No place in Thailand screams wild nights as much as Pattaya, to the extent that it’s almost world famous. It’s impossible to talk about Pattaya without visualising its streets filled with neon-lit bars, discos, clubs, go-go bars and massage parlours. Those who want a break from parties for a night can also find interesting experiences to keep them entertained.

If you are looking for some interesting things to do in Pattaya at night, look no further. We have cherry-picked the best one’s for you:

1. Party at Walking Street – the wildest street in all of Asia

Walking Street

Your one stop party shop in Pattaya, Walking Street is a sensory overload which will baffle you with the variety of entertainment it can provide.  Not to mention, it has a level of madness which is almost unparalleled.  A full km of this road is lined with pubs, go-go bars, open-air café’s, strip clubs and restaurants. You can even watch Muay Thai matches or queer ping pong shows, if you have the appetite for it. There is so much to see and do here that even if you spend every night on walking street, you’ll still find something cool to do. While you’re here, don’t forget to check out Insomnia and Pier, the party hotspots on Walking Street.

2. Get wet and wild at the raging foam parties at Hard Rock Café

Foam Party

Located on the beach road with a giant guitar stretching out over the restaurant, it’s hard to miss this place. But the reason why you should make it to this place is for its epic foam parties. Every Saturday, its massive pool is pumped with foam where beefed up guys and bikini clad girls party all night. Sounds exciting? The party also has an amazing sound system, cool lighting, cabana dancers and loads of games.

Cost: USD 12 / INR 760 (Includes 1 drink)

3. Be entertained by ladyboys at the legendary Alcazar Cabaret Show

Alcazar Cabaret Show

Enter the world of glamour and over-the-top drama at the legendary Alcazar cabaret show, one of the most popular cabaret shows in Thailand. It’s an impressive show where you will be entertained by bewitching ladyboys – Thailand’s much respected third gender. Watch them amuse you with music, dance and parodies of celebrities from different eras. The 70 minute show packs close to 20 individual themed performances with the glitzy lighting and hi-tech sound system adding a serious punch to the show. Don’t forget to pose with the ladyboys in extravagant costumes after the show.

Cost: USD 13 / INR 850

4. Dine in the skies overlooking the Pattaya Bay at the Horizon Rooftop Bar

Horizon Rooftop Bar

If you want to be away from the raucous parties for a night, you can find that calm and solitude on the 34th floor of the Hilton at the Horizon Rooftop bar. It’s the ideal place for a romantic dinner with your special someone.  It’s the most sophisticated place in all of Pattaya with an unadulterated view of Pattaya Bay. The ambience is laid back with dimmed neon blue lights and large sofas where you can just kick back with a drink and soak in the views. Come here early to witness a spectacular sunset.

Cost:  Cocktails range from USD 8 – USD 48 (INR 540 to INR 3100)

5. Watch an Intense Muay Thai match at the Pattaya Boxing World Stadium

Pattaya Boxing Stadium

Muay Thai is an intense martial art and the most popular sport in all of Thailand. You can witness this exciting sport at the Pattaya Boxing world stadium. Watch professional fighters go all out and exchange a flurry of punches and kicks strong enough to break a human bone. With a glamorous ambience and stylish décor, watching a fight here will give you the feel of a major boxing title bout. On Thursdays and Saturdays to Tuesdays, the stadium hosts various cultural shows and exhibition fights, though they are nowhere as thrilling as the actual fights.

Cost: Starts at USD 31 / INR 2000/

6. Hit out any of the beer bars on Soi Buakhao – they are all chilled out anyway!

Soi BuaKhao

Widely touted as the next Walking Street, Soi Buakhao is a great place to party. It has all the elements of Walking Street minus the craziness. It doesn’t have high energy night clubs, but has loads of beer bars and restaurants. The bars have a relaxed vibe and are ideal to just chill with a drink. At LK Metro, a small square off Soi Buakhao, you will find many Gogo bars similar to the ones found on Walking street. Another reason why you should visit this place is for its cheap drinks

Cost: Beers start at USD 2 / INR 100

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7. Relax at any bar with cheap liquor and listen to some music at Beach road Soi 7

Beach Road Soi 7

Beach Road Soi 7 which lies between Pattaya beach road and Second road is famous for its small pink-neon-lit beer bars. Most bars here are open air bars with a casual feel and drinks cheaper than Walking Street. No wonder then that this place is quite popular among budget travelers and young expats. So if you are looking for a relaxed place to drink while listening to some music, then make sure you head to this place.

Cost: Beers are in the range of USD 2 – USD 3 /  INR 100 – 120

8. Do some street shopping and gorge on delicious street food at the Thepprasit night market

Thepprasit Night Market

Thepprasit weekend night market is Pattaya’s best shopping experience with its bustling stalls attracting thousands of tourists and locals alike. The market is lively with loud music, pop up cocktail bars and street performers entertaining the shoppers. The stalls here sell everything from  fake designer watches, copied DVD’s, original and fake clothing, T-shirts and summer ware, handbags to cosmetics. There are some retailers offering things such as car parts, home-wares and even pets. If you don’t love shopping, then visit the market just for the lip-smacking street food. There are around 80 stalls here selling noodles, barbecued meats, spicy salads, salted fish and other Asian delicacies.

9. Recreate the famous beach parties of Ibiza at the Planet Earth Beach Club

Planet Earth Beach Club

If you want to experience the world famous beach parties of Ibiza in Pattaya, Planet Earth Beach Club is your best bet.  International DJ’s play great music while you dance with a young fun loving crowd. They have a pool, huge sun loungers and great deals on drinks. And Jomtien beach is just a stone’s throw away, so the party can shift to the beach anytime you want. A day at the club starts in the morning and doesn’t end until the next morning.

Cost: Entrance fee costs USD 6 / INR 400