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A beach where you have it all – water sports, delicious food, relaxed nightlife, shopping – but with a lot less crowd. That’s Kata beach for you.

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Best For: Water sports enthusiasts, restaurants, beach clubs, and families
Why Avoid: A few secluded spots, limited sightseeing
Things You Can Do Here: Water sports, shopping, dining

What’s So Awesome About It

A quieter, cleaner version of Patong beach, Kata Beach is a mile-long white sand stretch. The two ends of the beach differ from each other a lot but it’s good for you. So, if you are looking for a more relaxed vibe and family time, then head for the north end. But if you have water sports, or even nightlife in mind then it’s the south end where you should park yourself. When it comes to water sports, surfing is one of Kata beach’s primary activities. Since the waves can be quite unpredictable, surfing is a delight for surfers. The newbies can also get surfing lessons from surf schools on the beach.

Kata beach, in comparison to Patong, is not nearly as hectic. It is quite family-friendly and the nightlife and restaurants are cater to people of all ages. During the day, there are a couple of popular sightseeing spots, shopping areas, and temples where you can get a taste of local Thai culture. And at night, you can enjoy a relaxed time in the company of close ones without having to deal with loud music or large crowds.

What’s The Catch

Although Kata beach is quite busy throughout the year, there are very limited hotel options right by the beach. You may have to book your accommodation a little far away from the beach. The popularity of the beach can be a hindrance sometimes and, during peak season, you may find it hard to find a secluded spot.

Should You Stay There

Staying here is perfect for those who are looking for a more laidback scene. You won’t be too far away from the city and you can spend your time gazing out at splendid sunsets while enjoying a drink at one of the beach clubs. Kata beach has quite a few hotel options around — covering budget, mid-range, and luxury. However, the hotels are spread out over a wide area and not always within easy access of the beach. 

How To Get There

Kata beach is accessible from the two main areas of Phuket and Patong.

  • From Phuket Airport:

If you’re heading to Kata from Phuket airport, you can take a mini bus for about 200 baht or a private taxi that will get you there in 600 baht. If you’re travelling in a group, a taxi may be a better idea.

From Phuket town, you can get onto buses departing from the market area on Ranong Road, which will take you to Kata for 40 baht per person. Alternatively, you can grab a taxi from the local stands from about 250 baht.

  • From Patong:

The two most convenient ways to commute between Patong and Kata are either via taxi for about 400 baht or via tuk tuk for 200 baht. The latter is cheaper, but the journey may be uncomfortable. 

Pro Tip

Kata beach is a surfing spot, so the waves can be strong. If you aren’t a confident swimmer, steer clear of the deep ends. It’s best to ask the locals about the right time to swim.

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