Bali, in the midst of wide open seas and azure blue skies has become a honeymoon Mecca. Fairly so, because it has so much to offer, right from lush green jungles to shiny blue sea. From long romantic walks to picture perfect backgrounds, Bali has it all. No matter which part of Bali you land up in, it would carry a unique romantic vibe.

So soon-to-be-hitched, check our hand-made guide for the best places to visit in Bali for a memorable honeymoon.


Seminyak is the perfect Instagram worthy place with pastel color walls, chic cafes and a perfect blend of party and relaxation. This is the place where you get the best of both worlds.


Romantic things to do in Seminyak

Get lost in the music of the ocean while dining under twinkling stars at Breeze

A dim-lit setting, a sky blanketed by stars and a table right next to gentle waves. This is the beach dinner you have been day-dreaming of since you met THE ONE.

Samaya Breeze

Their top notch service and lip-smacking cuisine is just the icing on the cake. Do make it early if you want to witness a spectacular sunset.

Lounge about infinity pools while listening to soothing tunes at the Cocoon Beach Club

A divine beach party is a must-do in Bali and this is hands down the best place for it. Spice up your evening with cold bintangs, sun decks, neon lit infinity pools, delicious tapas and soothing tunes. You can even pamper yourself with a luxurious spa treatment in your very own private cabana.

Cocoon Beach Club

So the club can serve as chill out party place or turn into a romantic night – it’s your call.

Catch a fiery sunset from the decks of a luxury cruise liner

Fine Breeze, deep blue sea, a fiery sunset and a nice meal in the middle of the ocean to the tunes of your romantic playlist – nothing spells romance like a sunset cruise in Bali.

Sunset Cruise


Simply put, Ubud is the epitome of nature’s excellence! From lush green stepped rice terraces to breath-taking waterfalls and magical temples, Ubud is the main town in Central Bali. This is the kind of place to fall in love with.


Romantic things to do in Ubud

Swoon over the picture perfect scenery while taking a leisurely dip at the Hanging Gardens

Away from the hustle-bustle of Ubud town is Hanging Garden. Heaven on earth will stop being a cliché when your eyes fall upon symmetrically stepped infinity pools, surrounded by lush green rainforests.

Hanging Gardens Ubud

To top it all, a swing swishing right into middle of the valley, could make it to your awesome “follow me around the world” collage.

Sweep your lover off their feet with the most romantic dinner in Bali

Close your eyes and imagine a dinner of your fantasy. Wasn’t it right by the river, with only the sound of the rippling brook for company? Wasn’t it in the dim light of let’s say a hundred candles? Swept Away makes it all a reality. This is one place which is certain to sweep your better half off their feet.

Swept Away

Make the world go green with a picturesque photo shoot at Lake Batur

What’s a honeymoon without a nice photo shoot? How about we step up the game a bit more and tell you about a photo shoot with an azure blue lake, an active volcano and a mystical temple for a backdrop? Pictures here would monument your love and freeze this magical moment forever.

Lake Batur Photography

Bukit Peninsula

The image that we all have, of a mighty cliff, braving the roaring waves and creating magic in the moment – this is what Bukit Peninsula is all about.

Bukit Peninsula

Stretching till the southern tip of Bali, Bukit peninsula has amazing patches of flour like sand, perfect for a beachy romantic getaway.

Romantic things to do in Bukit Peninsula

Watch a beautiful sunset from the magnificent Uluwatu Temple

Hugging the cliffs 200 feet above the crashing ocean, this magnificent Temple is the best place to catch a magical sunset.

Uluwatu Temple

While you are here, don’t forget to get a dose of Balinese culture with the awe-inspiring Kecak Dance performance. It’s said that these dancers get into such a deep trance that they can kick hot charcoal without getting burnt.

Dine in mystic hidden caves facing the beach

Set amidst stout cliffs, hidden limestone caves facing the beach make for a mystical romantic setting. It’s made special by a four course candle light dinner with roses and champagne by your side.

Cave Dining

Dine while listening to the lapping waves as a friendly butler hands out tasty dishes with cheesy names like “Truly, Madly, Deeply” and “Bouquet of Joy”. You can end the night by gazing at the twinkling stars or enjoying a quiet stroll along the beach.

Snuggle into the cozy embrace of your dreamy Infinity Pool Villa

Bukit’s jaw dropping villas and resorts are ideal for a romantic getaway. Dreamy infinity pools falling off cliffs are a common feature in these resorts. The views of the sapphire sea while enjoying a leisurely dip on a sunny day will be etched in your memories.

Infinity Pool villas

Gili Islands

Located a short ferry ride from Bali, this archipelago of three islands is straight out of a fairy tale, with each having a character of its own. With no motorized vehicles on the islands, the main mode of transport is horse carts, cycles and ferries.

Gili Islands

Romantic things to do in Gili Islands

Watch the sun sink into the waters with your loved one at Ombok Swings

Quaint orange sunset, sapphire blue sea, a hammock and a swing set amidst the untouched waters, gives in to a dreamy sunset. Ombok swings, set to the west of Gili Trawangan island, is just a stroll away from Casa Vintage Cafe.

Ombok Swings

Adopt a Turtle Family in Gili Meno

Gili is famous for its virgin sea life. Gili Meno, the middle island has a turtle sanctuary, where you can adopt a turtle family. Take responsibility for a tiny unhatched egg, watch it crack and witness an adorable turtle come to life. You can also snorkel with the turtles in the sterling Gili waters!

Turtle Adoption

Watch a movie under the open sky with waves kissing your feet

This is the ultimate romantic movie watching experience ever. Gushing sound of the calm sea, sweet salty sea breeze, a cozy bean-bag and the company of your loved one, with a nice movie playing by the side. Can it get any better?

Gili Meno Movie

Nusa Penida

Nusa Penida is the largest of the three Nusa Island and despite that, it is Bali’s well-kept secret. It has the some of the most extraordinary natural wonders you can lay your eyes on. No wonder Bali is called the land of gods.

Nusa Islands

Romantic things to do in Nusa Penida

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Enjoy some tranquil moments at the Kelingking Beach View Point

We call it the T-Rex point, as the contours of the beach resemble the head of the menacing T-Rex. You ask, what’s romantic in that?

Kelingking Beach Viewpoint

A view of the turquoise blue sea, the wind in your face, tranquility and just the two of you. Photos from here will adorn your Facebook wall, telling the world about the heavenly honeymoon you had.

And if you stare at the waters long enough, you can actually spot Manta Rays gliding in the crystal clear waters.

Go for an intimate picnic at the scenic Teletubbies Hill

How about a quintessential romantic picnic, with the utmost privacy, right in the middle of the beautiful meadow? Just lie on your back and watch the sky change colours with your loved one.

Teletubbies Hill

Sunbathe in the talc soft sands of the most romantic beach in Bali

No post about Bali would be complete without the mentioning beaches and we are here to introduce you to the most rosy and private one of all – Atuh Beach

Atuh Beach

The sands are soft and milky white, the sea is blue and calm. You can sun bathe it’s in talc soft sands or skinny dip in its clear waters. Or just lie on the beach and watch the sun sink into the ocean. Just spending a day on the beach in Bali is a day well spent.

Bali’s magical vibe draws love birds from all over the world and it does the perfect job of acting as cupid, making them fall in love all over again.

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