Bali is one of the best travel destinations in Indonesia, with stunning cliff top views and some of the best beaches. The place gives you the best combination of luxury hotels, beaches, and laid-back vibes. Despite being a popular tourist place, there is some rawness to Bali which makes it so unique. From sightseeing to partying, the number of things one can do in Bali is unimaginable. Whether you are visiting Bali for the first time or you have been there before, there’s always something exciting you can do here.

Planning a trip to the island? Feeling overwhelmed with all the packing and making an itinerary? Look no further! Here are our tips on awesome things you can do in Bali to make the most out of your trip.

1) Plan A Scrumptious Dinner At Swept Away

Hidden in the heart of Samaya Ubud is an impressive restaurant, Swept Away. If you are going to Ubud, you just can’t leave without trying some of their delicious delicacies. This iconic restaurant is built on the river banks of Ayung River. The ambience is perfect if you are looking for a relaxed lunch or dinner setting. But the best thing about Swept Away is the infinite choices from local flavours to international favourites.

If you are looking for a romantic dinner, go for an intimate dinner by the water surrounded by candle lights.

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Cost per person: IDR 3,24,192
Where: Smailing DMC

2) Spend An Luxurious Evening On Sunset Dinner Cruise

Spend an exotic tropical evening cruising on Sunset Dinner Cruise in Nusa Dua. Enjoy the breezy cool air with a drink while watching the sunset on the cruise. That’s not all! Be a part of an entertaining musical night followed by a scrumptious international buffet. End your night taking a lot of instagramable pictures and dancing your night off.

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Cost per person: IDR 8,08,000
Where: Smailing DMC

3) Have A Thrilling Day At Waterbom Waterpark

Take a day off from all the sightseeing and indulge in Asia’s best waterpark- Waterbom. Go chasing water rides with friends or family. You can chill in the Lazy River or pump up your adrenaline in Superbowl or Smashdown rides. Let us warn you, these super thrilling rides aren’t meant for the faint-hearted.

Which one will you ride first?

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Cost per person: IDR 3,27,000
Where: Smailing DMC

4) Try Some Adventurous Water Sports

If you have already been to Bali’s most famous waterpark and want to try something new this time, then try one of the many water sports activities Nusa Dua has to offer. Try jet skiing if you love speed or fly in the sky with paragliding. You can also try seawalker to impress your Instagram audience. Our favourite is flyboard activity which will let you fly up in the sky to a height of 10 meters.

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Cost per person: Starts from IDR 1,00,000/person
Where: Benoa Water Sport

5) Go For Nusa Penida Day Tour To See Natural Wonders Of Bali

Nusa penidaNusa penida via Gopal Venkataraman

Did you know Bali is made up of 17,000 small islands? These are home to thick forests, volcanic mountains and an array of wildlife. Now, if you are already day-dreaming about azure water and coastal beaches of these islands, then you should ditch the main city and hop on a boat to Nusa Penida. Swim with Manta Rays or take a walk on the beach or just surf on the empty waves.

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Cost per person: IDR 8,00,000
Where: i) Without transfer: Soka Nusa Penida Tour ii) With transfer: Ramayana Travel Group

6) Feel Like A Royalty On A Full Day Cruise

After a fun-filled but hectic schedule, treat yourself on a day-long cruise like a royalty. Embrace nature in its unspoilt form while you traverse on the placid sea waters of Bali. You can choose from the different option, but we would suggest you go for the Three Island Cruise. This full-day excursion includes discovering stunning sights of Bali’s three sister islands- Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Penida and Nusa Ceningan. Float by the “Hole in the Rock” or the “Manta Point Gate” or indulge in thrilling water sports for an unforgettable holiday.

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Cost per person: IDR 15,40,000
Where: Bali Hai Cruise

7) Take An Educational Trip To Bird Park

Experience more than 1000 birds, 250 species, and a fun day out at Bali Bird Park. There are nine daily activities visitors can be a part of. These include bird feeding, bird free flight show, 4D cinema, Bali rainforest, etc. In addition to the main attraction, there is an adjoining Reptile Park which offers an extensive assortment of reptile and amphibian specimens. This unique and educational attraction is perfect for a family outing.

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Cost per person: IDR 2,50,000
Where: Bali Bird Park

8) Try Scuba Diving Along The Coral Reefs Of Bali

Whether you are a diver who wants to experience the best dive ever or you are a newbie looking for some adventure, scuba diving in Bali is a good plan. For many years, the island has been famous among divers. The warm waters are abundant with coral reefs and a magnificent marine life. After the thrilling activity, you can explore the island or kick back, relax, and watch the world-class sunset.

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Cost per person: IDR 21,75,000 and IDR 10,18,867 respectively
Where: Gili Air: Blue Marlin

9) Visit the Fascinating Active Volcanic Sight in Kintamani

Want to make your vacation more interesting? Do take a tour to Kintamani. It is home to bewitching nature and six ancient villages along with the prime attraction, the mesmerizing Batur Lake perched aside an active volcano. This is what makes the place so famous among tourists. Enhance your Bali experience with the rich culture of the island and learn more about its heritage. Marvel at the sight of active volcano of Mount Batur.

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Cost per person: IDR 7,27,562
Where: Sila Tours

10) Check Out Exotic Animals In Bali Safari Park

A must-visit attraction, Bali Safari Park is home to over a thousand exotic animals. It is a perfect destination to end your tour with an adventurous, exciting, and educational experience. Indulge in an amazing tour and get to know more about various species in the recreational park. If you have more time, do attend the Bali Agung Performance. We are sure, you’ll love it.

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Cost per person: IDR 7,20,000
Where: Bali Safari Marine Park

11) Take A Road Trip In Bali

Imagine lush green vegetation, world-class beaches, ancient temples, and volcanoes. That’s Bali — a wonderland for tourists. The reason Bali has become so popular is that it has so much to offer, unlike any other tourist destination in the world. A road trip on this island usually takes three hours from southern tip to the north. Rent a car, relax, and drink coconut while enjoying the natural beauty of this place.

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Cost per person: IDR 4,00,000 /12 hours or $23/12 hours
Where: Anugrah Bali Transport