With cupids flying around with their love arrows, you never know when you can be love struck, and you sure don’t want to be without a plan when that happens. So whether you are already in love or plan to make your big move, we suggest you do it at these incredibly romantic restaurants in Thailand for an unforgettable day.

The Deck:

The Deck is conveniently located on the banks of  the Chao Praya River in Bangkok with a beautiful view of the Temple of Dawn ‘Wat Arun’. While there are many such restaurants located near the waterfront, this is the only one where the Wat Arun is brightly lit right in front of you. You can choose alternative seating options from comfortable chairs to lounging sofas or side tables for two, to spend some quality time here. It is a good idea to start your evening early to take in the purple silhouette of the temple as the sun sets in the background. The temple take on its most majestic form once the lights are switched at night.


When you are with that one person who makes you feel on top of the world, it is only right that you actually take him or her to a place befitting that feeling. Vertigo is perched on the 61st floor of the Banyan Tree hotel in Bangkok, it has breathtaking views that will surely make you feel on top of the world. The neighbouring moon bar is also a perfect place to start your evening with some refreshing cocktails. Tough a little expensive, it’s an unforgettable experience best shared with the one you love.

The Glass House:

The Glass House restaurant in Pattaya looks like a set from a fantasy Disney movie. With its monochrome colour scheme and plenty of pine trees surrounding it, it breathes a relaxed and romantic atmosphere. It has over 170 different types of dishes on the menu, and plenty of cocktails to choose from. They even have sofas and bean bags to cuddle in with your better half after dinner as you enjoy watching the waves crash on the sandy shores just meters away.

Sugar Hut Restaurant:

The Sugar Hut Restaurant is perfect if you want to get away from the city while still being in it. Its forest like atmosphere will give you a sense of privacy that is difficult to find in a city like Pattaya. The restaurant is made of teak wood in an open air sala like structure for a more relaxed ambience. The food here is made with exotic spices and great detail to ensure you have the perfect romantic evening.

Baba Nest:

A lot of us enjoy beach bars, but there are so many that you can hardly tell the difference, hence we give you Baba Nest. Baba Nest is one of the world’s best beach bar with a stylish rooftop venue that offers 360-degree views of the neighbouring islands and The Andaman Sea. The seating is fun too, with large comfy cushions and low-lying tables on a wooden platform built over an infinity pool. Watching the sunset while sipping on some sparkling wine here will certainly set the mood for the rest of the evening.

The Grotto Restaurant at Rayavadee Resort:

This restaurant does away with the cliche of dining in a regular restaurant by embracing nature and blending in with it. It is located underneath a limestone cliff in Krabi and gives you a feeling of dining in a brightly lit cave that opens up to a fine white sandy beach and the hissing of the waves. The restaurant is famous for its barbequed seafood that you can enjoy with your manicured toes tucked in the soft silky sand here.The only challenge is that you have to be staying at the Rayavadee resort.

W Retreat:

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The Woo bar at the W Retreat in Koh Samui opens on three sides and offers 270-degree views of the Gulf of Thailand and nearby islands. Its captivating unique design and location complemented with cool music and mixes is a treat in itself.

Dining On The Rocks:

With jaw-dropping views of the gulf of Thailand, Dining On The Rocks at Koh Samui takes dining to a whole new level. It is literally built on the rocks with 2 open air terraced decks that lets you take in uninterrupted views of the surrounding islands. The cuisines here are innovative and ‘Drinks on the Hill’ bar serves refreshing cocktails and poisons.


Zazen is a boutique restaurant, and we say boutique because they do customise the dining area depending on your occasion. The ambience at Zazen is one of the most romantic. As the sun sets the restaurant glows in the light of hundreds of candles. The soft music blends in with the sound of gentle waves. Since it is located on the Bophut beach, you can enjoy the beautiful views of the neighbouring islands. If you are feeling romantic, you can even call ahead and book a private sala right on the beach, which will cost you some money, but will be entirely worth it!

Treetop dining at Six Senses:

This unique, one of a kind, amazing restaurant is located on the quiet and less frequented island of Koh Kut and is a part of the Six Sense Resort experience. It’s best to try this place during the day for the amazing views it offers. Once there you enter a small wooden pod and are hoisted up a large tree that overlooks the cool blue sea. Your food is served by a waiter who flies in with your order on a zip line (how bloody cool is that?!). If you happen to be on Koh Kut try staying at the Six Sense restore to experience this amazing dining option. Just incase you are not a guest at this resort, we highly recommend calling the hotel in advance and checking with them.

There are many ways to make a special occasion memorable, but the easiest and most effortless way is to spend time at these unique restaurants when in Thailand. Let us know which of these restaurants you’d  like to take your sweetheart to in comments section below, and we’ll help you plan it into your trip.