The guidebook isn’t dead, it’s just changed its look. All over the internet bloggers are divulging secret sights and offbeat experiences to be found in the world’s coolest destinations. Check out our roundup of local experts, experienced backpackers and luxury travel gurus as we explore the best blogs to follow for a trip to Singapore.

1. The Occasional Traveller

Jacclyn Seah is an award-winning travel blogger covering destinations across the world. She’s based in Singapore so her posts on her home city are in-depth and extensive. A self-proclaimed “Occasional Traveller” she has spent years juggling a full-time job and intrepid travel so her posts are a great insight into how to get the most out of short-term travel. If you’ve got limited time in Singapore this is the blog for you.

2. Where’s Sharon

Travelling with toddlers can be hard and it’s difficult to know where to start when it comes to trip planning for a long-haul adventure with your little ones. Check out mum Sharon’s posts about the sights and sounds of Singapore with toddlers in tow and make the whole thing easier. Sharon’s been to Singapore five times, three with the kids, so take her word for it.

3. Alexis Cheong

Let a local Singapore foodie guide you through the best food and drink in the city. Find hidden hotspots away from tourist traps and follow Alexis Cheong’s advice to discover the tastiest street food snacks and high-end dining experiences. She’s also passionate about beauty and lifestyle, so check out her guides to shopping in Singapore’s shopaholic havens.

4. The Wacky Duo

The Wacky Duo refers to two brothers growing up in Singapore. It’s written by their dad, but told through their eyes. Any families with kids planning to visit Singapore should read the unique coverage of the city from the perspective of two kids living there. Get a real inside perspective on family activities, public transport and places to eat.

5. The Blonde Abroad

Follow Kiki, aka the Blonde Abroad, a prolific travel blogger covering every corner of the globe as a solo female traveller. Her section on Singapore is packed with great travel tips for all styles and budgets, but especially solo travellers. Her articles cover luxury and budget accommodation and Singapore’s highlights, all paired with beautiful images. Check out this blog to emulate a hip, chic time in Singapore.

6. Miss Tam Chiak

Follow Miss Tam Chiak and find one of the best food blogs in Singapore. Write-ups of Hawker Centre experiences, loads of restaurant reviews and  local lowdown on every spice and morsel in the city fills this award-winning blog. Anyone travelling on a budget will appreciate flash deal updates. Maureen Ow, or Miss Tam Chiak, also runs food tours of the city, so once you’ve explored Singapore’s food scene through her written words and images, get a taste of the real thing under her expert guidance.

7. Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt is one of the best known bloggers out there with amazing guides to every corner of the globe on a budget. His book, “How to Travel the World on $50 a Day” is a New York Times bestseller, so he’s considered the guru of shoestring travel. His coverage of Singapore is no exception, so read up on the best things to do, where to stay and how to survive in notoriously expensive Singapore on $50 a day.

8. Living Nomads

A collective of intrepid explorers, Living Nomads covers the globe and its Singapore posts are created by local experts and experienced travellers. Guides to public transport, in-depth looks at each major attraction in the city and round-ups of the the city are just some of the things you can discover to get prepared for your trip.

9.  Camemberu

Catherine Ling, the founder of Camemberu, has been blogging about food and travel across Asia since 2007. She’s based in Singapore and her posts have a strong focus on street food with mouthwatering photos to whet your appetite. Her motto is that “every meal is an adventure”, so share the adventure with her and discover the best places to eat in Singapore. There’s even a recipes section so you can recreate your Singapore food memories at home.

10. iEatiShootiPost

He eats, he shoots, he posts. This blog does what it says on the tin. Combining local secret street foods with awesome photography skills, Dr Tay, the man behind iEatiShootiPost, has become a go-to expert on Singapore’s foodie scene with four published books to his name.

11. Remember Singapore

You won’t find any standard snaps of the Gardens by the Bay or Marina Sands on this blog. This nostalgia site is designed to preserve the memory of Singapore’s historic buildings once they’re gone. Learn the social history of the city through its demolished buildings, or check out the posts about creepy abandoned buildings. Reading up on this blog before you go gives you a taste of everyday Singapore as well as a glimpse into the past.

12. Jet Set Christina

California girl Christina has been all over the world, so learn to travel like a pro with her expert guides. This is one for those seeking a bit of luxury in Singapore, and luckily Christina is full of hints and tips about how to keep costs down while still travelling in style.  

13. Travel & Beyond

Follow the adventures of an Indian couple who used to live in Singapore share useful reviews, travel tips and first-hand tales on their Travel & Beyond blog. They’ve won multiple awards for their blog and cover everything from where to stay to which Changi Airport lounge is the best.  

14. Adventurous Kate

Follow Adventurous Kate’s blog for top tips on how to travel as a solo female traveller across the world. Anyone embarking on a solo adventure to Singapore should read her honest, personal accounts and travel tips before they go.

15. Travel Snap Stories

This blog is run by a young family telling their travel tales through photography. See all the action through the eyes of travelling parents based in Singapore. When they’re not globetrotting, they’re covering their home city in-depth so there’s a huge amount of information about Singapore through the eyes of a local.

16. Migrationology

Mark Wiens is one of the best food bloggers around, and his obsession with street food is infectious. Having spent months trying the dishes of South East Asia, there are pages and pages of his blog covering the Singapore street food scene in great detail. Reading this blog will get your mouth watering and your stomach rumbling for the hawkers centres of the city.

17. Ladyironchef

Ladyironchef, or Brad, is a food, lifestyle and travel blogger based in Singapore. As the name suggests, the focus is on the city’s thriving food scene, fine dining and casual joints covered in equal measure. There are also guides to the best shopping in Singapore, hotels and things to do all straight from the mouth of a local.

18. Hippie in Heels

Long-time blogger Rachel Jones is the Hippie in Heels. Her fabulous blog combines offbeat travel with glamour and her posts about Singapore are no exception. Glamourous travel isn’t about 5-star hotels, so head over to the Hippie in Heels blog to find out how to live it up in Singapore in some of the best boutique hotels, and find out which neighbourhoods suit your travel style.

19. Mum on the Move

Whether you’re travelling with kids or heading to Singapore as a solo female traveller, Mum on the Move has articles to help you out. Her posts cover luxury escapes with the kids to the surrounding islands, reviews of family-friendly hotels in the city and theme parks for kids of all ages. Marianne has lived all over the world and spent seven years living in Singapore, so get some first hand advice from a fellow parent if you’re travelling with children.

20. Chubby Botak Koala

Packed with restaurant and accommodation reviews from all across Singapore, the Chubby Botak Koala blog comes from a local perspective. It’s updated regularly with new posts and reviews and the style is an informal blow-by-blow account with plenty of photos. This food, travel and lifestyle blog has won an accolade as one of 2018’s best food blogs in Singapore.

21. Pretty Hungry

Bianca was born in Australia and lived in Singapore until the age of 16. Her blog covers vegan travel, so for the best vegan and veggie spots in Singapore follow her posts. She’s also got excellent reviews of rooftop bars and details on how to have a great time in a city with an up and coming vegan scene.

22. Daniel Food Diary

For the most up to date food reviews in Singapore head to Daniel Food Diary blog. Want to know where to find the best vegan eateries? Most impressive views from rooftop bars? Tastiest street food? Check out Daniel’s comprehensive food blog. He lives in Singapore and his blog has won several awards for its mouth-watering content.

23. Travel Dave

UK-based travel blogger and backpacker, Dave, covers how to survive in Singapore on a shoestring budget. Hints and tips on where to stay, what to eat and free things to do in the city will help you discover Singapore without the infamously high price tag.

24. Maryhop

Maryhop is a luxury travel blogger writing about the finer things in life. Find out the most indulgent and luxurious attractions, glittering cocktail bars and world-class hotels from her Singapore posts.

25. Nomadasaurus

Travel couple Alesha and Jarryd have been on the road since 2008, and together make Nomadasaurus. This is the go-to travel blog for anyone doing South-East Asia on a budget. Their blog promotes sustainable, long-term travel so if you’re hitting Singapore as part of a long-term travel plan make sure you check out their posts on how to keep to your budget in this notoriously expensive city.