It takes a whole lot of grit to fly up thousands of feet in an aircraft only to jump off it! But well, what else would give you the rush to feel like a free bird soaring through the skies and getting a glimpse of its view? It’s no surprise therefore that skydiving is as popular an adventure sport, as it is.


And when it comes to skydiving, one of the best places to do this at would undoubtedly be Dubai. Its unique attractions like the bird’s eye view of the man-made isles of Palm Jumeirah is sure to take your breath away.  Whether you’re an experienced skydiver or not, the ‘City of Gold’ offers the ultimate aerial adventure to satisfy the adrenaline junkie in you.

And to help you plan for this adventure better, we’ve brought you a comprehensive list of things to know prior to taking that jump. 


Things To Know About Skydiving In Dubai

Fitness matters: Okay, so first up, you can skydive only if you’re 18 years and above. and physically fit. Your body weight must be within the specified limit, which is approximately 90 kgs for women and 100 kgs for men. And though the sport is safe, you will be required to sign a liability waiver form (all the risks risks involved with skydiving will be explained to you).

 First timers go in tandem: If you’re jumping for the first time, you’ll need to begin with a tandem jump – i.e. an expert instructor is attached to you for safety and takes the jump with you.

The weather plays a vital role in this sport and it’s best to take the jump on days of clear skies. So, when you plan to book your tickets, do look up the forecast.

The entire process takes about three hours, so plan your schedule accordingly. For your convenience, there are many time slots to pick from – choose the one that’s best suited. 

Ithaka’s Pro Tip: Do bear in mind to not eat heavy prior to a jump and wear comfortable clothing and shoes. 


The Skydiving Experience

Once you sign up, your instructor will provide you with all relevant safety guidelines, including step-by-step instructions and the correct body posture. You will then be strapped and geared up, and flown up to 12,000 – 13,000 feet in an open aircraft. The ride will take about 20-30 minutes. At the right altitude, the instructor will take the lead and advise you to jump. Your instructor  will also record the jump through photos and videos. Enjoy the free fall for 60-90 seconds before the parachute opens up. This ride takes around 5-7 minutes, during which you’ll have the privilege of taking in some of the most amazing views of Dubai. This really is Dubai like you’ve never seen it before.

Once you’re up there, beat the nerves by preparing yourself mentally for the jump.


Types of Jumps

Tandem Jump


Tandem skydiving is a popular option amongst first-time skydivers. The idea is that you jump off the aircraft ‘in tandem’ with an instructor, who is attached to you through a harness. The instructor handles everything from when and how to jump, to maneuvering the parachute and finally landing safely at the drop spot. Tandem Jumps are fun and pretty simple, considering all you have to do is follow the instructions and enjoy the view.

Accelerated Free Fall (AFF)


The AFF is not for first-timers, but you can attempt it even if you’re not a professional. The program requires divers to be assisted by two instructors; one holding you until you deploy your parachute, and the other guiding you to land at the designated spot. This requires an extensive amount of training before you get your skydiving license. Upon completion, you will be rewarded with an opportunity to dive on your own on a minute-long free fall. If you’ve attempted skydiving multiple times before, you can surely try this. 

Static Line Jump



Static Line Jump is the perfect choice for people who want to jump solo on their first day. The jump consists of a poised exit from the plane; as the diver falls, the parachute gets deployed by a static line attached to the airplane. This experience of the fall will be very short compared to the other options and the training for this lasts for almost a day. 


Where to Skydive in Dubai

Skydive Dubai is the only skydive centre in the country. The company boasts of an excellent track record and holds several Guinness World Records. It runs all skydiving operations in the city at two locations – the Desert Campus Drop Zone and the Palm Drop Zone.

Desert Campus Drop Zone – Much as the name suggests, this offers a dive in a desert zone, where you can see mounds of sand stretching below you, with the Dubai skyline in the distance. This location also has a school for those looking to become professional skydivers.


Palm Drop Zone – The more expensive of the two, the Palm Drop Zone will give you a glorious aerial view of Palm Jumeirah as well as the Atlantis Hotel, Burj Al Arab, The World Islands, and Dubai Marina.


Indoor Skydiving

Not ready to face the thrill in your first try? Indoor skydiving is an exciting option for you. It  allows you to attempt the sport in the confines of a large tube with a gush of air hitting you from the bottom, thereby recreating the entire experience for you in a safe, secure environment, without an instructor strapped to your back.


A quick information and training session will be held first, after which even young children can try the activity. The strong wind inside the tunnel will lift you up. There will be a trainer inside the tube to assist you, but you’ll be attempting the flight by yourself.

Skydiving is the ultimate lunge for adventure enthusiasts who dream of flying like a bird. If you think this is your jam, go ahead and customize your trip to Dubai with Ithaka.