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Phuket has some of the best diving spots in Thailand. Serious divers as well as amateur ones too all head to these spots to catch a glimpse of the mysterious world of underwater.

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Best For: Adventure, underwater experiences
Cost: THB 1000 onwards

What’s So Awesome About It

Phuket has an impeccable coastline with 36 beaches, some of which are great spots for snorkelling. The water is crystal clear and remains a comfortable temperature all year, which is why marine ecosystems tend to thrive here. You can view varied types of fish, sea creatures, eels, and corals, which make the experience quite memorable. Also, since snorkelling doesn’t need a lot of pre-dive prep, even beginners can have a great time trying their hand at this.

What’s The Catch

  • Sometimes, the beaches get crowded, which in turn affects the count of swimmers as well as other snorkelers in the sea. This can hamper your experience, since you may have to constantly make way for other people.
  • If you are a weak swimmer, have breathing issues or tend to panic underwater, this may not be ideal for you. You will need to practice your breathing before you venture in, or stay at a spot near the shore.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Be aware of boats and jet skis in the water, and try and remain close to the surface so you’re visible even from a distance.
  • Wear sunscreen and appropriate swimwear, including fins that help you kick well.
  • Wear your mask properly so it doesn’t fog up and water doesn’t seep in, and you can see the fishes clearly. 

Where You Can Book it From

Super Divers, Patong Beach

LoveDiving Phuket, Patong Beach

Aussie Divers Phuket, Chalong and Patong

Pro Tip

For the best snorkelling experience, visit Phuket in the peak season – between December and April. There are strong waves during July to November and hence, snorkelling is usually not recommended.

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