In Short

Dense jungles boasting the largest population of wild elephants and home to myriad other flora and fauna, Khao Yai is considered one of the best and largest national parks in Asia.

Best For: Views, adventure, Nature, Bird Watching.
Cost: The national park entrance fee for foreigners is THB 400 per person. Fees for guides range from THB 500 -1000 depending on the length of the trek.

What’s So Awesome About It

Thailand is home to over 150 national parks, but Khao Yai National Park, easily accessible from Bangkok and a UNESCO World Heritage site, is definitely the best. The park boasts an abundance of flora and fauna and some breathtaking waterfalls making for a stunning day in the midst of nature.

Khao Yai National Park has five main trails that cater to various skills, endurance levels and available time-frames for hikers. There are nature trails stretching for just under one kilometer while hiking trails take between one hour to half a day depending on the trail length.

What’s The Catch

  • This activity is not recommended for children under 8 years of age, people with back or heart problems and pregnant women neither are guests allowed to swim in the waterfall or rivers
  • The jungle is home to tiny insects called chiggers whose bite itch can last up to a year and during rainy season leeches are an issue

Things To Keep In Mind

  • For the longer treks, guides are a must.
  • Guests looking to trek on their own should carry bottles of water, food and mosquito replant. It is recommended that all guests wear comfortable shoes, carry shades and a sun hat and gear up in long sleeved shirts and pants
  • Smoking and pets are prohibited

Where You Can Book It

Trekking activities can be arranged in Khao Yai or on your own. Jungle trekking guides for Khao Yai National Park can be contacted on the DNP Thai National Park’s website or by phoning the Khao Yai National Park directly on 08-6092-6527. For guests looking to book a guided tour in advance, check out this option.

Pro Tip

The park is open all year round but the best time to visit is from November to April due to the favorable weather conditions. March and April are the best time for nature enthusiasts as it sees the migration of birds.