It’s 3am. I’m surrounded by young 20-somethings gyrating to the beats of The Chainsmokers’ latest number. I’m down to my sixth (or is it 16th?) drink, and I’m screaming myself hoarse in a giant pool, by the bar. I can see more and more people coming in (or, at least, trying to come in) to the party, as hotel staff, sometimes politely, sometimes roughly, are asking them to leave.

It’s complete pandemonium – and I’m enjoying every single, frenzied minute of it! As someone on the wrong side of 20, I’m here at the Bounty Hotel in Kuta, Bali, having a hedonistic experience unlike any other.

I got here on a Friday morning, taking a week-long break from work, to just chill and escape the weekday monotony. I have three girlfriends with me, all wanting the same. From a bored housewife (let’s call her Simi) to a jaded designer (we’ll call her Sunny) to the eager to get married (and she be Priya), I have them all with me.

And what better place to drink away our gloom and live life queen size than Bali? With its easy-going vibe, spotless beaches, easy affordability, and proximity to India, it seemed like the perfect place to take a girls’ holiday. And it was!

Simi had chanced upon the Bounty Hotel when she was researching our Bali trip, and booked us all in here. After all, no matter what time it is, it’s always party time at The Bounty. We checked in for four nights, and each night was unlike the other. We’d party through the night, wake up and get their hangover breakfast (yes, they know exactly what their guests need), sightsee and chill for a few hours, take a nap, and be ready to party all over again.

And when I say party at the Bounty Hotel, it’s a party like no other. There’s everything, from a poolside bar serving all kinds of cocktails to a special “party” pool to great dance music playing all night and day to party games (more on that later) to cute Aussie men with surfer bods. This was “chill time” at its best.

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Our rooms were nothing special, but that’s not the point of staying here anyway. Most people who check in here are youngsters, often Australian, who are on a gap year or spring break from school and want to let loose. If you’ve come for peace and quiet, this is totally the wrong place for you! The hotel’s catch line is “for the young at heart”, and it truly does not disappoint.

While every night here is a party, the Friday night party is what people come here for. Known as the Rasa Sayang party, it has local performances, drinking games, pool fun, dance, and drinks galore. People are dancing everywhere – on the ground, in the pool, and on the bar. For only IDR 499,000 (Rs 2,370, or US$ 35), you get access to not only the party but all you can eat and drink!

And what a party it is! Our night started at 7.30pm when we dressed to kill and made our way to the pool, only to realise that it was a shorts and tee kinda scene. Girls in bikinis, men in swimming trunks, and the more conservative in daisy dukes – we instantly felt overdressed and went up to change. By the time we were back down, the party was on in full swing. DJs Dennie and Ivone were spinning some crazy EDM tunes, as people lounged about and downed shots like water.

About an hour into this, a compere came on stage to announce the commencement of the drinking games. We started off with a drinking contest, where several rounds had more and more people drop off. To my surprise, Priya was among the last two remaining. I was told that the male runner-up of the contest would strip down and jump in the pool, while the female one would have to flash her breasts.

But hearing about something and seeing it happen is a different experience altogether. I saw a fine-looking Australian man make it to the final, alongside another who looked like he didn’t deserve a morsel of food for the next 10 years, and prayed that the former would lose. Now that would be a view worth travelling for! Luckily, the chubby one won, and there were loud catcalls and cheers as the hot one jumped his way into the pool.

As the women’s round progressed, I cheered Priya on as she reached the finals and finally outdrank her rather hefty Australian opponent. As whoops broke out all round, she was relieved to know that she wouldn’t have to go topless!

Once the noise had settled, it was time for the second game. Players were asked to pair up as couples and simulate sexual positions that the compere would announce – with a balloon between them. Once you finished with the first position and burst your balloon, you progressed to the next. You didn’t really have to be with your partner for this one – as long as there was a man and woman involved, it was all good.

After a few more drinking games, the music got louder and the people crazier. By now, most people (ourselves included) were in the pool, drinking like the world would end tomorrow. The party went on all night, with no signs of letting up. At some point in the night, I saw Priya snag two cute men, while Simi and Sunny were dancing on the bar. As for myself, I don’t think I had danced so much my entire life. I made friends with so many people from so many different countries, from Oman to Canada to Eritrea and the Philippines – it was indeed a night to remember.

As the clock ticked closer to 5am, I saw more and more people drop off, till the DJs started slowing down too. Soon after, we called it a night and went back to our room, eagerly waiting for the next night to begin.

The Bounty Hotel, Bali

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Location: Jl Poppies II No 18, Kuta. It is also close to Legian, where there are plenty of clubs and bars in case you want to venture out and party somewhere else.

Details: The Rasa Sayang party takes place on Friday nights only. You can buy tickets from the hotel’s Facebook page at IDR 499,000 (Rs 2,370, or US$ 35), including food and drinks. You can also book a VIP table at an extra charge.

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