We’ve all heard of Bali’s impeccable coastline and unending views of the horizon against the busy landscape of food, parties, and sightseeing. But the island is as rich in culture as it is in beaches. Bali’s cultural heart lies in Ubud, an inland area with local craft markets, lush paddy fields, rolling hills, and a serenity that’s hard to find anywhere else on the island.

For first-time travellers, Ubud is unmissable in terms of Bali’s must-see locales. You can easily spend about 3-4 days here, immersing yourself in Bali’s local surroundings. Staying at a great hotel can only heighten your experience and we thoroughly recommend finding one that suits your tastes and travel itinerary.

This comprehensive list of the best hotels in Ubud is a handpicked selection that offers the island’s most exquisite experiences. All you have to do is pick one you fancy.

1. Mandapa: A Ritz Carlton Reserve Luxury

Spa treatments by the river, walks through rice fields, villas designed in traditional Balinese style with the best in luxury, private pools, planting activities in rice fields, riverside yoga – talk about exceptional amenities over and above all the comforts of home. Mandapa is a centrally located property that lets you easily stroll through the streets of Ubud during the day and unwind in its luxurious confines in the evening. It sits on a large plot with rolling fields and hills in the background, putting you right in the cradle of nature.

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Best For: Five-star amenities and luxurious villas for couples and families
Cost: IDR 7,900,000 onwards per night

2. Four Seasons Resort Bali At Sayan Luxury

Nestled in a forest area of Ubud, Four Seasons Resort Bali at Sayan is the epitome of luxury amidst nature. Dramatic features like the entry bridge over the Ayung river, rooftop lotus pond, cantilevered swimming pool and serene setting don’t take away from its grounded locale, with paddy fields cascading down around it. Visitors are known to find the perfect balance between local and modern Ubud within the resort, which is conveniently situated only 10 minutes away from the bustling areas with restaurants, bars and shopping.

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Best For: Awe-inspiring design and location, lending the perfect ambience for couples
Cost: IDR 11,124,000 onwards per night

3. Amandari Luxury

Home to Ubud’s first infinity pool, Amandari is a 30-year property that overlooks the Ayung valley. Designed to resemble a Balinese village, Amandari has a pristine set-up that will make you feel you’re living the Bali life. Thatched roof huts, sacred stone statues and green gardens will put you in a relaxed, holiday spirit. Although the hotel is a little far from the centre of Ubud, you can take a walk or cycle along the streets connecting the hotel to nearby villages.

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Best For: Families, groups of friends, couples as well as singles. Also for experiencing local design and culture.
Cost: IDR 10,620,000 onwards per night

4. COMO Shambhala Estate Luxury

Everything at the COMO Shambhala Estate is focused on health and well-being. Guests are pampered with nutritious food, daily adrenaline boosting activities like mountain biking and rafting, yoga and Pilates sessions, a state-of-the-art spa, organically-designed villas, and Ayurvedic cleansing — all under the watchful eye of trainers and wellness experts. The concept of the hotel is to help you unwind in the most natural way possible and to rejuvenate you during your stay. Of course, the modern amenities and chic rooms are an automatic mood booster!

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Best For: Singles and couples. Also for health and wellness.
Cost: IDR 6,700,000 onwards per night

5. The Viceroy Bali Luxury

Perched atop the hills of Ubud, with the valley before it and the Ayung river below it, The Viceroy Bali is often counted amongst the best 5-star properties on the island. The hotel has hosted royals and high-end clientele, with impeccable services to match. Besides the two main pools, every room has a private pool looking out onto the lush jungles of the Valley of the Kings. An upscale restaurant, spa and gym offer every bit of luxury, and you can be guaranteed of a high level of privacy.

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Best For: Families, couples as well as singles.
Cost: IDR 7,000,000 onwards per night

6. The Chedi Club at Tanah Gajah Luxury

Skirting the art town of Ubud, The Chedi Club is an art gallery in itself. Owned and operated by a renowned art collector, this hotel has only 20 rooms, offering a sense of privacy that is largely its primary appeal. Designed in local architectural styles, the retreat’s artsy look and feel is unique in Ubud. The area around the hotel is quiet and peaceful, and is primarily surrounded by paddy fields. Central Ubud is located a short distance away.

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Best For: Art enthusiasts as the hotel’s art collection is very popular.
Cost: IDR 5,025,000 onwards per night
Pro-Tip: The resort has its own amphitheater, where you can catch a Kecak dance performance, a dramatic, traditional performance art in Bali.

7. COMO Uma Ubud Luxury

A modern Balinese jungle retreat with all the amenities of a luxurious hotel, the COMO Uma Ubud has the best of all four – valley, river, forest, and field. Surrounding by almost postcard-like scenery, this elegant retreat automatically turns down the volume on overt luxury, and instead focuses on charm and tranquility. Some of the stylish rooms come with outdoor whirlpool tubs.

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Best For: Couples.
Cost: IDR 6,700,000 onwards per night

8. Hanging Gardens of Bali Luxury

As the name suggests, the Hanging Gardens of Bali offer one of the most unique experiences in Bali; of swimming over the treetops. Resting on the edge of a valley, above a verdant jungle, the hotel’s most popular feature is an infinity pool located right in its spiritual centre. It’s situated a good 30-minutes away from central Ubud, so dining and a few other facilities are slightly more expensive than others.

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Best for: Couples, families, and groups of friends. Also for infinity pool over a jungle.
Cost: IDR 6,700,000 onwards per night
Pro-Tip: You can have a romantic in-room dinner on a traditional Balinese mini boat in your villa’s private infinity pool.

9. Alila Ubud Mid-Range

Set against stunning views of the Ayung River Valley, Alila Ubud is a quiet retreat that is unexpectedly only 15 minutes away from the centre. Laid out quite like a Balinese village, the resort has its own little pathways that weave in and out of its many rooms and villas, all of which are designed like tree houses on stilts. This added lift gives the impression of floating above the valley. It also has a magnificent infinity pool overlooking the valley.

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Best For: Treehouse rooms and infinity pool
Cost: IDR 2,800,000 onwards per night

10. Komaneka at Monkey Forest Mid-Range

This hotel by luxury hospitality brand Komaneka is named after its proximity to the famed Monkey Forest in Ubud. But within the hotel grounds, you’ll be transported to the world of art and nature, with no disturbances whatsoever. Originally an artist residence, the hotel has its own art gallery, and has some works put up on its walls. Not to mention the tasteful accommodations and warm and welcoming ambience that has visitors returning time and time again.

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Best For: Access to Monkey Forest, in-house art gallery and homely ambience enjoyed by families, couples and singles alike.
Cost: IDR 2,800,000 onwards per night

11. The Kayon Resort Mid-Range

If you were to get an aerial view of The Kayon Resort, you’d find a well-planned jumble of thatched roofs bordered heavily by trees, and a crystal blue infinity pool right in the centre. There are just a handful of villas and suites here, each boasting the most lavish amenities. Reliefs and statues from the Ramayana are a divine form of adornment, giving the hotel quite a traditional feel.

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Best For: The limited rooms, privacy and organic design attract families and couples to this resort.
Cost: IDR 4,650,000 onwards per night

12. Kupu Kupu Barong Resort and Tree Spa Mid-Range

Known exclusively for its villas and famous spa by L’Occitane, the Kupu Kupu Barong Resort and Tree Spa has a beautiful location cocooned by trees. You’ll find yourself in the lap of nature and luxury, as every villa comes with large open screens on all sides, giving you unhindered views of the valley. In fact, even if you’re at the spa, private pool or restaurant, you won’t be able to leave the gorgeous view behind!

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Best For: Couples; popular spa facilities.
Cost: IDR 2,100,000 onwards per night

13. Bisma Eight Mid-Range

Pretty and petite, Bisma Eight sits in the leafy interiors of Ubud’s jungle area as a strong concrete structure. Although it sounds like a harsh contrast, it’s this very look that draws tourists from around the globe to this forest haven. The rooms have concrete walls, but use of natural materials like rattan and cedarwood give it a nice Indonesian touch. Only a 15-minute walk from the Ubud market, the hotel is almost covered with rainforest trees that encapsulate even the magnificent infinity pool.

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Best For: Families, couples as well as singles
Cost: IDR 2,800,000 onwards per night
Pro-Tip: Each bathroom comes with a Japanese-style soaking tub where you can take a long warm bath after a busy day of sightseeing.

14. Fivelements Mid-Range

Fivelements is a complete health and wellness retreat that focuses on the physical, mental and spiritual state of its guests. Water healing pools, a rejuvenating spa, medicinal gardens, art and cooking sessions and other forms of healing and self-care find precedence in this luxury hotel. Everything from the rooms to the food is tailor-made to make guests feel good from the inside through a balance of mind and body. Not to mention, the design is comfortable, therapeutic, and eco-friendly as well. The retreat is a little secluded, and slightly far from central Ubud. But if you’re looking for tranquility and uncomparable privacy, this is the place to be.

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Best For: Holistic wellness services in a peaceful ambience.
Cost: IDR 2,800,000 onwards per night

15. Maya Ubud Mid-Range

Maya Ubud is blessed with an exceptional site that gives guests views of the jungle and river on one side and rice fields on the other. Capitalising on this are the main infinity pool, private villa pools and jungle pool at the river. Its location contributes heavily to the relaxing atmosphere that blankets this retreat, and you’ll find yourself feeling de-stressed just by being here.

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Best For: Its beautiful views —  located between rice fields, jungle and river, the hotel hosts all kinds of traveller visit throughout the year.
Cost: IDR 3,000,000 onwards per night

16. Alamdini Resort Ubud Budget

Staying at the Alamdini Resort Ubud has a ton of benefits, but what grabbed our attention was the outdoor pool on a raised platform surrounded by palm trees, including one that pops out of the pool! The resort is relatively new and has a great location amidst greenery. Rooms have large balconies or terraces for you to drink in the view day and night, but if you prefer to venture out, the main shopping and restaurant area of Ubud is just a short walk away.

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Best For: Stunning views. Small groups of friends, families, and couples enjoy staying here.
Cost: IDR 1,380,000 onward per night

17. Biyukukung Suites & Spa Budget

Two-storeyed bamboo suites cascade down a green paddy field which surrounds the Biyukukung Suites & Spa. A budget option with simple yet tastefully furnished rooms, this hotel is a fine choice for those who are looking for an inexpensive, pretty stay. There are two pools as well as an open-air restaurant, although it only serves breakfast. However, the hotel is a stone’s throw away from the busy market area of Ubud, so you can easily head out for lunch and dinner during your stay here.

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Best For: Solo travellers and backpackers find this hotel a great spot to come back to after long hours spent outdoors.
Cost: IDR 730,000 onward per night

18. Adiwana Resort Jembawan Budget

The Adiwana Resort Jembawan is situated close to the centre of Ubud, with easy access to sightseeing spots, shopping, restaurants and bars. The busy outside is countered by a peaceful inside, with state-of-the-art facilities, pools, a spa and even yoga sessions. It’s ideal if you prefer your days outdoors and relaxing indoors in the evening.

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Best For: Proximity to town centre.
Cost: IDR 1,500,000 onwards per night