Pattaya truly lives up to its title of being the party city of Thailand. A mere mention of its name conjures images of wild party streets, thundering clubs and a festival like atmosphere.

For party loving couples, there is no dearth of fun in the sin city. Nightlife in Pattaya is not just about parties though. There are plenty of richer, local experiences to be had in the night. Our guide for nightlife in Pattaya for couples covers 10 amazing activities for you to enjoy with your loved one.

1. Party at the ever-lively and the most happening Walking Street

Its impossible to talk about nightlife in Pattaya without mentioning Walking Street. This one-kilometer stretch is like a week long party in itself, lined with the coolest and the most insane clubs in Pattaya.

Walking Street

If you want to shake a leg, check pier and insomnia, the best clubs on the street. Even if you are not the party kind, you can chill at a beer bar, head bang to some rock music at an open air cafe, or watch a staged Muay Thai match. In fact, just strolling along this sensory overload of a street is an experience. Thats what most tourists end up doing anyway!

You can spend a week here and still be overwhelmed by this buzzing beehive of parties. Ensure you at least spare a night to check out this party wonderland.

How to get there: Its walking distance from Pattaya Beach

2. Witness the ravishing Alcazar cabaret show

Alcazar is Thailand’s very own Las-Vegas style show, with a glamour quotient to match the casino city’s productions. The show is almost a legend in the world of cabaret shows.

Alcazar Cabaret Show

The prime reason being, the performers are actually ladyboys, Thailand’s transgenders. You will surely have a hard time believing when these staggeringly beautiful performers come on stage.

The 70 minute show packs ravishing dance and music performances by ladyboys wearing jazzy costumes. The elan with they mock celebrities like Elvis Presley and Lady Gaga is sure to have you in splits. At the end you can’t help being bowled over by their infectious energy and charm.

At the end you can even click photographs with the performers. Makes for a cool souvenir actually.

How to get there: Its a 15 minute drive from Pattaya beach by tuk-tuk

3. Soak in the romantic vibes while dining at the Horizon Rooftop Bar

Love it or hate it, Pattaya nightlife is crazy. If you ever feel you need a break from it, you can escape to the skies. Not literally, but close enough.

Horizon Rooftop Bar

Horizon Rooftop Bar and Restaurant at the Hilton, is one of those dazzling rooftop venues with scrumptious food for the belly and views for the soul. Its the perfect place to catch the sunset and sweeping views of the Pattaya Bay.

The ambience is laid back, with dimmed neon blue lights and large sofas, where you can enjoy a romantic dinner date with your sweetheart.

How to get there: Its walking distance from Pattaya beach
Cost: Cocktails range from INR 540 to INR 3100/ USD 8 – USD 48

4. Get high while sipping on cocktails at -5 Ice Bar

-5 Ice bar is one of the most unique bars you can come across in Thailand.  Everything in this bar, right from the chairs, to the glasses are made of ice – makes you feel you like you walked into an ice age.

Ice Bar

It has a cool ambience – quite literally, as the temperature here drops down to -5 degrees. Of course, that will never bother you, since the bar provides warm sweaters and gloves.

Its unique theme and plush white interiors are a visual treat for visitors. Enjoy the soft music in the background while gorging on delicious food and sipping some classic cocktails.

How to get there: Its walking distance from Pattaya beach

5. Ignite the shopaholic within you while shopping at Thepprasit Night Market

Shopping at the night markets in Thailand is a delightful experience. Thepprasit Night Market is one of the most popular ones in Pattaya. Its a lively market with music, pop up cocktail bars and tonnes of street performers.

Thepprasit Night Market

There is an impressive collection of stalls, which sell everything from fake designer watches, dubious chinese electronics, fake clothing brands to handbags and cosmetics.

Not only is the market a riot of colours, the aroma of delicious Thai cuisine will fill your nostrils the moment you enter its periphery.

There are around 80 stalls here selling noodles, barbecued meats, spicy salads, salted fish and other Asian delicacies. So even if you don’t intend to shop, just come for the lipsmacking street food.

How to get there: Its a 20 minute drive from Pattaya Beach by tuk tuk

6. Indulge in a romantic Dinner at Rimpa Lapin restaurant

With a gorgeous view of the entire Pattaya Bay, this cliff top restaurant is famous for its authentic lay of Thai food. Its by the far the most romantic restaurant in Pattaya.

Rimpa Lapin Restaurant

Perched on the edge of a cliff, this restaurant has sweeping views of the ocean. The grass area set back from the main restaurant is delightful. Their fusion food combined with the mesmerizing view during the sunset makes for an ideal romantic date. Its a bit heavy on the pocket, but totally worth it

How to get there: Its 30 minute drive from Pattaya beach by tuk tuk
Cost: INR 651 – 3256/ USD 10 – 50

7. Grab a couple of beers and sit on the beach to bask in the true vibes of Pattaya

Pattaya is home to some beautiful beaches,which though lively during the day, are surprisingly calm at night. Its common to spot locals and tourists sitting by the beach facing promenade and enjoying the glorious views.


Its a great way to beat the bustling nightlife and spend some quality time with your partner. You can even grab a couple of beers, sit on the beach, with sand in your toes, gaze at the twinkling stars and just chat the night away.

8. Take a dip in the infinity-edge pool and party under the star-lit sky at Fflic Cliff and Pool Club

There is no better way to beat the tropical heat than splashing about in the pool parties of Pattaya. The Fflic Cliff and Pool Club, settled on a cliff top, flaunts an alluring infinity edge pool, adorned with dry ice to give it a foggy effect. The vibe is more relaxed, with lots of space for chilling.

fflic cliff and pool club pattaya

You have sunbeds, submerged bar stools and huge cabana-style seats. And you can get alcohol at comparatively lower prices. There is nothing quite soothing as sipping on some cocktails while listening to some peppy beats and admiring the gorgeous sunset views.

How to get there: Its a 20 minute drive from Pattaya beach by tuk tuk

9. Get tossed up high in the air while riding the SKY Pattaya Rocket Ball

Pattaya is actually the adrenaline capital of Thailand with every known adventure in the book. If you are adventurous couple, then Sky Pattaya Rocket Ball just might be the thing for you.

SKY rocket ball ride

You sit inside a steel cage shaped like a ball and get catapulted 50 meters vertically at a speed of 100 kmph. While it tosses you up and down, the ball twists and turns making it a dizzying experience.

Well,this one is certainly not for the faint of heart, but its certainly a fun thing to do at night. The good news is that its cheaper for a couple.

How to get there: Its a 15 minute drive from Pattaya beach by tuk tuk
Cost: INR 1600/ 25 USD for one person and INR 2000/ 31 USD for two

10. Go on a colorful riot while enjoying the Alangkarn Show

Popularly known as “The Extravaganza Show”, Alangkarn is a cultural show that combines Thai history, culture and tradition in the form of theater, musicals, and circus style acrobatics to create an outstanding event.

Alangkarn Show

The 2 hour long show runs on a lavish stage with performers in glittering costumes entertaining you with story telling, dance and gravity defying aerial stunts.Throw in some stunning pyrotechnics, laser shows and you have quite a visual spectacle.

How to get there: Its a 15 minute drive from Pattaya Beach by tuk tuk
Cost: INR 1300/ USD 20