They say that after a few drinks the world seems livelier and happier. However, in case of Singapore, even before the drinks, the place is alive and fascinating. This elite Asian hub of commerce, shopping and culture is on the bucket list of almost all travellers. And after-hours is when this place has a new enthused spirit.

From the luxe clubs at Clarke Quay to scrumptious bites at Chinatown and a sundowner cocktail at Marina Bay, you’re guaranteed to find something to suit your mood in Singapore. Read on to learn about the nightlife in the city of the Merlion.

1. Clarke Quay

Clarke Quay is undoubtedly Singapore’s party destination. From international DJs to exotic cocktails and a melange of interesting people from across the globe, this place has it all.

In the 1800s and 1900s, Clarke Quay was the commercial and residential venue for the city’s elite, so the streets and walls have a colonial feel to it. In fact, the VIPs often crowded here to check out the live opera by Chinese performers and other street entertainment at night.

Today, you will find electronic, jazz, rock, indie, Bollywood, live performances and much more here; especially on the weekends. You might also find a few games and adventure sport spots here that get your adrenaline pumping.

Where To Go

Dancing: Hands down, Zouk is the most popular club in Singapore. The largest club there with a capacity of 1,500 people, it often hosts international DJs and entertainment acts. Entry here may be heavy on the pocket, but it’s worth a visit. Besides Zouk, you can try Attica and Trace Club for dancing and drinks.

TongKang Riverboat DiningIthaka

Food: Enjoy a waterside meal at the TongKang Riverboat Dining. Or, have a romantic, sophisticated date at Le Noir.

Unwinding: Visit Crazy Elephant for live blues and rock acts as well as simple open mics on weekends. You can even try the Chupitos Shots Bar, the shots-only bar with over 130 flavours on the menu.

Adventure Sport: G-Max Reverse Bungy and GX-5 Extreme Swing offer some interesting sporty activities to try during the day or evening.

2. Marina Bay

Enjoy a quiet side of Singapore at Marina Bay with cool, refreshing winds from the bay washing over you. The highlight of the place is of course the show of lights at the Marina Bay Sands hotel. It is spectacular and something that gathers locals and tourists from across the city. You can plan to unwind at the cafes and eateries in the area, with the backdrop of the light show.

The Marina Bay Sands - SingaporeThe Marina Bay Sands via Vibin JK

You can even visit a few clubs and restaurants, especially the rooftop bars here.However, note that these bars can be a tad bit heavy on the pocket.

Where to Go

While Marina Bay isn’t as buzzing as Clarke Quay, it sure has a few gems that bring people to it. You can visit rooftop bars such as 1 Altitude Bar (they have an pricey entry charge, but you get a delicious cocktail free) and Kinki Bar, both located above 60 floors with spectacular city views. If you’re into clubbing, then Club Kyo is the most popular place here.

3. Boat Quay & Circular Quay

Located close to Clarke Quay, it is a more diverse and affordable cousin of the central party destination of the city. Here you will find a number of sheltered pubs, bars and eateries that serve delectable local flavours. All these are lined beautifully next to the river, where you can simply take a walk or hop to different pubs.

Right behind Boat Quay is Circular Quay that has many hidden gems in terms of drinking and food. It is smaller compared to Boat Quay, but offers a cosy feel to party goers and tourists.

Where to Go

Enjoy a lovely meal and a drink at Mogambo Bar & Restaurant or grab a quick bite at Charlie’s Tapas Grill & Bar. You can get your fill of clubbing and exotic cocktails at Bar 57. If you’re having a stressful or tiring day, head to Neko no Niwa, Singapore’s first cat café.

4. Orchard Road

Orchard Road is known for its luxury shopping experience. But as soon as the malls start shutting, the night owls come out to party in style.

Near the area is Emerald Hill, a small strip of road that has century old colonial building converted into clubs, pubs and restaurants. Furthermore, Orchard Towers had a host of party places, lounges and live music places.

Where to Go

Grand Hyatt’s BrixIthaka

Get a taste of luxury at Grand Hyatt’s Brix, Marriott’s Bar None, and Indochine at Wisma Atria. For a more budgeted experience, go for Alley Bar and Bar Stop at Orchard Road.

5. Chinatown

While Chinatown is considered a mostly quiet place after hours, it is the new, upcoming party destination. It has casual bars lined across the nearby Ann Siang Hill and Cross Street that often are crowded and so the people party on the streets as well. This creates a festive mood in the area every weekend.

The laid-back environment and ease of socialising here draws tourists and expats to experience a whole new side of the elite city. Usually, the bars here have specific entry charges, but you may need to book a table in advance if you plan to go with your partner or a large group.

Where To Go

One of the most popular places here is the Gem Bar & Lounge created in Victorian style with old-school drinks. You can also opt for Bartini, SaVanh Bistro & Lounge, and Screening Room where the chef creates a menu that matches the movie being shown that day.

6. Holland Village & Dempsey Hill

A busy hub for locals and expats, Holland Village completely transforms into a party destination after sunset. More popular with the Singapore youngsters, this place along with the nearby Dempsey Hill has an old-world charm with new-age, hip cafés and clubs.

Where To Go

Visit Hacienda for some fresh fruit cocktails and organic food items. You can also visit Singapore’s chain of pubs – Harry’s for a few affordable drinks and Tawandang Microbrewery for Thai and German style beers.

7. Sentosa Beach

Sunset, sand and drinks – do you need anything more? If you want to start your drinking session early or are looking for some quirky and interesting parties then Sentosa Island is the place to be.

Known as the Ibiza of Singapore, it has some of the finest bars from international names to local, cheap beachside shacks. Here you will find some unique party themes such as foam dancing, party games and full-moon parties. If nothing else, you can simply enjoy your trip to the Merlion city with a quiet drink on the beach. Most of the clubs and cafes here are open through the night, so you don’t have to worry about heading back too soon.

Where To Go

Tanjong Beach Club is the most popular place here, as it hosts a few of the craziest parties, especially on long weekends and full-moon nights. Besides the club, you can also visit Azzura club, Singapore’s Hard Rock Cafe and Mambo Beach Club. In addition, you can always visit the Crane Dance show at 9pm at the Sentosa Resort or from Vivo City mall.

7. Robertson Quay

In 1880, Robertson Quay comprised European and Chinese-style warehouses and wharfs alongside the Singapore River and the Kim Seng Bridge. Today, it is a centre for trendy restaurants, pubs and underground parties. You will also find art houses, alfresco dining, wine bars and breweries here. The place is also close to Clarke and Boat Quay if you plan to do a pub crawl.

You can also walk alongside the river and towards the bridge and find quiet spots away from noise and music, simply enjoying the serene river.

Where To Go

Get authentic Lebanese food at expensive yet interesting Sanobar Restaurant or a taste of French chocolate at Laurent’s Café and Chocolate Bar late night. Boomarang Bar & Bistro is also great for those who like drinks and dancing.

8. Gardens By The Bay

While dancing, drinks and good food is the nightlife theme of Singapore, you can always find something relaxing and romantic to do in the city. Gardens By The Bay is where you need to be for the tranquil experience.

During the day this park has futuristic, giant trees, but at night it becomes a visual extravaganza with well-lit 50-metre-tall trees. The kaleidoscope of colours makes it almost like art to be enjoyed with your loved ones.

Where To Go

Head to Gardens By The Bay at 18 Marina Gardens Drive for an 8pm show that is absolutely free.