Phuket is Thailand’s largest island and a favourite among travellers heading to South-East Asia. More than 5 million tourists flock to Phuket every year to experience its white sand beaches, turquoise waters, cosy resorts, luxury spas, adventure activities, and thriving nightlife. So, whether you’re going with friends, family or that special someone, Phuket will cater to your every need.

We recommend spending a minimum of 4 days in Phuket to experience the best it has to offer.

Pick up your favourite things to do from this guide and stitch the best possible Phuket itinerary for you. But don’t pack everything into a 4-day schedule, or you will not be able to experience anything properly. After all, it’s not just how much you see – it’s also how you see it.


 1. Patong Beach Popular


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Best For: People-watching and water sports, such as parasailing, jet-skiing, and banana rides.

Patong is the most famous beach in Phuket and the first place people flock to after landing on the island. The beach is bustling and crowded, especially during the night, when it becomes a party hub. But while it’s certainly hot and happening, it’s certainly not for you if you’re looking for an isolated stretch of sand to bum around on.

2. Karon & Kata Beaches Recommended

Karon and Kata Beach

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Best For: Complete isolation and surfing (Kata)
The peaceful beaches of Karon and Kata are only a short drive from Patong. Here, the water is cleaner, the sand is whiter and the ambience is laid-back. If you want to relax with a beer in hand and watch a beautiful sunset over the ocean, the mellow beach bars of Kata are ideal.

3. Laem Ka Beach Offbeat

Laem Ka Beach

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Best For: Quiet and solitude
One of the hidden gems of Phuket, Laem Ka beach is like a private beach with stunning views of offshore islands. The water is crystal clear and sparkling blue, ideal for a cool splash. The only downside is that it’s a bit far from the central areas, so if your trip is short it’s better to stick to the ones that are closer.

Similar Beaches: Freedom beach, Nui beach and Paradise beach.


4. Big Buddha & Wat Chalong Popular

Big Buddha

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Best For: Sightseeing, culture, and jaw-dropping views

This 45-metre giant white marble statue of the Buddha is Phuket’s most popular landmark. Perched atop a hill, it affords beautiful views of Chalong Bay.

Wat Chalong

Wat Chalong is the biggest and the most famous temple in Phuket. Most travellers who come to Phuket enjoy visiting this serene and colourful place of worship.

5. Wat Khao Rang Offbeat

Wat Khao Rang

Photo Via thingstodoinphuketthai
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Best For: Off-the-beaten-path exploration

One of the lesser-known temples in Phuket, this is also incredibly beautiful. A giant statue guards its entrance, while a dragon slithers down its staircase. The temple hosts a number of golden Buddha statues and those of Hindu gods. It’s said that the temple was built by a monk named Luang Pu Supha, who also claims to be the oldest man in the world.

Natural Attractions

6. Promthep Cape Recommended

Promthep Cape

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Best For: Awe-inspiring sunsets

If you’re a nature lover, this viewpoint is a must visit. It’s the best place in Phuket to witness a majestic sunset. From this point, you can also see a number of offshore islands and the Nai Harn beach. Tip: Take a hike to the southernmost point to avoid most of the crowd, which piles up in the evenings. Also, ensure that you wear a comfortable pair of hiking shoes.

7. Karon Viewpoint

Karon Viewpoint

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Best For: Picture-perfect ocean views

Though called Karon, this is actually in Kata and offers stunning views of the ocean. On a clear day, if you climb the steps to the top, you will be rewarded with views of three amazing beaches.

8. Bang Pae Waterfall Offbeat

Bang Pae Waterfall

Photo Via asiaexplorers
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Best For: That perfect swim

If you’re a nature lover, hiking to this waterfall is a great way of being one with Phuket’s scenic beauty. The waterfall has milky white water and a steady flow throughout, making it ideal for a swim.

Expert Speak: After the trek, head to Bang Pae seafood, the island’s favourite place to savour some authentic seafood. Surrounded by a mangrove which looms out to the sea, it is not just food for the soul, but for the eyes too. You will have to pay a Rs 400/US$ 6 entry fee, though, since the waterfall is part of a national park.

Art Museums

9. Trick Eye Museum & Upside-Down House Popular

Art in Paradise

Photo Via lemeridienphuketbeachresort
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Best For: Those who like their quirks

The Trick Eye Museum and Upside-Down House are both quirky art museums with impressive displays. The Trick Eye Museum has life-size 3D paintings that look like they might pop out anytime. Be at your creative best and click goofy pictures with them. Another cool place to click nice pictures, the Upside-Down House is designed true to its name, with every item turned upside-down.

Cost: Trick Eye Museum: Rs 975/US$ 15; Upside-Down House: Rs 700/US$ 11

Upside Down House

Photo Via Tapoma

Cultural Shows

10. Phuket Fantasea & Siam Niramit Popular

Phuket Fantasea

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Best For: Pure, unabashed visual appeal

Phuket Fantasea and Siam Niramit are both cultural shows that tell the Thai story in unique ways.

Siam Niramit makes use of unbelievable set pieces to take you back in time. Hundreds of performers in jazzy costumes put on a show that both educates and entertains.

Phuket Fantasea is more of a circus style show with stuntmen pulling off gravity-defying stunts. Add to that adorable elephants and tigers doing leaps and jumps, magical illusions, and fireworks and you’ve got yourself a visual spectacle.

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Cost: Phuket FantaSea: Rs 3,250/US$ 51; Siam Niramit: Rs 1,930/US$ 30

11. Simon Cabaret Popular

Simon Cabaret

Photo Via phukettourstransfers
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Best For: A ladyboy show

Welcome to the world of glamour, flashy costumes and humour at the Simon Cabaret. Thailand’s famed ladyboys put on a captivating performance with their boundless energy, graceful dancing, and rib-tickling parodies of celebrities from different areas.
Cost: Rs 1,850 (including pick-up)/US$ 29


12. Scuba Diving/Snorkelling


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Best For: Water babies

Almost everyone who comes to Thailand has scuba diving on their bucket list, and Phuket is an excellent place to tick it off. Whether you’re newbie or a scuba veteran, you will have a memorable experience diving here. Tip: Though Phuket has plenty of options for scuba diving, nearby Phi Phi island has a better variety of marine life. Besides, it’s easier on the wallet, too.

Cost: Rs 7,900/ US$ 124 for three dives

13. Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping

Photo via Novotel
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Best For: Adrenaline junkies

Adventure enthusiasts need no introduction to bungee jumping. Fire up your adrenaline by making the jump on one of the many picturesque locales in Phuket.

Cost: Rs 4,400/US$ 68 for a single jump, which includes a certificate and insurance (pictures and video will cost extra).

14. Ziplining


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Best For: Wild souls

Be Tarzan for a day and fly from one treetop to another at breakneck speed. The brush of jungle breeze as you swoop over the forest floor is a refreshing experience. The zipline course also includes walking on wooden sky bridges built high above the jungle. In the end, you descend to the forest floor with the help of a rope. It certainly makes for a unique way to explore the wild!

Cost: Rs 4,100/US$ 63

Island Tours

15. Phang Nga Bay Cruise Recommended

James Bond Island

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Best For: James Bond aficionados
The Phang Nga Bay cruise is the most popular island tour in Phuket. It takes you to the famed James Bond island, named after the Bond movie, The Man With The Golden Gun. The tour includes a traditional lunch at the fishing village of Koh Panyee, built entirely on stilts over the ocean. You can also get up close with the famed limestone cliffs by canoeing leisurely alongside them.

Cost: From Rs 3,600/ US$ 53

16. Phi Phi Island Tour Recommended

Phi Phi Islands

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Best For: Stunning island views

Koh Phi Phi is one of the most scenic islands in Thailand, which is why it’s no wonder that this tour is so popular. Its biggest draw is Maya Bay, a mesmerising green lagoon surrounded by rocky cliffs. This is an extraordinary natural wonder and you should take the trip for this one alone. You also get to sail along Phi Phi’s prettiest landscapes like Pileh Cove, Viking Cave and Monkey Beach. The tour also lets you snorkel in the emerald-green waters and explore the vibrant corals and diverse marine life. Tip: If you don’t want to be one among a flock of tourists, you can hire a longtail boat and guide and travel to some of the islands near Phuket by yourself. If you have the time for it, spend at least a day in Phi Phi – you’ll thank us for it!

Cost: From Rs 4,300/US$ 63


17. Bangla Road Popular

Bangla Road

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Best For: Partying hard

The centre of all night-time action, Bangla Road is one of the craziest party streets in Thailand. A mellow street by day, it transforms into a party hub at night, with music echoing from hundreds of neon-lit bars. Be aware though, that the sleaze quotient on the street is quite in-your-face. Although the seedy bars are concentrated in one of the smaller side streets, it’s not uncommon for touts to approach you selling ping-pong shows and erotic massages.

18. Night Markets In Phuket Town Recommended

Phuket Walking Street Market

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Best For: Retail therapy

Strolling along a night market in Phuket is one the most authentic experiences you can have. You’ll get everything under the sun (and more) here, from funky souvenirs to cheap clothing. If you want to savour the best street food Phuket has to offer, these night markets are ideal.

19. Muay Thai Match Offbeat

Muay Thai

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Best For: WWE wrestling fans

Muay Thai is an intense martial art, with fighters destroying each other with hard kicks and elbow strikes. It’s not as gruesome as it sounds, though. You can watch professionals fight each other in stadiums resembling popular boxing venues.

Bonus Other Places to Visit Near Phuket

If you are planning to spend more than 4 days in Phuket, there are plenty of day trips or overnight trips you can take to some amazing places near Phuket.

20. Khao Sok National Park Offbeat

Khao Sok

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Best For: A jungle adventure

Trek through a tropical rainforest on foot or on an elephant at Khao Sok National Park, one of the most popular ones in Thailand. There are numerous hiking trails here, some of them leading to majestic waterfalls. You can even canoe or bamboo raft on the Khao Sok River to admire limestone karsts.

21. Phi Phi Island Recommended

Maya Bay

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Best For: Raw natural beauty

Just two hours away from Phuket lies Koh Phi Phi, one of the most beautiful islands in Thailand. Surrounded by picturesque bays and limestone cliffs, it’s become a favourite of backpackers from around the world. The island is small enough to be covered on foot. In fact, that’s the only option as there are no roads here. Although mellow by day, the entire island transforms into a dance floor, with music thundering from beach bars scattered all over the island.

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