The exotic island of Koh Samui is a paradise for beach bums who plan to spend their days lolling about in the shade of palm trees, gazing at the sapphire blue sea. For the active ones, the island’s jungle clad interior opens the door to a world of hidden waterfalls, charming gardens and adventurous hikes. So pack your sturdy shoes, put on some sunscreen and explore these amazing hikes in Koh Samui.

1. Hin Lad Waterfall

The trail to the waterfall is absolutely stunning, with a riverside path taking you gradually through the lush greenery. If the hike captivates you with its scenic beauty, you will be bowled over by the sight of the river water plunging down the orange hued rocks. Don’t forget to take a dip before heading back.

Hin Lad Waterfall

The hike is merely two hours, with an easy passage that even inexperienced hikers can enjoy. No wonder locals keep turning up to this place for a weekend picnic. Since the waterfall is quite popular, plenty of eating joints have come up nearby.

2. Na Muang waterfall

Na Muang is an awesome twin cascade that shows the bundle of surprise the island has in store for travelers.

Na Muang Waterfall

It has earned the name “purple waterfall” due to the striking shade of purple the rocks emit. Set amidst the lush jungle, it sits right between Nathon and Lamai beach.

You can start from Nathon beach and drive to the entrance road to the falls. From the start, there are numerous trails that you can take to reach the waterfall.

The first of the waterfalls can be reached easily while the second one presents a more challenging path. Try going between September to November to witness the fall in its full glory.

A cool and pleasant alternative to the beach, you can spend the entire day swimming and exploring the beautiful surroundings, a respite from the tropical Thailand heat. Don’t forget to pack your swimming wear and a good pair of hiking shoes.

3. Secret Buddha Garden

Two or three hours of trekking can take you to this splendid garden. The Secret Buddha Garden is rightly named as the magic garden owing to its magnificent sculptures, tall lush rain forest beauty and a picturesque view from the top.

Secret Garden

The trail can be challenging for hikers, with dense forest all around, but its totally worth the effort! Spend your time admiring the statues, the surrounding landscape or follow another trail to reach the golden sleeping Buddha!

The view at sunrise and sunset is mesmerizing, with rays bouncing off the golden statue, creating a shimmering aura all around!

4. Nathon Mountain Ridge Trail

A beautiful valley with coconut trees, a variety of natural flora and a refreshing evergreen forest make this trail amazing and one of the most sought after!

Nathon Mountain Ridge Trail

Start early in the day so that you reach the summit on time to witness a breathtaking sunset. The path gets narrower once you near the top, giving a true jungle experience.

Since its a slightly strenuous trek, carry a bunch of munchies to keep you energetic all throughout. And certainly, don’t forget to  carry your camera, as you will rarely come across such glorious views of the valley.

5. Maenam Viewpoint

Maenam viewpoint is a comparatively easier trek giving a grand view of the island. The path shadows the mountain rim, leading through diverse plantations to give a stunning view of Nathon as well as Samui mountains.

Mae Nam Viewpoint

A popular spot for hikers and photographers, the viewpoint is renowned for a panoramic view of the surrounding turquoise waters. You can even see the grand Buddha from the viewpoint. Another camera-worthy scene is a great view over Bang Por with the shimmering waters in the background.

The trail is rather easy and short but the sand tends to get slippery, so watch your step and always wear a gripping pair of shoes.

6. Emerald Lake Viewpoint

Considered as one of the must do hikes when visiting Thailand, Emerald Lake Viewpoint is a wonderful day trip from Koh Samui. Catch nature in all its glory at this viewpoint encircled by limestone cliffs, a sight sure to leave you gaping in awe.

Emerald Lake Viewpoint

The lake stands in the middle of Ang Thong National Marine Park, a group of 42 scenic islands.The climb can be a bit tiring with a series of stairways leading all the way to the top. But the view of the glistening green lake on one side and a spectacular view of the islands against a sapphire sea on the other side is definitely worth the effort. Shutterbugs will have a hard time leaving this place!

There are tonnes of operators who will arrange a day trip to Ang Thong Park. So if you are in Koh Samui, make this hike a priority.

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