In Short

Ao Nang Center Point is a modern day three-storey entertainment complex situated in the heart of Krabi’s popular resort town – Ao Nang. It is a great option for an evening or night out and provides ample possibilities to claim the night. Come here to grab a bite, shop for souvenirs or to simply let loose and party the night away!

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Best For: Nightlife, shopping, live music
Timing: 6 p.m. – 12 a.m.

What’s So Awesome About It

A bustling entertainment venue, Ao Nang Center point has plenty for everyone to do. The ground floor houses an open-air plaza with a range of restaurants, bars and pubs to choose from. Pick between Turkish, Mexican, Thai or American delights or enjoy a Middle-Eastern spread at Cairo Nights- a popular food cum shisha bar at the center. Those willing to grab a drink can head to the popular Smile Bar or Chang Bar or make their way to the live bars perched on the terrace-top.

Spiral up towards the second and third floors and find Krabi’s infamous go-go bars where skimpily clad female, transgendered and transvestite performers wait to enthrall you, gyrating to the tune of the night. Another major attraction here is the Blue Dragon Cabaret – a colorful ladyboy cabaret show that showcases upto thrice every night during peak seasons. The Center also accommodates a tattoo place by the name of Cool Point Tattoo Club for those interested in getting inked.

What’s The Catch

Ao Nang Center Point is primarily a nightlife complex and is not suitable for kids. It can get noisy and crowded at night and is not ideal for families or those looking for a quiet, peaceful time. Ladyboys or women here can get too insistent and its best to stay wary of them while here. The complex is also pretty well acknowledged for its seedy make and its reputation for being the go-to garage amongst tourists and locals seeking intimate business.

How To Get There

It is located at the Ao Nang Beach Road and can easily be spotted by its flashy entrances. Alternatively, ask for Burger King at Central Beach Road or take help from the several women handing out flyers to get here.

Pro Tip

While the place can easily be reached by bike, get here by tuk-tuk to dodge parking hassles at night. Avoid coming here with family or kids and steer clear of scams such as overcharging or being lured into drinking by ladyboys and women.