Every party lover looks forward to getting the most  out of Thailand’s nightlife scene. If you are someone who’s been on the hunt for the best of them all, you would have heard of the famed Full Moon Party of Koh Phangan. A trip to Thailand, especially for friends or  bachelors, would be incomplete if you missed out on this grand party. If you’ve still got second thoughts about going there, check out these nine cool reasons to attend Koh Phangan’s Full Moon Party and put it on your itinerary right away.


1. A party with a world-famous reputation


The Full Moon Party in  Koh Phangan has a reputation for being a one-of-its-kind hardcore party, and with good  reason. This dazzling event draws party lovers from all across the world who get together for a night of revelry under the moon. For anyone who dreams of attending the world’s most happening parties, the Full Moon Party is  a mandatory part of the list, and its time you check this off. This bash is so popular it even made its way into popular culture via TV shows and blockbuster movies like The Beach.


2. It is on the beach!


 A party of this scale  calls for the perfect setting, and what better place to party than the beach! The cool night breeze coming in off the sea, and soft, cold white sand, along with the moonlight beaming down from above, lends  a magical touch to the party. It sets the right mood and tone for the fun to get started, which only gets better as the night goes on. The Haad Rin beach, where all the action takes place, is thronged by partyers and people dance till the wee hours of the morning. The spectacular sunrise on the beach, after the splendid night, is the icing on the cake, as the first rays of the sun bring this grand celebration to a fabulous end.


3. Hippie, wild crowd


The party started off with travellers hanging out by the beach, sipping on their beers and jamming at sunset way back in the 1980s. From that point on, the beach ritual of hanging out turned into a full-fledged blast of a party with anywhere between ten to thirty-thousand people from all corners of the globe gathering for the Full Moon Party . Most people here are in their twenties, but you’re just as likely to run into a fun-loving, hippie crowd, cutting across all ages, letting their hair down and celebrating life. A crowd like this guarantees a lively  time, so don’t be surprised if you get swept up in the vibe and find your funkier side getting unleashed too.


4. Drink by the bucket


Alcohol is sold here by the bucket – literally! You will find small plastic buckets with a combination of soda or coke, and your preferred form of alcohol along with a set of straws. Be warned though, this stuff is strong, tempting and dirt cheap,  which means it could get you wasted sooner than you would wish. So take it easy and nurse your drink through the night, or get a bucket and share it with your friends gradually. As always, Ithaka urges you to drink responsibly.


5. The electrifying atmosphere


The Full Moon Party is known to be grand and glorious each time it happens. The secret to this  is the electrifying atmosphere, which one can never get enough of. No surprise then, that people want the night to never end. The vibe here is high-spirited and everything – from the location, the crowd, the music to the drinks  – combine to create magic. The result is a charged atmosphere that gets the gathered partygoers to loosen up and and dance without a care till sun up. With every passing hour, you can feel the collective euphoria and pulsating energy  sweeping through you, making it a night to remember.


6. Fire Shows and Fun


The Full Moon Party is plenty of a fun but keep an eye out  for the fire amusement going on at the sidelines. You will come across fire dancers and professionals entertaining the crowds with insane fire tricks. A few brave travellers, fueled by liquid courage, are seen jumping ropes of fire, going through fire rings, even sliding down fire slides. The fireworks have become a hallmark of the party over the years and are quite an entertaining spectacle. These fiery acts, like spinning fire poles and playing with fireballs give it a wild edge that you have to experience for yourself. From a distance. Such an atmosphere could seduce you into a momentary lapse of reason but please keep your wits about you and stay safe. Make sure you exercise caution and do not participate or you could end up with burns.

7. Trippy music

It’s a massive party, and any great bash has great music. The Full Moon Party delivers on this front, and how! The music reverberates down Haad Rin Beach, blaring from every club along the shore. You’d have to be impossibly dour to not be moved by the music. Every few feet, you have a different bar playing a different track,. The beach is alive with the sounds of reggae, EDM, trance, psychedelic and progressive music. Elsewshere on the beach, a  tireless DJ is belting out underground favourites to a crowd swaying as one, a mass of humanity in the throes of youthful bliss.


8. Neon magic


How do we  make the party more funky? With neon body paint and headbands, that’s how. You will find people covered with interesting art painted over their skin in  neon colours. Fancy a turn at this? You can get it done for a couple of bucks by tattoo artists and bars near the beach who will be more than happy to do it for you. Covering yourself with glow-in-the-dark paint is almost like a ritual at the Full Moon Party, and it’s something you shouldn’t miss out on if you truly want to feel like a part of  the full-blown experience. YOLO, right? So unleash your creativity and bring on your quirky.


9. Strangers to friends

The coming together of so many people from different parts of the world not only makes this party an interesting one but also gives you the chance to connect  with strangers and make new friends. People are open, friendly, and willing to help. You’ll always find cool groups you can hang out with, to make your circle bigger and better. You can get acquainted with travellers from far and wide as you dance with them and let the night unfold with the music. People here are united by their love for partying and strangers bonding over a fun night like they’ve known each other for years is something that makes the Full Moon Party all the more memorable. Here’s to the best party of your life so far!