In Short:

Bangla Road is the liveliest street in Phuket, making it one of the most ideal (or sometimes the only) places for a night out. It is the heart of Phuket’s nightlife that can turn into a sordid experience too, if you are not up for some rowdy crowd and chaotic environment.

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Best For: Nightlife, Street Performances, Food, Shopping
Why Avoid? Close proximity to the red light area and some sleazy nightclubs
Timing: All day (Clubs are open till approximately 3 a.m. – 4 a.m.)
Top Attractions: New Tiger Disco, Seduction Nightclub, White Room Nightclub

What’s So Awesome About It

Bangla road comes alive after the sun goes down and the road is shut off to vehicles, becoming a 400-meter long festival of loud music, neon lights, and free flowing alcohol. With numerous open fronted restaurants and bars, the street is thumping with a mishmash of musical notes from the establishments around, mingling with the calls of various vendors trying to get patrons’ attentions. Bangla Street breaks into many side streets with many unique attractions of their own.

With numerous restaurants and nightclubs, Bangla road and its surrounding area is the perfect place to start out the evening, watching street performances and experimenting with some amazing food options, and ending the outing by dancing away into the night!

Some of the must visit places in Bangla street are:

  • New Tiger Disco – With its imposing structure that covers over 3 floors, and displays concrete tigers overlooking the street – the Tiger Disco is hard to miss. The ground floor has a beer bar, while the top floor is home to a nightclub.
  • Seduction Nightclub – This is the largest nightclub in Patong and has five different areas. So, no matter what your musical preference is, you are bound to find something to bust out those moves.
  • White Room Nightclub – One of the classiest and most sophisticated places in Patong, the White Room has been an establishment on Bangla street since years!

What’s The Catch

Bangla Road can get quite noisy and crowded. It should be avoided with kids as most of the bars are not suited for them. There will be lots of people vying to get your attention or requesting you to buy them a drink, which can get overwhelming. The drinks can be on the more expensive side. This street is best for people who like to party or are looking to get a drink and are happy to do so in a relatively chaotic environment.

Pro Tip

Do not carry valuables, and carry limited cash as the area is a favourite of pickpockets. If you are not interested in watching a ping pong show, a firm no and walking away is enough of a deterrent.

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