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Kata Rocks is one of the best sunset and romantic oceanfront restaurants in Phuket which offers a seasonally inspired Mediterranean menu with a Spanish twist.

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Best For: Couples, celebrations
Cost: $$$$
Timing: 6:30 a.m. to 12 a.m. every day

What’s So Awesome About It

Kata Rocks offers modern Mediterranean cuisine as well as plethora of seafood-based dishes. It has also won several awards for its excellence, not only for its food but also its ambience. As a part of the Kata Rocks Hotel, this restaurant is easily one of the best in Phuket and is known to serve the best Thai food. The talented and renowned Executive Chef Laia Pon is Spanish and hence you’ll find a delicious twist of taste in the menu. Recently, she has taken it onto herself to create delicious vegan versions of classic meat dishes. Which is why here you can relish both the steak tartare or a vegan version made from beetroot, apple and avocado.

They also hosts the best brunch Phuket has to offer, but is available only on select weekends depending on the season. The cocktail creations by the mixologist at Kata Rocks is also worth a mention along with the selection of 300 wines in their wine cellar.

The hero of the ambience at the restaurant is the sea and the light settings, so the rest of the restaurant has an extremely minimalistic design, with seating designed as white-on-white. Its unique umbrellas complement the modern touch to the restaurant.

Must Try

  • Steak Tartar
  • Tom Yum Eggs Benedict
  • Watermelon Salad
  • Gaeng Phoo
  • Tagliatelle Pesto
  • Lamb Burger

What’s The Catch

The Kata Rocks restaurant is open seasonally and may be shut during the rains. Since the restaurant is part of the Kata Rocks hotel, the management may sometimes give preference to hotel guests, so you need to book your table well in advance here.

Pro Tip

Ask if there are any ongoing classes for cheese and wine tasting, and you may just have the opportunity to taste many of their cellar wines.

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