters. Or, you can just relax on the deck with some fine wine and watch the sunset.

If you plan to stick around in Krabi for a longer time, try some of these offbeat experiences.

Day 4

Trek Through The Jungles At Khao Sok National Park

Cheow Lan Lake

If you’re a nature lover, exploring the jungles of Khao Sok National Park (Book Here) will delight you. You can hike in this endless rainforest, cave hike, discover hidden waterfalls, canoe leisurely on a river, or simply relax on raft houses built on an emerald green lake, while listening to the sound of nature.

Note: Khao Sok National Park is a day trip from Krabi. It will take almost the entire day for the trip, so remember to start your day early. Alternatively, you can also stay at one of the guesthouses near the park’s main gate. If you’re willing to rough it out, stay in a raft house on Cheow Lan Lake.

Kayak Through The Mangroves At Ao Thalane

Krabi has a dense network of mangroves, with waterways around them, that are best explored on a kayak.

With its hidden coves and famed limestone, Thalane Bay is the best place to kayak. Explore the place as you paddle along leisurely – just keep an eye out for wild monkeys.

Swing Under A Monster Cave At Hollow Mountain

Hollow Mountain Krabi

Do you have the courage to take a leap over the forest from more than 100 metres? This will count among the most badass things you have ever done.

Even the climb to the jump point is an adventure in itself. If you still have the heart for it, take the plunge to swing over a giant cave at dizzying heights above the forest floor – you’re surely earning bragging rights for this one!

Watch A Cultural Show At Paka Park

The Illumanorah show at Paka Park is a cultural show that talks about the folklore and legends of Thailand through Menorah – a traditional dance performance and light shows. It’s a wordless show, but the lightings, costumes, music and the choreography make it a visual spectacle.

Day 5

Tackle The Wild Rapids Of Songprak River

No watersport in Krabi is as adrenaline-pumping as battling the wild rapids of Songprak River. The Songprak is a manmade course, with water being released from a dam at intervals, although the rapids are fast and challenging. There are two routes – a 5km one, which is for beginners, and a 9km one, which requires some experience.

Hike To The Summit Of Hang Nak Mountain

Hang Nak Mountain Trail

Imagine sitting on a rock at the edge of a cliff, 1,500 feet above the ground, with panoramic views of the valley ahead. (Just don’t look down.)

If you like nature and are in relatively good shape, consider hiking along the Hang Nak Mountain trail. It takes about 2 hours to get to the top, but it’s totally worth the effort.

There are viewpoints, waterfalls and streams on the way. Keep an eye out for giant monitor lizards, but don’t worry, they’re as scared of you as you are of them.

Find the giant rock at the top and, well, click a selfie that will make everyone go green.

Check Out The Wat Kaew Temple

Wat Kaew Temple Krabi

Krabi doesn’t have too many temples, which is why the beautiful and quiet Wat Kaew is well worth a visit. This is a white temple with a golden dragon along its railings, which is the first thing to catch your attention.

The inner chamber has a statue of a golden Buddha. The temple even has a park, with beautiful peacocks proudly strutting about.

Grab A Drink At The Old West Bar

The onlycowboy-themedd bar in all of Krabi, this one’s a hit with travellers. The barman looks straight out of a ’50s movie, but he does know a thing or two about making great cocktails.

The service is exceptional and quite personal – in fact, they might even remember your face if you‘ve been there before. It’s a classic place, where you just talk to the locals, listen to the Beatles and grab a drink (or five).