Singapore or Thailand? If you have been pondering over which place to choose for your next trip, then you have come to the right place.

We understand that it can be difficult to choose when the comparison is between apples and oranges. Fret not, we are going to make the choice easy for you.

So, read this detailed comparison and you should be ready to pack your bags.

Singapore Versus Thailand: The Vibe

Singapore is one of the most modern cities in the world. Planned to perfection, it has a very commercial feel to it, with everybody getting to experience the same thing.

Thailand, on the other hand, feels more authentic. It’s a perfect cocktail of modern and local. And even in the most commercial of places, you can find unique experiences.

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Singapore Versus Thailand: Best Time To Visit

Singapore is generally humid all year round, with November to early March experiencing showers. April to July would be the driest months to visit Singapore. But do ensure you are well hydrated while you hit the streets.

Thailand is best visited from November to March. This time is best if you are planning to visit places in the southwest region of Thailand. If you are planning anything around the Southeast of Thailand, then it’s better to visit from January to August.

Singapore Versus Thailand: Ease Of Getting There

Being two of the most popular destinations in the world, both Thailand and Singapore are well connected by flights. Singapore city and Bangkok are both busy airports, and in most cases, you can get a direct flight to either of these countries.

Singapore Versus Thailand: Resorts & Villas

Singapore is one of the most expensive places to stay in Asia. So even a hostel or a modest hotel will set you back by a substantial amount.

Capella Hotel Room via Flickr

On the other hand, Thailand is a budget-friendly destination with a wide variety of stay options. You will get hostels, hotels, resorts and even pool villas and beach bungalows at a budget price.

Singapore Versus Thailand: Adventure Activities

Singapore has tons of adventures, but all are indoor. In fact, they even have a wind tunnel which simulates a skydiving experience.

There are adventure parks where you can bungee jumping, surf, scuba dive and zipline. While they are good for a thrill, the natural element would obviously be missing.

Thailand is a paradise for thrill seekers out there. You can plunge down into the ocean, jump from crazy heights or even jump from the skies. Whatever gives you a kick, you will find it in Thailand.

The most popular adventure sport is of course scuba diving, with some of the most beautiful and cheapest dive spots in the world. Not to mention the opportunity to swim with Giant Whalesharks, the largest fish in the world.

For those who want something milder, there is ziplining, snorkelling and tons of fun watersports.

Singapore Versus Thailand: The Nightlife

Singapore has a pretty lively nightlife, although the craziness levels are a little toned down. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t let your hair down.

There are tons of thumping bars, beach clubs and pubs where you can dance the night away. For the more sophisticated folk, there are stylish rooftop bars.

For families travelling to Singapore, there are plenty of things to do. From watching laser and fountain shows to night safaris to comedy clubs and outdoor night shows, there are lots of entertainment options.

Thailand’s nightlife has the reputation of being among the world’s craziest. Beach parties with random strangers, pub crawls, street dancing define the electric nightlife here.

There are whole streets dedicated to nightlife. Some of them have almost attained a cult status among the party animals. For the more sophisticated ones, there are swanky clubs, glamorous rooftop bars and beer bars by the bay.

So, whether you are a twenty something backpacker who wants to let loose or a couple looking for an elegant and chilled out drinking joint, Thailand will have something for you.

Singapore Versus Thailand: Island-Hopping

Singapore has barely a few islands around it. The most popular one is Sentosa island, which is just a 10-minute ride away. But beyond that, there aren’t many options.

Hillary Chu | Ithaka

One of the main reasons Thailand is a such a popular destination are its close island getaways. Its long shoreline is dotted with thousands of islands, so you are literally spoilt for choice.

There are islands catering to all kinds of travellers, be it a honeymooning couple, a group of friends, solo travellers seeking a secluded getaway or those looking for beautiful waters to dive in.

So, if you love exploring new islands, then Thailand is your best bet.

Singapore Versus Thailand: Beaches

This is again a no contest. If beach hopping is important in your scheme of things, then Thailand is the clear winner.

Singapore has a few beaches, but all of them are man-made. They have been made by importing sand from other countries.

Railay BeachRailay Beach

In Thailand, especially when you travel to the South, you are never far away from the beach, no matter where you are.

But it’s not just the volume. Some of these beaches are often featured among the most beautiful ones on the planet.

Singapore Versus Thailand: Things To Do/ Places To See

Singapore has relatively fewer options for sightseeing. The Singapore Zoo and the sea aquarium are some of the largest in the world, letting you come to face to face with almost every animal on the planet.

There are plenty of other urban attractions, including museums, bird parks, river cruises and mega malls. And let’s not forget Universal studios, the super popular theme park.

Thailand is one of the most diverse countries in South-East Asia, and that means the opportunity to explore is endless. Be it buzzing cities like Bangkok and Phuket or the islands of Koh Samui and Koh Phi Phi, every place has lots of unique things to experience.

Bangkok Bike TourBangkok Bike Tour

From temples, floating markets, museums, bicycle tours, island tours, national parks, animal safaris, underwater aquariums to mega malls, the sheer number and variety of things to do here will boggle you.

The Verdict

Choosing between Thailand and Singapore depends on what kind of a trip you are looking for.

Singapore is good for a relaxed vacation like a family holiday or a honeymoon. It is comfortable to travel, has plenty of attractions suitable for every member of the family. But it has nothing unique to offer.

Thailand is more of a roller coaster ride with an opportunity to experience something unique every day. So if you are one of those looking to embrace new experiences on your trip, then Thailand is the way to go.