With its tropical climate and spotless beaches, Bali makes for the perfect summer vacation spot. And what’s a vacation without a chilled mug of beer, right? Sipping a cold beer while people-watching on a sun lounger with soft music playing in the background is what vacation dreams are made of. And who can resist the lure of a night out with a DJ spinning some rocking tunes while you sip on to your beer?

With its sheer number of beach clubs, restaurants, and bars, Bali is a great place to party. And, much like its culture, food and people, Bali’s beers are unique as well. So set aside that Heineken and Carlsberg – Bali has a number of local beers that you’ll instantly fall in love with. We profile the best ones out there.

1. Bintang

Bali’s best-selling and best-known beer, you’ll find Bintang literally everywhere on the island. This is a pale lager, kind of like Heineken, which is gold in colour. Bintang has a 4.7 percentage of alcohol content, and has a malt and hop flavour. Bali’s answer to Heineken comes in a similarly shaped bottle, with a red star on it. If you’re looking for a low-cal version, you can also go for the Bintang Zero, which has less than 1 per cent alcohol in it.

2. Stark Craft Beer

Touted as the only premium craft beer produced in Indonesia, Stark Craft Beer is brewed in the north of Bali with pure spring water from the Batu Karu mountain. This water is then filtered three times, before it is processed together with other ingredients, such as barley, wheat, oats, and hops. Brewed from 100 per cent malt, Stark Craft Beer comes in a variety of flavours, including mango, lychee, wheat, dark wheat, low-carb, and Indonesian pale ale (IPA), and is completely free of preservatives and chemicals.

3. Anker Beer

Seen as Bintang’s strongest rival, Anker is distilled in a Jakarta brewery and is a pale lager, known for its distinctive taste. It has a stronger taste than Bintang, and is a deep golden pilsner with a creamy foaming head, full bodied, strong flavour, and delicious well balanced bitter taste. In the market since 1932, Anker Beer is manufactured by PT Delta Djakarta Tbk.

4. Bali Hai

A cheap local beer that was earlier sold only in Bali, Bali Hai is now available throughout the country. Produced by PT Bali Hai Brewery Indonesia since 1975, it is now sold in 20 countries across the world. Though the taste is a little weak compared to Bintang and Anker, Bali Hai has its fair share of loyalists, thanks to its cheap price and easy availability. The Bali Hai variants include Bali Hai Draft Beer, Bali Hai Premium Beer, El Diablo Lager, Panther Stout, Panther Ginseng Stout and Folsom. With fruity and floral notes, Bali Hai is just the right beer to guzzle on a hot day at the beach.

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