With the spread of coronavirus world-wide and its newly declared status as a pandemic, there are a lot of questions and misinformation being passed around social media with regards to travelling to different destinations. Below we list down all the things you need to know before travelling to Bali

Quick Summary

  1. Outbreak level: Indonesia is at Level 2 status (similar to India) and cases in Bali are low (Level 1). However, due to the recent death of 53-year-old British tourist things are slightly tense which is good as the government is being more cautious
  2. Disruption to Tourism: There are no disruptions at all. The airport is functioning smoothly and all tours are going on as usual
  3. Travel restriction for Indians: Ther are no visa restrictions for Indian travellers and entry and exit from the country is smooth. You will not be quarantined in India either unless you show symptoms.

Current Status

First of all, it’s important to understand the extent of the outbreak in any country and how quickly it is spreading. The below numbers will give you a basic understanding of whether the disease is under control or not.

Indian Govt Advisory on Travel

  1. All non-essential travel must be avoided by Indian ex-pats, including to their home country, said the Indian government on Wednesday. Travellers could also be subject to a 14-day quarantine upon their arrival to India.
  2. All foreign and Indian nationals entering into India from any port are expected to furnish a duly filled self- declaration forms which includes personal particulars, that is, phone number and address in India and travel history to health officials and immigration officials
  3. Those having travel history to Indonesia have been advised to undergo self-imposed quarantine for 14 days from the date of their arrival.

Last updated on 13th March’20

Indonesian Government’s policies to prevent the spread of the coronavirus

Measures Taken at the port of entry:

  1. Thermal scanning for all incoming passengers.
  2. In case of symptoms exhibited, samples taken from patients are sent to Jakarta for testing and until the test results are declared, travelers will remain under isolation. If patients are tested positive, they will be put into quarantine and held until recovered.
  3. Tourists entering Indonesia who has been to South Korea, China, Macao, Hong Kong, Italy, and Iran, even if only in transit, will be forced to self-quarantine for 14 days.

NOTE: Visa on Arrival policy can still be availed for Indians.

Health infrastructure to contain the spread of the Virus

  1. There are currently 2 hospitals in Bali (around the Sanur region) that are equipped to contain and treat coronavirus patients.
  2. The Indonesian Government plans to turn a site on Galang Island into a 1000-bed medical facility specially equipped to handle the coronavirus outbreak and other infectious diseases.
  3. Currently, the only reported official coronavirus testing facilities in Indonesia are in Jakarta, so there may be a longer waiting period to be diagnosed in Bali. During this waiting period, patients will be quarantined by the healthcare provider.

What Can You Do If You Experience Symptoms while in Bali?

The first thing you should do if you feel unwell and suspect you may have COVID-19 is pick up the phone and call the local emergency helplines. Public transport should be avoided at all costs to avoid spreading the virus further.

  • Emergency (general/police): 112
  • Emergency (ambulance): 118

Dialling Procedure:

  • If you have a mobile with Local SIM dial first 0361 (South Bali)
  • If you have International SIM dial first+62 361
  • If you are using Landline dial directly the emergency number.

In the Bali region, the only hospitals currently equipped to handle Coronavirus patients are Sanglah and Tabanan Hospitals, so you can choose to directly approach them if needed.

Last updated on 13th March’20

Airport Experience at Destination


People arriving at Denpasar Airport in Bali have not reported any delays or procedures beyond a standard thermal scanning.


No issues reported.

Last updated on 13th March’20

On Ground Status

General Initiatives

  1. School students have been asked to remain at home if they exhibit any flu-like symptoms.
  2. No other major disruptions reported in daily-life.

Tourism-specific Initiatives

  1. Thermal scanners at airports, clubs, restaurants and some other public places.
  2. No tours or events have been cancelled and the Government has placed no restrictions on travel and tourism within the country.

Our sources in Bali and the Gili Islands have described the situation as calm and safe.

Last updated on 13th March’20

Ithaka’s Take

We believe that Bali is a safe destination for Indian tourists to travel to. While the total number of cases in Bali seems to be mildly under-represented as quoted in local media, the overall number is still too small to panic over.
We would, however, suggest that travellers exercise common-sense precautions while travelling (avoid large crowds, take private transport instead of shared) and keep an eye on the news and Ithaka’s blog – we will be posting regular updates and travel advisory as the situation evolves.

If you’re thinking of travelling from India to Bali, but want some flexibility, check out our recommended airlines.

Recommended Airlines to travel from India to Bali

    1. AirAsia: One-time rescheduling free of cost, but no refunds available.
    2. Scoot: One-time rescheduling free of cost, but no refunds available for bookings made for travel during the period of 10th March to 14th May.
    3. Singapore Airlines: Waiver of change fees for customers with tickets issued on or before 11 March 2020 for travel to and from India, from 11 March 2020 to 30 April 2020. The new travel date must commence on or before 31 August 2020.
    4. Malaysian Airways: Unlimited Date/ Destination Change policy for bookings made on or Before 31st March 2020.
    5. Malindo Air: Travelers can avail Date Change Or Refund facility in the form of vouchers that can be redeemed for tickets issued from 11th March. Changes are allowed till 31st October 2020.


  1. For further inquiries and details, kindly reach out to Ithaka. We’re happy to help 😊

Last updated on 13th March’20


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