The internet can prove to have a wealth of information when it comes to planning a trip. However, it can be quite overwhelming to gauge exactly where to dive in and begin planning your trip from. Following bloggers, influencers and vloggers can certainly be a good way to get to know the ins and outs of a country before you arrive.

Bloggers based in Sri Lanka themselves let you in on local secrets, while vlogs and Instagram feeds of fellow travelers give you a preemptive idea about what’s to come on your own adventure. We’ve rounded up the best ones to follow, to help you get the lowdown on Sri Lanka before you go.

1. Alice Luker, Blogger

Writes about: Luxury Guides, Colombo, Jaffna, Galle, Solo Female Travelers

Alice is primarily a fashion and lifestyle blogger. She splits her time between Sri Lanka and the UK. Her blog,, has a section dedicated to handy, in-depth travel guides covering every corner of Sri Lanka, and she’s been writing about the country since 2004.

There are hotel reviews, restaurant write-ups and loads of listicles charting places to visit and things to do in Sri Lanka. Being a fashionista, everything covered by Alice is current, cool and very a la mode, as you would expect.

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2. Christina Plate, Blogger and Fashion Designer

Writes about: Restaurants, Hotels and Cafés from all over Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan fashion designer Christina Plate runs a blog packed with artsy photos of the beautiful places she’s traveled to, across the island and beyond. There are practical reviews of hotels and restaurants, mostly from the luxury end of the spectrum, as well as tips on the hottest places to visit in Sri Lanka. Christina also has a stunning Instagram grid that will leave you salivating, and a Youtube channel too.

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3. Nandaja, Bloggers

Writes about: Female Travelers, Eco Travel, Organised Tours from all over Sri Lanka

Nandaja are Franzisca and Miriam, two women travelling through Sri Lanka and taking their followers along, through their stunning photos and in-depth guides. Each post is very specific and covers things ranging from Eco resorts to tours, and even interviews with locals.

Their blog has all the practical advice you’d need about how to get from one place to another, but it’s the home-spun heart and focus on the local people that lend their posts that extra ethnic flavor. It’s an ideal read for female travelers, traveling to Sri Lanka.

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4. Harith Sankalpa, Photographer

Posts about: Photo Essays, Daily Life in Sri Lanka, Off-beat Tourist Destinations

Follow @harith_sankalpa on Instagram to get incredible shots of Sri Lanka’s landscape, people and wildlife. Harith is a Sri Lankan travel photo-journalist and has one of the best Instagram grids that expose the hidden beauty hovering behind the lesser-known spots of his home country.

His images show daily life in rural Sri Lanka, with dramatic photo portraits of farmers, fishermen and tea pickers. The stunning landscape vistas and candid shots of wildlife boast some of the best attractions from the thick of nature that you’d surely want to put in your bucket list. Studying his artistic angles and compositions might also give you some inspiration for your own Insta stories.

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5. The Canavans, Bloggers

Writes about: Family Travel, Kandy, Ella, Udawalawe, Galle

Anyone planning a family trip to Sri Lanka needs to check out The Canavans. They are a young family with three kids that own an Adventure Travel Family blog writing all about travelling across Asia. After spending an extended period of time in Sri Lanka, there’s a whole section that’s dedicated to navigating the pearl of the Indian Ocean with three young kids.

There are loads of helpful hints and tips about where to stay and what kind of kid-friendly activities Sri Lanka offers. But what sets this blog apart from the rest is that there are brutally honest posts about how hard travelling with kids can be, and how to make it easier. It’s a refreshing look at family travel.

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6. Pasindu Malshan, Blogger

Writes about: Food, Restaurants and Café Reviews, Guides to Touristy cities

Sri Lanka is known as a fab destination for foodies and Pasindu covers every morsel of local cuisine that can be, in his food blog. From elaborate milkshakes spilling out of mason jars to colorful salads packed with local fruits, veg and spices, he balances healthy food options, and totally indulgent feasts. His blog is up-to-date with reviews of restaurants, cafés and street food stalls all across the country.

Follow his recommendations and you’re sure to leave Sri Lanka satiated and happy. He’s also got an Instagram feed @Pasindum93, jammed with mouthwatering photos that are a real feast for the eyes.

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7. Dave Dean, Blogger

Writes about: Budget Travel, Guides to Galle, Colombo, Kandy, Ella, Mirissa and Negombo.

Dave Dean spends his days travelling the globe on a shoestring budget. The Sri Lanka pages of his blog provide a detailed guide on how to enjoy the island without splashing too much cash, but still having an awesome time.

There are hints and tips about wallet-friendly accommodation, cheap but tasty eats and how to get around on a handful of dollars. Each post goes into detail about exactly how much everything costs so you can make a precision budget. It may not be luxury, but it makes travelling to Sri Lanka achievable for anyone on a tight budget.

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8. Martin Solhaugen, Vlogger

Vlogs about: Train Journeys, Hotels, Hiking, Drone Footage

Martin Solhaugen’s series of YouTube guides to Sri Lanka tell you everything you need to know about getting around the country, including shots of the scenic train journey from Kandy to Ella. Get a sneak preview of the sights and sounds of this enthralling country as well as learn tricks to buy tickets and board buses and trains.

Follow his vlog and you’ll know exactly what to expect inside hotel rooms, train cabins and restaurants. The only danger here is you might ruin the surprise of Sri Lanka.

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9. Dan Flying Solo, Blogger

Writes about: Solo Travel, Backpacking, main sights of Sri Lanka

Solo travelers and backpackers can learn all about the best places to make friends on the road from Dan, a solo nomad who spent a lot of time sussing out Sri Lanka for fellow nomads. Head to his Sri Lanka section to get the lowdown on the main sights and cities, the friendliest hostels and guesthouses to stay in and how to get from point A to B by yourself.

Check out his blog posts for everything there is to know about solo travel to Sri Lanka, or download his free e-book guide to access all that useful content offline too.

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