Traveling is always great. Nah scratch that out, the process of getting from point A to Point B can be difficult and crappy sometimes. Annoying people, misplaced luggage and so on, the list is endless. These unexpected situations can turn your rainbow dream into a nightmare.

Here are some of the things that top our list:

1. Crying babies

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Babies are a gift from God. think again!. They sure are sent by God but not so much as a gift, rather a test of your patience and endurance. A restless baby crying can make even the sanest of us lose our minds. If you think that’s bad, it gets worse when the crying gets loud and shrieking, and noise trapped with you inside a confined space with no place for you to run. So hell yes, a crying baby on an airplane is the top one on this list, because let’s face it, we all wish babies came with an airplane mode.

2. No wifi at the airport

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So you’re at the airport 3 hours early and you start the process of connecting your laptop to the airport wifi. You put in your details and the OTP is sent your phone. You’re just a minute away from the entertainment that is going to help you survive the next few hours. And suddenly an exclamation mark appears on the wifi icon. What does that even mean, am I supposed to be happy because you added the exclamation mark. Apparently, it means that the internet is down and so is your peace of mind. Yes, this is how I die… of boredom.

3. Smelly feet in dorms and flights

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This will work up your gag reflexes and you’ll start hoping that somehow you’d lose your sense of smell. No matter how much perfume you spray around you, the demonic stink will JUST NOT GO AWAY! I mean come-on, how can you not smell the stink of your own foot or shoes.

A moment of silence for all the nose hair that were burnt during this awful tragedy!

4. People having sex in dorms

Uhh, Uhh, Uhh. No, I’m not making dirty sounds, I’m just thinking aloud on how to start describing this situation. This is the most awkward thing that can happen to you when you stay at a hostel. Imagine if you can, the person sleeping in the same bunk bed as you ‘gets it on, and it’s hard to tell, whether you’re turned on or just blatantly embarrassed. Trust me when I say this, pretending like you cannot hear them doesn’t work, and the worst thing that can happen to you at this moment is eye contact. Awkward eye contact…  very awkward.

5. The Selfie Idiot

Have you ever encountered the Selfish kind? you read that right, they are the ones who are addicted to Selfies. If you’re on a vacation with a group of people, there will be this one person who stops every other minute to take a selfie. And it’s more annoying when they want it with you. Resisting the urge to smack that person with their selfie stick requires God Level Skill!, if you have those, you have my respect.

6. The Headphones Catastrophe

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We all have something with us that saves us from boredom when traveling alone, well for me and the most of us, it’s our headphone. It’s my umbrella to a rainy day, a candle in the night. Imagine being stuck in an airplane with a crying baby, or someone having sex in the same bed space as you, or not having Wifi at the airport and the only thing to rely on is your headphone. So you open your bag to reach for it and all hell breaks loose when you discover that you have forgotten them at home! You are drenched in chaos and darkness. Either karma is out to get you for some evil deed you’ve done or you’re just shit out of luck.

So hey these were some of the things we have experienced during our travel, if you have something more interesting or different, don’t forget to share your experience with us on Facebook.