“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta

With the New Year just around the corner, most of us are busy planning our long awaited holidays. But are you doing it right? Smart planning involves more than just google-ing the destination and booking your flights. A great travel requires great planning. It needs details and more details- what are the hidden gems? Where to eat? Tips from experienced travellers. Only then will your trip become a memorable story you’ll tell your friends.

TravelerTraveler by Pexels

One way of doing so is reading blogs by avid travellers. These travel aficionados know how to inform their readers and help them organize the perfect trip. Their beautiful descriptions of various sites and stunning pictures will leave you awe-inspired and all set for the vacation.

If you are thinking of taking a flight to explore the wonders of Malaysia, we suggest you do so through the following jet setters first. After all, they have done all the homework and hard work for you. As you scroll down their blogs you’ll see how each one of them live a thrilling life, chronicling a thousand adventures and kaleidoscopic pictures from different voyages. It’s time you take a sneak peek in their magical world and organize your unforgettable vacation.
Bon Voyage!

1. Lakshmi Sharath

It’ll be right to call her the ‘Queen Blogger’ who has been nominated for the Blogger Award. And that’s the reason she is on top of our list. Her travel writings are not just insightful but they are very interesting as well. Sharath magically weaves her experiences about places, cultures, people and heritage in a very surreal manner.

2. Archana Singh

This Indian blogger is a brand planner by profession and a true-blue traveller by passion. Her true passion is to explore new places in order to search untold stories and human experiences.  She has travelled to 23 countries and explored many states and cities in India. Her love for travelling can be seen in the detailed experiences she shares on her blog.

3. ED Rex

This handsome deaf traveller has been setting an example for all the travel buffs who love to explore the world. His blog, RexyEdventures, was set up in October 2011, chronicling the “‘Adventures of a Deaf and Handsome Luxury Backpacker Travelling the Unexpected”. His love for a nomadic life can be seen in the picturesque photographs he takes of the places he visits.

4. Karthik Reddy

Karthik Reddy’s knack for details and excellent storytelling is what makes him a hit among travel enthusiasts. This MBA graduate turn travel blogger loves to meet new people, explore different cultures and, try new cuisines. His blog, Romancing the Planet, is a testimony of his adventures across the globe. Do give it a shot. You’ll definitely get a tip or two for your vacation.

5. Shivya Nath

If you are going to plan a vacation then Shivya Nath’s travel blog is going to give you some serious travel goals. This girl chose a nomadic life to satiate her hunger for travel. Her blog, The Shooting Star, is an inspiration for everyone, especially girls who are independent and love to travel solo. From backpacking in the Western World to volunteering in the High Himalayas of India, Nath has done it all. Now that’s impressive!

6. Prachi & Himadri Garg

If there are sibling goals, then these girls are nailing it. The two sisters, Prachi and Himadri Garg, have explored most of India in the last eight years. They famously go by the name Ghoomophiro and are redefining wanderlust goals for all of us. Just a scroll on their Instagram page is enough to put you in a vacation mode.

7. Pauline Newman

Looking for a luxurious getaway? You must check out Pauline Newman’s blog- First Class Lounge. She shares her experiences in some of the exotic destinations. One more thing that will catch your attention is a collection of captivating pictures she shares on her blog. If you enjoy finer things in life, this blog is a must visit for you.

8. Ami Bhat

This blogger calls herself a “restless ball of energy” who was born with “a travel bug” in her. This devoted traveller, diligently plan her trips by listing down all the long weekends in a year. That’s one heck of a way to spend your new year’s eve- planning your next adventure.

Besides travelling, Bhat likes to capture the picturesque destinations and their cultures in her photographs. To know more about ‘where to go’ and what to do’, check out her blog- Thrilling Travel.

9. Ankita Sinha

Anki on the Move is an interesting blog with a hint of style. Yes, you read it right. It is one of the most fashionable Indian Travel Blogger who loves to explore destinations in style. The same applies to the mesmerising photographs of her escapades.

Do check out her blog where she shares her thrilling experiences from 18 Countries in 380+ travel stories and 100+ videos. This will be enough to inspire you to take a vacation already.

10. Indrani Ghose

Desi at heart, this Indian girl has been blogging for more than ten years, now. In such a long time she has captured the marvellous world and incredible India in her photographs. What makes her pictures different than others are her peculiar portraits which create a perfect visual drama for her readers. You might be surprised to know that this rover was once an engineer in the Indian Air Force.

11. Becki Enright

If you are a curious traveller who not only travels to explore new places but also want to know more about the place’s social, historical, political and cultural background then Borders of Adventure is what you should follow. This British Travel Press award-winning writer has travelled to 67 countries in Europe, Asia, South America and beyond. You’ll find all manner of culture and adventure insights into these destinations while navigating her blog. Now that’s a blogger with a cause.

12. Aditi Mathur Kumar

The first thing you’ll notice about Aditi’s Monologue is the pretty and engaging homepage where she chronicles all her voyages. This Army Wife and a mom is the author of two books and a TEDx Speaker. Aditi Mathur gives out a lot of practical tips, beautifully journal-ed in her stories. The tales of her ventures in the nooks and corners of India and other countries will keep you hooked to her blog and you’ll keep coming for more.

13. Kate McCulley

Want to travel solo but worried about your safety? Follow Adventurous Kate and her stories. This solo female traveller quit her job at the age of 26 and started travelling. She has already travelled 77 countries and all the 7 continents. She talks about travelling safely while flying solo. Her blog has captured a lot of attention for the adventures he has come across. Be her captivating stories or marvellous pictures, McCulley is a true inspiration.

14. Parnashree Devi

My Travel Diary is a narrative of a curious girl and her journey around the world. Her idea of a ‘perfect life’ in her words is- “My curiosity to discover the world around me has only grown. The urge of going to different places, experiencing something new and living a life that I have designed for myself has become an addiction. Getting lost in the map has become my favourite game in life and when I derive simple pleasures from those unexplored corners”.
Her blog will inspire you to pack your bags and travel out of your comfort zones. Don’t believe us? Just give her blog a chance.

15. Swati & Sam

Swati and Sam whip up captivating travel stories in a picturesque way. The couple gives out some serious resourceful details to travel enthusiasts. Whether you are looking for travel hacks of top things to do or Instagramable destinations, The Tales of Travel is your one-stop solution for everything.

16. Niranjan Das

Das is a true blue travel junkie who loves to traversing untrodden roads, learning new languages, trying new cuisines and capturing exotic landscapes. With his interesting stories about various destinations and people, he has made his every journey an interesting encounter. He dreams to visit every country in the world and study vibrant cultures. Brimming with travel tips and dos & don’t’s, Tales of a Nomad, is a highly useful blog to search and discover your favourite travel destination.

17. Kristin Addis

Kristin is another solo female travel who boasts to give her followers an immersive experience is which life-changing for a traveller. She has some interesting tales up her sleeves, packed with thrill and wanderlust. Her blog ‘Be My Travel Muse’ chronicles some of her amazing experiences. You will be amazed by her exciting solo tales which turned out to be the most thrilling ones.

18. Mridula Dwivedi

A Ph.D. from IIT Kanpur, Mridula Dwivedi gave up her academic career and started blogging in 2005. She realised her love for travel and writing when she first writes her blogs about travelling in India in her blog, Travel Tales from India. Her work has been featured on the international platform, like BBC and The Guardian.

Whether you are looking for a quiet getaway or a fun city experience, her blog has you covered. So, do check it out!

19. Abhinav Singh

Singh has travelled more than 200 destinations all around the world. For him travelling has been a personal journey which has helped him grow as a person. His wisdom and deep knowledge about the subject is visible in his work, especially through his lens. He has captured some of the most beautiful pictures of different landscapes and people. His fun-filled solo stories can be found on his blog, A Soul Window, which will definitely catch your attention.

20. Nilabh Ranjan

If travelling for you is about discovering the minutest of details of the places you visit then Travelescape is the blog you must go through. Nilabh Ranjan pens down his travelogues in detailed mannered with some of the most exotic pictures and undiscovered facts. Not just that, his blog one place where you will find wonderful illustrations of different locations helping you a blueprint for your vacation.

21. Teresa Brog

Teresa is an adventurous traveller who likes to discover the less explored places of popular destinations. This London based blogger and photographer left her job in order to scout the world. Since 2016 she has been to 39 countries and ticked off many adventurous off her list, inspiring fellow voyagers. You can follow the blog, Brogan Abroad, to get travel updates.