Street shopping in Thailand is nothing short of an extravaganza and what better place to experience this than the night markets of Pattaya. These lines of bustling stalls are where you go for exotic Thai cuisine and cheap finds.

But more than anything, it’s the lively atmosphere, the riot of colors and the overwhelming aroma of lip-smacking food that draws you in. So spare an evening and check out these amazing night markets in Pattaya.

1. Thepprasit Road Night Market

Thepprasit Road Night Market is the most popular night market in Pattaya. Also called the Pattaya Weekend Market, it has a huge line of stalls where you can find anything from first copy watches and dodgy Chinese electronics to fake designer clothes and dubious footwear.

Thepprasit Road Night Market

You will even find illegal weapons such as daggers, knives, etc. and pet animals for sale.The highlight though is the lip smacking street food.

There are around 80 stalls here selling noodles, barbecued meats, spicy salads, salted fish and other Asian delicacies. So just drop your shopping bags and starting munching!!

How to get there: It is located at the Sukhumvit Road end of Thepprasit Road, adjacent to the Outlet Shopping Mall. You can take a tuk-tuk to reach the market.
Opening hours: It is open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 17:00 hours to 23:00 hours

2. Jomtien Beach Night Market

The loud music and lively ambience of Jomtien Beach Night Market attracts mainly younger crowds. Its a relatively small market by Thai standards, with just five rows of stalls, selling food and drinks. There are also quite a few pop-up bars where you can buy cheap beers and cocktails.

Jomtien Beach Night Market

Its close proximity to a beach means there are many stalls selling beach wears. If you don’t intend to shop, just stroll by the market and pamper your taste buds by gorging on a variety of seafood.

How to get there: The market runs parallel to the Jomtien Beach. Hire a tuk-tuk to reach the market.
Opening hours:  It is open every day from 17:00 hours to 22:30 hours.

3. Pattaya Night Bazaar

Pattaya Night Bazaar is the only enclosed and air-conditioned night market in Pattaya, promising much needed respite from the scorching summer heat.

Pattaya Night Bazaar

Most of the shops here sell  apparel, footwear, accessories, and souvenirs. There is also a good concentration of tailor shops where you can get customized clothes.

There are very few food stalls inside the market, but once you are out, you can find tonnes of them around the market. The steamed broccoli with the secret sauce is a must try.

How to get there: It is nestled at Pattaya Second Road, close to Hilton Pattaya. Tuk- Tuk is the best mode of transport to reach the market.
Opening hours: It is open every day from 08:00 hours to 23:00 hours.

4. Pratumnak Night Market

Pratamnak Night Market is one of the best night markets in Pattaya. Although the prices are on the higher side, its location makes it quite popular among tourists.

Pratumnak Night Market

The market is also known as Russian Night Market because of the wide range of Russian delicacies available here.

Indulge yourself in mouth-watering fresh fruits and shakes (made with special ingredients). If nothing else, just go there for utterly delicious food starting from Dragonfruit to Russian cuisine.

How to get there: It is located at Pratamnak Alley, between Pattaya Park and Wat Phra Yai. You can take a tuk-tuk or a bus to reach the market.
Opening hours: It is open every day from 19:00 hours to 23:00 hours.

5. Pattaya Floating Market

Pattaya Floating Market is not exactly a night market, but since it is open till 11.00 in the night, it can make it to this list. Whether you want to sample scrumptious Thai food or buy some souvenirs for your friends and family back home, Pattaya Floating Market will not disappoint you.

Floating Market

The market houses over a hundred shops selling authentic Thai food from across the country, including Kanom Jean, Ka Nom Krok, Thong Yip, and Pad Thai. Exquisite handicrafts and handmade postcards also form a major draw in the market.

The highlight though are the cultural performances, which you can attend at absolutely no cost. The best way to explore this cultural hotspot is to hire a man-powered boat and ride along.

How to get there: It is located at Sukhumvit Road. Hire a tuk-tuk to reach the market.
Opening hours: It is open every day from 10:00 hours to 23:00 hours.