In Short:

The Simon Cabaret Show is a visually spectacular concert by Phuket’s ladyboys performing at an impressive auditorium. But don’t compare it to a Las Vegas cabaret show!

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Opening Hour: Shows start at 6 p.m., 7:30 p.m. and 9 p.m.
Entry Fee: Tickets start at THB 1000

What’s So Awesome About It

The hour-long dance and music show at the Simon Cabaret is a unique theatre experience in Phuket. Here, flamboyant ladyboys perform a unique show, lip syncing, and dancing to popular songs in various languages like English, Thai, Indian, and Chinese. Along with the musical theme, you will also find yourself laughing at some of the jokes made during the show.

The costumes worn by the crew members are lavish and glamourous and the entire ambience has a dazzling effect. The performances are not X-rated, so an entire family including kids can enjoy the show. Although taking photos during the show is not allowed, you can take back memories of this show by clicking pictures with the artists after it ends.

What’s The Catch

Some of the crew members are less enthusiastic than others and seem to do a bad lip sync for parts of the show. The artists expect a tip of THB 100 – 200 if you take a picture with them. They might even insist on tips, even if you are not interested in paying them.

Pro Tip

The VIP tickets aren’t too expensive compared to the regular ones but they give you a spectacular view of the stage. And if you get a seat in the front row, you can be a part of the show as well. While booking, you can also look out for deals, which have hotel transfers as an add-on.

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