Age is a mature Italian wine, or a serene twilight on a deserted Thai beachside. As we grow, our tastes and experiences grow with us. Instead of satiating us, this thirst to travel grows deeper, the flame shining brighter. And for senior citizens, we believe it’s the brightest.

Read ahead as we have curated a list of destinations that specialise in easing your travel and minimizing the hassles. With this list, you can rest easy and don your senior cap with a smile, as you indulge your deep seated love for travel by going out there and winning the world over.

1. Hong Kong

One of the world’s most popular cities, bustling with life and lights, Hong Kong welcomes seniors with open arms. This destination is an international favourite for a comfortable vacation without having to deal with any inconvenience. Get yourself an Octopus Card when you’re here and it will let you travel with ease and give you concessions on transportation and meals. You can take yourself on a joyful cruise trip, go mall hopping or pamper yourself with a relaxing island retreat. The museums of Hong Kong are especially wonderful to explore and most buildings here have wheelchair access and elevators. Noah’s Ark, a theme park with quiet beaches and Lantau Island are recommended places for a senior-friendly trip to Hong Kong. Similarly, a day tour to the Giant Buddha can also be comfortably done without exhaustion.

Photo by Joshua J. Cotten on Unsplash

2. Taiwan- Taipei

Fascinating culture, plenty to explore, traditions, cuisines, Taiwan has so much to offer. Cities like Taipei are loved for their warmth and senior citizens are sure to have a pleasant stay here. Places like The National Palace Museum, Taipei Confucius Temple and Chiang Kai-Shek Memorial Hall are some of the best attractions for the elderly for the calm and ease they offer.  Taipei is dotted with picturesque shrines like the Bao’an temple which along with the Confucius temple is a part of Dalongdong Cultural District. These historical places are also surrounded by delicious street food stalls that let you get a taste of the local cuisine. Thanks to a well connected metro service and availability of taxis, getting around in Taipei is really easy and makes it a haven for seniors. 

Photo by Juan ignacio Tapia on Unsplash

3. Thailand- Chiang Mai

Thailand is reputed to be a well-established tourist destination with an endless list of places to see and things to do. This holds true for people of all ages including the elderly. Chiang Mai in northern Thailand is one of the best cities to begin with. It has an appealing laid back vibe that will keep you engaged without getting too overwhelming. Take your time to stroll down the many famous markets here like San Kamphaeng Road, Warorot Market and Chang Klan Road’s night market. You will find plenty of places to sit, relax and dine across the streets, giving you ample time to recharge and soak in the street vibe. Taking a boat trip on Chiang Mai’s Mae Ping river is something that cannot be missed when here. The scenery along the river with beautiful rural landscapes, teak houses and green farms makes it a memorable experience.

Chiang Mai’s Mae Ping river


4. Spain- Barcelona & Madrid

A culturally proud yet contemporary and dynamic country- there’s nothing quite like a Spanish vacay. Of all the exotic Spanish cities – Barcelona, the capital, stands out as the most charming with plenty to admire. Barcelona’s pedestrian markets and its flamboyant cosmopolitan life is as enchanting as its numerous churches and architectural marvels. The hop-on-hop-off buses here are fun yet convenient. You can also head to the beach for a day of sunbathing or visit a vineyard and taste exquisite local wine. The Montjuic Park with its botanical garden and the National Palace with its Magical Fountain are must visits in Barcelona. Both cities have plenty of places to sit and can be explored at one’s own pace. The mediterranean climate and healthy cuisine is an added delight for senior citizens looking for a holistic retreat.  

-Image by Kristina Spisakova from Pixabay


So, what are you waiting for? Go plan your dream vacation, retirement trip, second honeymoon or a refreshing retreat in these foregin lands.