Koh Samui is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Thailand. It is home to over 40 beaches, bays, and inlets, each ideal for a quick getaway. From dancing at moon parties to basking in isolation the tropical paradise offers a stretch of sand for everyone’s tastes. May it be the bustling Chaweng or the lesser known Choeng Mon, the island with its white sand beaches and stunning vistas certainly spoils one for choice. Find below a list of the top 12 beaches in Koh Samui specially curated for you:

1. Chaweng Beach (Most Popular)

An integral part of Koh Samui’s growing tourism, Chaweng is the busiest and the most popular beach on the island. A five-kilometer-long stretch of powdery white sand, it welcomes you with buzzing bars and restaurants and a beeline of visitors. Despite its overwhelming tourist footfall, Chaweng is surprisingly clean with waters ideal for swimming. A party paradise of sorts, it is also home to some of the best clubs in Koh Samui including the famous Ark Bar Beach Club.

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Why you should go there: It offers a buzzing nightlife and party scene.
Where’s the catch: It can get very crowded in peak seasons.

2. Silver Beach (Highly Recommended)

Located on the east side of the island, Silver Beach is a little piece of heaven. It is mainly occupied by four hotels and restaurants: Crystal Bay Beach Resort, Silver Beach Resort, Thongtakian Resort, and Crystal Bay Yacht Club and can be a little hard to get at. However, the open-for-all beach offers a tranquil setting and is ideal for swimming, sun-bathing, and snorkeling. Also known as Haad Thong Ta-khian, Silver beach is famed for its clear waters with tiny fishes often seen circling around its shores.

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Why you should go there: It offers several private sandy areas and is ideal for relaxation.
How to get there: It is a short drive (10 minutes) from Chaweng Beach and can easily be reached by a rented scooter.

3. Choeng Mon Beach (Lesser-known)

If you enjoy fewer crowds with ample avenues to laze around, Choeng Mon Beach is the perfect pick for you. Situated on the northeastern stretch of Koh Samui, Choeng Mon is the island’s best-kept secret. It offers white sands and pristine waters and is ideal for couples or families looking to get away from the maddening crowds of Chaweng. The beach is comparatively less windy and is good for children. Come here to soak in some sun and enjoy a quiet time.

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Why should you go there: It is one of the secluded beaches in Koh Samui and is ideal for those seeking privacy.
What to do there: Sun-bathe or get a relaxing massage.

4. Maenam Beach

A backpacker’s favorite, Maenam is another well-known beach in Koh Samui. It offers breathtaking views of Koh Phangan and is extremely peaceful. The beach boasts of thick yellowish sand with long deserted stretches and is perfect for those seeking a live atmosphere minus the hustle of heavy crowds. Accommodation is easily available here -ranging from luxurious resorts to budget-friendly beach huts.

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Why you should go there: It offers excellent views of Koh Phangan and is also known for Kitesurfing.

5. Lamai Beach

A true replica of Chaweng, Lamai is the second most popular beach town on the island. It offers long stretches of water and various avenues for swimming and water sports. The beach is land-marked by large granite boulder rocks and is also home to the famous Hin Ta and Hin Yai, located at the southernmost of the lagoon. Although quieter and less bustling compared to Chaweng, Lamai is lined with several well-known restaurants, bars, and clubs and is growing in popularity with every passing day.

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What not to miss here: Hin Ta & Hin Yei, also known as Grandpa and Grandma rocks.

6. Lipa Noi Beach (Kid-Friendly)

If you are headed to Koh Samui with your kids, visiting Lipa Noi might be your best bet. The serene beach is located towards the south of the coastline and is devoid of any rocks or coral. It offers waters as shallow as 100 meters, making it ideal for kids. Lipa Noi’s proximity to the island’s main car ferry pier also makes it a convenient pit-stop for tourists.

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Why you should go there: It is a kid-friendly beach and is also known for its sunsets.

7. Coral Cove Beach

Coral Cove Beach is probably the most underestimated beaches in Koh Samui. It is located between Chaweng and Lamai and is a treat for the eyes. While the beach is not frequented by many tourists, it offers a stunning day’s getaway for families. Accommodation here is spare and mainly limited to few bungalows and cottages at the beach-side. The island is ideal for swimming, snorkeling, and Scuba Diving.

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Why you should go there: It is a good pick for Snorkeling and Scuba Diving.
How to get there: It is located ten minutes away from Chaweng and Lamai and can easily be spotted with the help of locals.

8. Bophut Beach

Spanning three-kilometer long, Bophut Beach is located on the northern side of the island. It features thick yellowish sand and is known to offer a little something for everyone. The beach is lined by several resorts and is a popular choice for adventure activities such as jet skiing and flyboarding. It is located next to the infamous Fisherman’s village and night markets and is an ideal destination to unwind after shopping.

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What to do there: Pick up souvenirs at the Fisherman’s village or enjoy a delicious meal at the hipster cafes here.

9. Taling Ngam Beach (Off-beat)

Surrounded by lush jungles, Taling Ngam is by far the most scenic beach in Koh Samui. It overlooks the iconic Angthong Marine National Park and offers stunning vistas of the ocean. The island is located on the western side and is ideal for catching the sunset. A secluded lagoon, Taling Ngam is home to several cheap accommodations and is slowly gaining traction among backpackers.

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Where’s the catch: It is located 30 minutes away from the city center.