In Short

Located in Ao Nang, Hollow Mountain is South-east Asia’s most extreme adventure park and is a must-visit for adrenaline junkies. A 30 minute uphill trek later, sign up at basecamp if you’re someone who likes to feel their heart right up their throat and wish to come back with a story to tell.

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Best For: Jungle trek, rock climbing, rope swings, and zip lines.
Opening Hours: Always open
Entry Fee: Prices vary from $90 – $150
Ease of Access: Easily accessible

What’s So Awesome About It

If you are in Krabi and want to take some time away from the beaches to caress the daredevil in you, head straight to Hollow Mountain where you can guarantee your heart to get pumping and your blood to get racing, right in your ears. This thrilling experience has been built by two friends, and first opened its doors for business in 2016.  

Hollow Mountain is a tropical jungle mountain in Pang Ga and offers spectacular views of the karst formations and the audacious landscape below. In this adventure park that’s designed to crank up the thrill-o-meter 2X, you will find yourself trekking through the jungle, swinging off barely latched to double-harnesses and hop pillar to post using zip lines. You can choose to just enjoy a smaller junior swing or be bold enough to climb up to the top of a gigantic karst, and take in a spectacular vista as you swing off jaw-dropping heights.

Here are the most popular activities at the park that are guaranteed to get your heart skip a few beats.

  • Emperor Swing – This is a twin rope swing which will plunge you into a 100-meter drop.
  • Decapitation Zip line – A breathtaking ride, this will take you underneath the rock roof.
  • Terminator Zip line – A 200-meter zip line, this one will take you from platform to platform at a speed of 40 km/hour accelerating all the way to the rock wall.  

All the activities conducted at the park are completely safe. Zip lines make use of 2 steel cables and all swings use 2 ropes, enhancing the safety of the equipment. This is the only adventure-park in Thailand that is built to IRATA level 3 safety standard.

What’s The Catch

This place is not suitable for children. You need to be 21 years of age or older to gain entry. You will also need to be fit and weigh less than 100 kg.

Things To Keep In Mind

Remember to wear comfortable clothes since you have to trek up the mountain, which can take anywhere between 30-60 minutes. Also, wear good walking shoes. Flip-flops are not allowed on this trek.

How To Reach There

Hollow Mountain Extreme Adventure Park is a 10-minute drive from Ao Nang and Krabi Town. The activity begins with a hike down the jungle trail which will take you to the bottom of Hollow Mountain. From there, using the Via Ferrata, a 90-meter steel staircase, you will climb up to the main cave where you can enjoy the zip lines and rope swings.

Pro Tip

You can expect to spend around 3-6 hours here, so come prepared with your own bottles of water. Don’t forget to pack your cameras, as this place has stunning, Insta-worthy views for photography enthusiasts.