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Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and watch the hours go by as you relax by the clear blue water of Tonsai beach or spend your time in its rock-climbing haven.

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Best For: Adventure junkies, laid back travellers, backpacking trip
Why Avoid: Accessibility
Things You Can Do Here: Rock climbing. kayaking, scuba diving, hiking

What’s So Awesome About It

Tonsai beach has a dual personality. With its untouched vibe, it can seem to be extremely laid-back. Yet, it is also known to be a hub for adventure activities. Lesser known than its neighbouring beaches, Tonsai beach is a small village accessible only by boat most of the times. On the days of low-tide, tourists can take a 10-minute walk to reach here.

Whether you are a novice at rock climbing or an experienced climber, there are various routes available at Tonsai and attracts many tourists here for this reason. You can even take a course or rent rock climbing gear. You’ll find many rock climbers going up the cliff by themselves here.

If rock climbing isn’t the adventure of your choice, you can choose more relaxing activities like kayaking or even practice some yoga at one of the classes. In the evening, you can sit by the beach and enjoy the sunset followed by a fire show hosted by the resorts.

What’s The Catch

You cannot swim in the shallow waters of Tonsai since it is filled with jagged rocks. The area has a limited number of restaurants, so you may not find many food options to choose from. Monkeys at the beach can play havoc with your possessions if you are not always careful.

Should You Stay There

Tonsai beach has a hippie vibe that is dramatically different from the other beaches in southern Thailand. The options to stay at Tonsai are limited but extremely affordable. Alternatively, you could stay in Railay West or Phi Phi and choose to visit Tonsai for a day.

How To Get There

Take a long-tailed boat from Ao Nang to reach Tonsai beach, costing you THB 100. When it is low tide, you can walk it up from Railay West.

Pro Tip

If you plan to walk from Railay West to Tonsai beach, carry an extra pair of shoes for the walk since you’ll have to step into the water on your way.

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