Isn’t luxury all about paying keen attention to each little detail? If you’re the kind of traveler that appreciates having each of their small needs taken care of, these private pool villas from all across Sri Lanka will have you satiated while you’re indoors. These location optimized, private, often secluded resorts, suites and cottages come with incredible and varied views, services customized to your taste, unique architecture and extremely relaxed vibes. The intimate pools in their premises add that winner touch to a luxe stay. They’re ideal for you who wants to tune-out of the daily humdrum of your standard city-life for a while and pamper yourself with bountiful luxury.

Here are some of the most premium private pool villas in the country, with opulent rooms, inviting decor, infinity, plunge and lap pools for you to wade around in tranquility.


1. Saman Villas, Bentota (Popular)


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The sheer location of this resort does half the work of attracting vacationers. A luxury resort, perched on a rocky outcrop, with two beaches, water sports, and restaurants in the area, the private villas at Saman Villas promise you all the privacy you seek. around.A handful of the plush rooms have private pools, with some being more isolated than the others. A plus for many honeymooners is that children below 10 years of age are not allowed at this property, ensuring you get the solitude you seek.

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Why should you visit:Superb Location, coastal views, and complete privacy

Price per night: 20,000 INR (51,000 LKR or 288 USD onwards)


2. Amanwella, Tangalle


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Prepare to be soothed by the sound of rustling leaves and the rush of the waves as they come crashing onto rocks. That’s what a stay Amanwella promises – all this  while you lounge lazily in your private plunge pool. The resort has 27 expansive suites, including a select few with their own pools. You can look forward to relaxing in a large sized room with minimalist design and a bathroom that’s packed with amenities. Lending a truly lavish detail to your vacay, these well equipped bath areas have hot tubs and lead straight into porcelain pools. Get in for a hot soak, unwind with a glass of champagne or wine in hand and put aside the world’s worry to enjoy the moment. Why should you visit:Spacious suites and a serene location

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Price per night: 45,000 INR or 1,15,000 LKR or 650 USD onwards


3. Jetwing Kurulubedda, Galle (Off Beat)


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It doesn’t get any more exclusive than Jetwing Kurulubedda. With its tree house-like construction raised in the middle of a forested area in Galle, this boutique resort has only six rooms, of which two have private plunge pools. The rooms stand on stilts – perched on a tree – , letting you feel one with nature. The rooms, fitted with the latest amenities and all the comforts you’d need, also have open terraces.

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Why should you visit: Unparalleled privacy, unique architecture, and forested setting

Price per night: 15,000 INR or 37,500 LKR or 212 USD onwards


4. Anantara Kalutara Resort, Kalutara (Popular)


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The Anantara Kalutara is a world in itself, and quite a lavish one at that. The newly built  resort (about two years old), offers villas that come with their own private plunge pools, indoor jacuzzis, and outdoor showers. The resort sits on a small peninsula that is connected to the mainland but also stretches a little into the ocean. The family-friendly resort also has an in-house cinema hall, water sport activities, and two large outdoor pools.

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Why should you visit: It’s close to local sights but still offers a level of privacy, self sufficient, striking architecture

Price per night: 11,500 INR or 30,000 LKR or 165 USD onwards


5. Anantara Peace Haven Tangalle Resort, Tangalle


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Another popular property from the Anantara chain of hotels in Sri Lanka, the Anantara Tangalle is slightly cut off from the coastal town, but that’s because it needed 42 free acres of land to be built on! With a property this huge, you can choose to explore it by hopping onto one of their rickshaws. If you’re in the mood to simply lounge, do so in one of the ocean-view villas, which come with their own cozy infinity pools.  Why should you visit: Large open spaces – both around the room and in the resort, great food, and impeccable service

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Price per night: 12,300 INR or 31,000 LKR or 177 USD onwards


6. Ani Villas, Maaliyadda (Off Beat)


If you’re heading to Sri Lanka with a large group of friends or family, look no further than Ani Villas in Colombo. With two large villas housing 7-8 bedrooms each, the property is known for its arresting design that displays local minimal traits as well as modern amenities. You can book an entire villa for yourself, which includes  a private section of the beach, a private pool, and water slides for children.

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Why should you visit: Get an experience of your own local mini-resort

Price per night: 3,50,000 INR or 8,85,000 LKR or 5,000 USD onwards per villa


7. Cape Weligama, Maaliyadda


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Sitting 30 minutes from the coastal town of Galle, Cape Weligama is sure to catch your fancy for its ideal location. Nestled on a headland (an elevated part of the coastline, projecting into the sea), the resort has about 40 rooms, each of which have been oriented towards the brilliant views around them. The lush gardens and crescent-shaped outdoor pool perched at the edge of the peninsula are big scorers for this place. The private pool villas have the option of sharing the semi-private pool with a few nearby villas, which works well for large groups.

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Why should you visit: Great location and ocean view, relaxed vibe.

Price per night: 28,000 INR or 70,700 LKR or 400 USD onward


8. Chena Huts, Tissamarama (Recommended)


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Inside Sri Lanka’s famous Yala National Park are luxury hutments where guests can feel one with the wilderness – the Chena Huts. Spacious, thatched-roof huts house modern comforts for those who don’t wish to be deprived of luxury in the midst of nature. The dome-shaped rooms, which sit on raised platforms are  cocooned by trees. Don’t be surprised when you have visitors to the likes of wild boars, buffaloes, and even elephants. There huts also have a small private beach where you can lounge with birds and turtles for company.

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Why should you visit: Luxurious rooms in the lap of nature, wildlife spotting

Price per night: 84,000 INR or 2,10,000 LKR or 1,200 USD onward


9. The Fortress Resort & Spa, Galle


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A bird’s eye view of this beautiful Galle property will reveal its enviable, elongated positioning along the coastline, with vaulted roofs that run all along the structure. Since the resort runs parallel to the coastline, all rooms come with an ocean view. A few exclusive rooms have private indoor plunge pools with magnificent beach views.

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Why should you visit: All encompassing views of the ocean from within the resort, luxury spa

Price per night: 21,000 INR or 53,000 LKR or 300 USD onward


10. Aditya Hotel, Rathgama


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Aditya Hotel, a luxury boutique property on a secluded, almost secret stretch of the otherwise zealous Galle beach, has unhindered and surprisingly charming beach views. It’s an all suite hotel, quiet, small, and winsome with a delightfully intimate vibe about it. If you’re looking for a lavish experience and spacious, sizeable rooms, Aditya Hotel has some of the most gigantic suite spaces in all of Sri Lanka. A private beach, panoramic 360 views, lush garden reaches, private pools,and hot baths furnish the facility. Rent a bike to cycle around the property, sample their delectable spread or revel in the exemplary service extended by a thorough and friendly staff while here.

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Why you should visit: Complete privacy, customized, pro-guest service, and absolute luxury 

Price per night: 20,000 INR or 50,000 LKR or 280 USD approx 


11. 98 Acres Resort & Spa, Sigiriya (Recommended)


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This resort does, in fact, sits on 98 acres of land and boasts of , with its rolling tea estates, cocooned and stilted cottages, and a private helipad. Extremely secluded, the mountain locale is picturesque and serene. A big bonus is that 98 Acres Resort and Spa is that they’re very environment-conscious property. Land have used local materials and recycled items have been used to to contain their carbon footprint. Even so, the amenities, service, and design don’t disappoint, especially in the plush suites with their private outdoor pools built high up on the hilly incline.

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Why you should you visit: Located in a tea estate, unique cottages, great sunrise and sunsets views over the mountains

Price per night: 42,000 INR or 1,06,000 LKR or 600 USD onward


12. The Elephant Corridor, Sigiriya


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A simple, functional, and elegantly designed hotel in the marshlands of Sigiriya, Elephant Corridor is an inland hotel with surrounding views of the forest, the lake, and mountains in the distance. It’s a fuss-free resort with all the comforts of home. Each suite comes with its very own indoor plunge pool at the foot of the bed and a private terrace. Wake up, grab a hearty breakfast, and lounge around in your pool with lush forest views.

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Why you should visit: Forest views, fuss-free, and comfortable

Price per night: 19,000 INR or 48,000 LKR or 275 USD onward


13. Tri Hotel, Ahangama


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Sustainability lies at the core of the Tri Hotel, a lakeside property that has found popularity for its locale, food, ayurvedic treatments, and yoga sessions. Natural building materials and solar heating keep the hotel looking and functioning beautifully, whereas the lake near which it stands keeps the surroundings cool and the air clean. You’ll see many species of birds flutter in and out of the property as you dip into your private plunge pool in impeccably furnished rooms. Some rooms also come with private balconies offering lake views.

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Why you should visit: Serene lakeside setting, great yoga and spa treatments

Price per night: 37,000 INR or 94,500 LKR or 535 USD onward


14. Ulagalla, Anuradhapura


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Run by the same hotel chain as that of Chena Huts, the Ulagalla resort is every bit as luxurious. Eco-friendly and sensitive to the abundant greenery, Ulagalla has sweeping accommodations that have been designed to draw in the proximate fields and forest life. Guests are often visited by animals and birds on site, making for quite an interesting encounter in the otherwise secluded rooms, all of which have private pools.

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Why you should visit: Home to varied species of birds and animals, elegant accommodations

Price per night: 34,000 INR or 86,600 LKR or 490 USD onward


15. Serene Pavilions, Wadduwa


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In Colombo, along the  western coastline of Sri Lanka lies Serene Pavilions, a luxury boutique resort with private pool villas and never ending views of the ocean. Bundled in a blanket of green, this cozy retreat has only a select number of rooms, which means that you’ll have a lot of privacy, as well as customised service during your stay here. A small stretch of the beach is also a part of the hotel’s property. 

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 Why you should visit: Personalized service, privacy

Price per night: 25,000 INR or 63,500 LKR or 360 USD onward

Sri Lanka might be an adorably  small sized country but its heart is as big as it can get, ably reflected by a chain of incredible choices in accommodation. Whatever your budget might be, Lankan hotels and resorts make sure that you do not miss out on a luxury stay while holidaying here. So while you’re booking your stay ahead of an impending trip to Sri Lanka, make sure to browse carefully through our recommendations to pick out the ones that best suit your taste.