Known more for it’s quaint azure blue beaches with mill grained white sand, Bali has enough to offer for travelers who want to let loose at night. Whether you want to dance senseless all night or relax at a cliff side bar with a cocktail in hand, Bali has something to suit your taste.

Want to know which are the best places to party? Plunge into our compilation of the best things to do in Bali at night.

Kuta: For Wild Party Animals ! 

The wildest party scenes in Bali are undoubtedly played out in Kuta! This is the most lit up place on the tiny island and boasts the best of places for insane nights. From themed parties to just being on the dance floor late into the night, Kuta has it all.

Kuta Nightlife

The main area where the thumping happens is Legion Lane. While there are a lot of clubs there, suitable for club hopping, we have for you the must goto one’s!

1. Sky Garden Rooftop Lounge 

With a brilliant buffet, a Sheesha lounge and free flowing beers, Sky Garden has you sorted for the night. This is the place which has taught the Kuta Party boys how awesome a rooftop party can get.

Skygarden Rooftop lounge

DJ’s are invited from all over the world and music just get’s you going. If you are just looking to shake a leg to some catchy music, then this is THE place.

How to reach: It is on Legian Lane, well connected by road. You can easily catch a taxi to reach this place.

2. BosheVVIP Club, Bali 

Bosche VVIP has emerged as the next big party hotspot on the legion landscape. With its 15 karaoke rooms and live band performances everyday, it has a nice classier feel to the whole party scenes in Kuta.

boshe vvip nightclub

Bosche has it’s own set of in house DJ’s who play the latest in music to make you dance to their tunes !

How to Reach: It is on Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai 89x, Kuta. You can easily catch a taxi to reach the place

3. V and H, Bali

Velvet and Hypnotized is THE place to spend your evening in Bali. You can have a nice laid back dinner on the rooftop, watch the velvety sun melt into the blue Bali waters and then head inside to shake a leg to hypnotizing EDM’s.

VH Bali

The club is known for its glitzy female models turned international DJ’s who will roll out some earth shattering numbers for you.

The laser lit doors to Club Hypnotized open at 10pm, between Wednesday to Sunday

How to Reach: It is at level 3 of Kuta Beach Walk Mall. You can easily catch a taxi to reach here .

Seminyak: For The Voguish Groover ! 

Chic Seminyak is the place , if you are looking for sophisticated party scenes, with hipper, modish crowd.

Seminyak Nightlife

Just 15 minutes away from the Bali party capital of Kuta, Seminyak has it’s own character, with frencha` la mode boutiques and brilliant cafes to chill out at the day time. These places are MUST GO for a rap-tap night in Seminyak.

4. Mirror Bali Lounge and Club 

Themed as a Gothic Cathedral, Mirror Bali just stands apart for it’s amazing interiors. True to it’s name, the mirrors just amplify the laser lighting and the music just keeps you on the toes.

Mirror Club

Being a dapper here requires you to follow a dress code, casual chic for the guys and dress to impress for the ladies. A little on the higher side pocket wise, you need to pre book your spot to get the best of Seminyak’s nightlife.

How to Reach: It is on the main Petitenget route in Seminyak, well connected by taxis.

5. OPIVM (pronounced Opium) 

OPIVM is as lux as it gets in Bali, from valet parking to a personalized butler for your table to cater to all your drink, food and sheesha needs. OPIVM just nails it when it comes to partying with class.


With international DJ’s and artists every other night, OPIVM takes it a notch further. But wait, there is more.

You will find yourself entertained (read seduced) by pole and aerial dancers. Also the VIF (Very important Friends section has many other additional services) Does clubbing get better than this ? Tell us on the app !

How to Reach: Located at Jalan Petitenget 919, Seminyak. It is well connected by road.

6. Mint Club Bali 

This place is for party owls who want to party into the wee hours and make some new friends along the way. The music builds up as the evening matures and reaches a crescendo only when you are ready to drop !

Mint Club Bali

How to Reach:  Located at  Jalan Camplung Tanduk (Dhyana Pura) No. 7, Seminyak. You can hail a taxi for here easily.

Gili Trawangan: For the party Islanders ! 

If you want to be the Robinson Crusoe stuck with the party animals on an island then Gili Trawangan SHOULD be on your list !

Gili Nightlife

Getting there is a bit of an effort. You need to catch a 3 hour ferry from Padang Bai pier to reach Gili, but if partying is on your mind, then we swear its totally worth it.

With no vehicles on the tiny island, you will be reaching your favorite party places in a horse driven cart.

7. Gili Night Parties  

The night is full of bonfires with the brilliant moon the reflecting sea in front and bright music playing to get you started.

Gili Parties

You can head to a sheesha bar or a hostel pool party or a silent disco or just lie on the sand staring at the moon with a beer in hand, soaking in the island air.

8. Jiggy Boat Party 

How about getting a sun tan on a party boat, trying hard to win all the drinking games and just getting sloshed with free shots.

Jiggy Boat Party

What more you ask? How about an afterparty ! Well, thats pretty much a day in Gili for you!

How safe is Bali ? 

Well two of my team-mates(ladies) went to Bali and had the craziest party time ever. However, being safe is also up to you. Drugs (read Marijuana) is available in bigger places like Kuta, and we have a simple solution for it? DON’T DO IT.

Although Prostitution is Illegal in Bali, it is widely prominent. Again a simple solution for it?DON’T DO IT. Rest you are safe.