In Short

Krabi Town’s hilltop temples and night markets make it worth exploring the town for a day or two. Here, you can experience the authentic Thai life without the typical touristy activities. The main commercial and tourism transit point for the province, Krabi town has been thriving since long before tourists began flooding the region and continues to be a unique delight.

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Best For: Culture, shopping
How Much Time To Spend: Two days

What’s So Awesome About It

Krabi Town is the main town of the Krabi province with tourist destinations nearby. An everyday Thai town, Krabi Town remains a true melting pot of Thai sub-cultures where locals are of Chinese, Buddhist and even Muslim descent.

The heart of this town lies in its market district which remains busy throughout the day. It is known for its night-time inexpensive pavement eateries, karaoke bars and live music clubs.

The weekend Walking Street night market is frequented by locals and tourists alike and has on offer traditional handicrafts, clothing and souvenir stalls, as well as a great selection of street food. Open between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. on weekends, this market is structured to surround a n elevated stage frequented by local artists. The unique yellow coloured tents have probably the most competitively priced street food that Thailand has to offer.

The morning market of Maharaj Soi 9, plays  the national anthem at 8 am bringing the neighbourhood to a standstill for its duration. Here, you can choose from fresh fruits and vegetables, mango sticky rice, Patong Khoo, cha rohn (sweetened Thai tea), or fresh hot soy milk.

For incredible views of the entire Krabi province, a visit to the Buddhist temples Wat Kaew and Wat Tham Seua (Tiger Cave Temple) is a must.

What’s The Catch

Krabi Town has no beaches of its own so you will have to travel to nearby areas to get your daily dosage of the sea. The market area has limited seating and often gets so crowded that people are literally sitting down on the pathways to eat.

Pro Tip

Before you head out to the other destinations, go by the Supermarkets Tesco Lotus and Big C to stock up on daily grocery necessities.

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