Looking for an affair with the turquoise waters of Krabi? Well, you are in for a thrilling ride. From high voltage action on the surface to mind-blowing underwater adventures, Krabi will have you hooked. So adventurers and water babies alike, check out 7 of the most amazing watersports in Krabi for an adrenaline pumping trip.

1. Scuba Diving

Krabi is surrounded by coral reefs and limestone towers, making it a divers playground. Plunge to its depths to experience its unique seascapes.

scuba diving krabi

Even if you have never dived before, take an introductory diving course and with some basic training, you will be ready to jump into the captivating underwater world.

The shallow waters see frequent reef fishes and the deeper waters will introduce you to colorful clown fishes (read Nemo). And the views are just other-worldly.

Where: Ao Nang Bay and Ko Ha Yai Caverns
Cost: Prices start from 82 USD/5326 INR for 2 dives

2. Snorkeling

Snorkeling is just like scuba diving, minus the equipment. With just a mask and a pair of flippers, you can dive into shallow waters and encounter the dazzling marine life.


The beautiful corals, the crystal clear water and the exotic sea life is so alluring, you might never want to come back to the surface again!

Don’t forget your wetsuits as the water can be chilling as you swim deeper.

Note: Knowing basic level of swimming is always helpful in snorkeling.

Where: Koh Lanta and Koh Rok
Cost: 78 USD/ 5060 INR for a 3 stop snorkeling

3. Windsurfing

Confused whether to sail or surf? Windsurfing gives you the best of both worlds. Nothing is as refreshing as zooming on the crystal-clear surface as a cool breeze hits you.


Thailand is a popular windsurfing destination in Asia and Krabi appears to be ideal for the sport – courtesy its picturesque views, perfect wind-conditions and gentle waves.

This sport requires proper training as it utilizes both the force of wind and the buoyancy of water for the board’s movement. It also needs you to maintain a very good balance. But don’t worry if you are not a pro at this. A couple of sessions and you will be ready to get on the board.

The ideal time for windsurfing is between November to April as the wind-conditions play an important role in this sport.

Where: Lanta Islands are an ideal place being devoid of obstacles like banana boats or jet skis.
Cost: Windsurfing can be learned by spending somewhere around 120 USD/ 7846 INR.

4. Sea Kayaking and Canoeing

The most enticing way of getting a sneak peek at Thailand’s raw natural beauty is kayaking and canoeing. Its more of a mellow sport which welcomes all alike, young or old.


So sweep your way through dense mangroves, hidden sea caves, spectacular lagoons and the famed limestone cliffs. Or you could just leisurely paddle along the coastline. Whatever you pick, a lifetime’s experience is what you’ll take away from this adventure.

You can do either guided tours or rent a kayak/canoe and explore yourself.

Where: Koh Panek and the James Bond Island in Phang Nga Bay
Cost: Prices start from 24 USD/1569 INR for half a day of Kayaking or Canoeing.

5. White Water Rafting

If you love high speed rapids and don’t mind swimming in them, safely of course, then rafting on the Songpraek river will give you ultimate thrills.


The river has rapids of all difficulty levels, and irrespective of what you choose, exciting plunges and heart stopping drops are guaranteed.The rush of paddling through the frothing and foaming waters of the wild river as you try to stay afloat is just unparalleled.

Where: On the Songpraek river, 1 hour drive from Ao Nang
Cost: A 5 kilometer stretch of river rafting costs about INR 2260/ USD 35 per person.

6. Kite Surfing

Like an adventure that challenges you? Into extreme water sports? Then Kitesurfing is just perfect for you. And it makes for one hell of a sight. Imagine jumping up to 50 feet in the air or floating in the air for 10 seconds (when the conditions are right). Sounds incredible right?


All it needs is the right gear, a good breeze and the spirit of adventure. The sport involves holding onto a steerable kite and using giant waves as a ramp to jump high in the air. Professionals can even do gravity defying stunts mid-air.

Its not as intimidating as it sounds though. It can be learned easily in a 3 day course. So push your boundaries and challenge yourself with this incredible sport.

Where: Ao Nang beach
Cost: One hour of kite surfing can cost you about 34 USD/ 2159 INR.

7. Wakeboarding

Wakeboarding is one of the fastest growing water sports in Thailand . All you do is mount a board, clutch a cable connected to the speedboat and zoom through the rising jets of water, as the boat moves at insane speeds – a stunning combination of fun, speed and thrill.


Where: A relatively new sport in town, Wakeboarding is offered near Ao Nang beaches.
Cost: Wakeboarding can be done for as little as 9 USD/ 588 INR

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