Ubud in North Bali is an authentic gem. Far away from the bustling beaches of South Bali, Ubud is a peaceful village comfortably lodged between rice and paddy fields. It is also the cultural and artistic hub of the island, and is always on the wishlist of artists, culture and history buffs, and nature lovers.

One of Bali’s most beautiful natural attractions are its waterfalls, and Ubud is conveniently located within a few kilometres of many of them. We’ve put together a list of must-see waterfalls in and around Ubud, divided as per proximity. Just rent a scooter and ride your way to these spectacular spots for a day well spent. While on a full-day tour, you can combine 2-3 waterfalls in one visit.

1. Tegenungan Waterfall (Approx 10.5km)

To the south of Ubud, down the main road and a few narrow back roads is the Tegenungan Waterfall. Situated at the top of a valley, the water gushes down the edge of a cliff creating an open beach at the base.

You can climb down to the base of the waterfall by a series of concrete steps, which then become a thin muddy path a little closer to the bottom. Take a refreshing dip in the fresh water or just enjoy the sprays of water while perched on the ledges.

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Entrance Fee: 10,000 IDR (Rs 47, or US$ 0.70)
Quick tip: The ledges on the sides are great spots for photography. Late afternoons and evenings have perfect filtered light to capture the waterfall in all its glory. 

2. Kanto Lampo Waterfall (Approx 12km)

A spiritual atmosphere pervades the Blangsinga waterfall, since a lot of locals believe in the medicinal properties of the water. The pool of water at the base is good for swimming, and you can also stand underneath the current falling from a height of more than 40ft for a powerful shower. You’re likely to find people meditating or doing yoga here, so you can join in as well.

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Entrance Fee: 10,000 IDR (Rs 47, or US$ 0.70)
Quick tip: Be wary of the slippery rocks. It’s best to wear hiking shoes or boots to access the base. 

3. Goa Rang Reng Waterfall (Approx 12.5km)

Frequently used by locals for spiritual cleansing, this waterfall is made up of a large bed of rocks, with water cascading down. The width of the waterfall is what captures the attention of visitors, as also the surrounding shrubbery.

On the left of the falls is a cave, regarded as a holy place by locals. Remember to dress in decent clothing if you plan to enter the cave. You may not be able to swim in the water, but the headwater is a relaxing place to just sit and cool down on a sunny afternoon.

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Entrance Fee: 15,000 IDR (Rs 70, or US$ 1)

4. Tibumana Waterfall (Approx 15.5km)

Up the river from the Rang Reng waterfall is the idyllic Tibumana waterfall, which is more like a hidden paradise. It is not a well-known waterfall, so you can revel in the peace and calm of the limited visitors milling about the place. The access to the waterfall is through a jungle path, which creates a perfect run up to this understated feature.

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Entrance Fee: 10,000 IDR (Rs 47, or US$ 0.70)

5. Dusun Kuning (Approx 25km)

A tall, powerful waterfall, Dusun Kuning is best seen in the early morning, when visitors are limited. Set within a jungle-like ambience, this feature allows you to immerse yourself in the surroundings.

The walk around the waterfall is fun and challenging, while a swim is quite invigorating. If you like being cut away from the bustle of the towns and villages, this waterfall should be on your list.

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Entrance Fee: Free

6. Tukad Cepung Waterfall (Approx 30km)

One of the most beautiful natural attractions in Bali, this wondrous cave waterfall is a hidden treasure and takes a good deal of walking to get to. The sunlight pours in with the waterfall from the open sky creating a mesmerising feel, but it’s peacefully cool inside the cave.

You’ll find tons of people trying to find the perfect angles for their photographs in this picturesque locale. Find a picnic spot at the top of the cliff or take a shower under the current.

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Entrance Fee: Free
Quick tip: Water collects very quickly at the base of the waterfall during the monsoon, so it’s best to skip it during the rains.

7. Melasti Beach (Approx 32km)

The beachside waterfall on Melasti Beach is a unique natural feature. Water gushes down a cliff right onto the white sand beach, where you’ll often find people taking showers. The spot on the cliff is also known to offer one of the best views of the sunset and the winding roads. It’s relatively unknown, but definitely worth a visit.

The waterfall is only active in the monsoon, so you will not be able to see it in the dry season.

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Entrance Fee: Free
Quick tip: This beach is located in Tanah Lot, and is not to be confused with the beach of the same name in the Ungasan area.

8. Nungnung Waterfall (Approx 35km)

It’s only after a 509-step descent that you will first set sights on the Nungnung waterfall, which is one of the highest on the island. An early morning visit is perfect to experience the freshness of the waterfall mingled with the warmth of the sun. Lush green paddy fields dot the base of the waterfall, where you can dip into the large pool of water.

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Entrance Fee: 3,000 IDR (Rs 14, or US$ 0.20)

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