Sometimes, all you need is a little travel inspiration to help you plan your next holiday. Bali is a destination with so much to see and do, and it may take a lot of effort for you to figure out your travel plans if you’re a first-time visitor.

When you’re on a budget, or planning a trip by yourself, having the right experiences, and making sure you don’t miss the important ones, become vital. If you’ve got a serious case of wanderlust, and are just looking for a little help along the way, here’s a list of the most informative blogs that you can rely on for your visit to Bali.

1. Almost Landing

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Writes About: All the major areas of Bali, citing the pros and cons of visiting every area, and detailed information about what to see and do
With insider travel tips, detailed itineraries and guides, and recommendations for eating, sleeping and sightseeing, Almost Landing is a fuss-free blog with gives readers the most accurate information on most areas of Bali.

Australian couple and travel buffs Mandy and Chris set up the blog to document their love for Bali and its culture. The island is more like a second home to them, and they’ve spent a fair bit of time exploring its many hidden treasures.

The blog paints a clear picture of the pros and cons of different areas and experiences, with clear and precise data, so you can make an informed decision.

2. Salt In Our Hair 

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Writes About: Canggu, Munduk, Ubud, Gili Air, Nusa Lembongan, Nusa Ceningan
Hannah and Nick have a strong affinity for Asia, having travelled to over nine countries in the region. Although their blog is only two years old, it has made it to the lists of some of the best travel blogs around the globe.

Their Bali blog is one of the most popular, because of the detailed information, with crisp videos and beautifully captured photographs. Be sure to check out their colourful maps that help put your trip into perspective.

3. WeLikeBali

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Writes About: All areas; experiences at boutique accommodations and their lifestyle on the island

Just running your coconut-tree-shaped cursor around the landing page of WeLikeBali is enough to put you in the mood for a cocktail by the beach. Eve and Pris have spent almost eight years exploring Bali and are dedicated island lovers.

The blog is especially unique for the very specific experiences that the two women pen down in detail, with photographs to accompany each post.

The duo has also released a book – The Welike Bali Islandlife Guide – in 2016, covering 250 must-see spots on the island.

They also have a WeLikeBali shop, which is an online retail portal where you can purchase swimwear, beach bags, accessories, jewellery and t-shirts that have been crafted by local manufacturers in Bali. They’re sure to put you in vacation mode.

4. Blonde Seashell 

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Writes About: All areas; tips and tricks to make your way around Bali.

After selling off her apartment and her belongings in Switzerland, Nadine began travelling the world until she found her feet in Bali. She lives a bohemian, nomadic lifestyle, and her blog is a true reflection of that.

A few of her detailed guides to specific areas of Bali, (including one on how to avoid Bali scams!) are free to download. She shares personal experiences as well as curated lists of things to see, eat and do.

5. The Blonde Abroad

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Writes About: Canggu, Ubud, Seminyak and Jimbaran

California-bred Kiersten went from corporate finance to travel blogging to satiate her thirst for travel, and has been to 54 countries so far. Upon every visit, she documents her experiences with food, accommodation and unique discoveries.

She has a straightforward way of detailing her experiences, and her posts include everything from comparative lists to solo travel guides.

6. Jet Set Christina

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Writes About: Curated guides and listicles covering popular areas of Bali.

Christina writes about hotels, restaurants, activities and even fashion on her award-winning blog. Born and raised in California, she has had her passport stamped in 55 countries every since she was bitten by the travel bug.

She is also a popular Instagrammer, and frequently adorns her blog posts with photographs of her experiences.

7. Hippie In Heels

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Writes About: Where to stay, eat and shop in Bali, detailed experiences of accommodations
The hippie here is Rachel, who left behind a career in nursing to live in Goa. She has travelled around the globe but has been an expat in India for three years now. Her extensive travels are minutely documented, and her pieces on Bali are guaranteed to give you a good vibe of the place.

Based on her experiences travelling around Bali for a month, she covers adventure sports, food and curated experiences. She also provides a fair bit of information about luxurious as well as budget accommodations.

8. Wanderers And Warriors

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Writes About: All areas; curated experiences for two
UK-bred couple Charlie and Lauren are always on the move, and have a fun, witty way of sharing their experiences with the world. Their blog is focused on destinations in Asia, with Bali being at the forefront. The emphasis of their blog is on couple’s experience.

They also provide curated lists as well as individual experiences for all kinds of travellers, and also have great accommodation recommendations for all budgets.

9. The Travel Intern 

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Writes About: Large and small itineraries, lesser-known attractions in Bali
A Singapore-based community of writers, storytellers, photographers and filmmakers, The Travel Intern is a unique blog that is made up of a team from The Travel Intern Programme, which is a rotational internship that allows travel for living. This offers different perspectives of every destination they cover, so you can get an unbiased opinion of different areas of Bali.

They have a good knack for covering the unconventional experiences in Bali and provide a lot of information besides just the regular sightseeing.

10. Where’s Mollie?

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Writes About: Detailed guides about the popular areas of Bali

Mollie’s is a great blog if you’re looking to read all about a place in one go. She creates informative guides about specific areas of Bali, and these reference pieces cover everything from accommodation to food and fun activities. She pairs her words with photographs that give an accurate depiction of her suggestions.

One of the highlights of her blog is that she breaks up her stories based on the type of adventure you are looking for. So you can break up your list based on backpacking, winter sports, festivals and even weekend getaways.

11. Wanderlust Chloe 

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Writes About: Reviews, travel guides and must-see attractions

Chloe was hit by a bout of wanderlust in 2014, and has travelled extensively since then. Rated as one of UK’s top travel bloggers, Chloe focusses on providing an all-round experience covering food, adventure, style and accommodation, with a touch of luxury.

She spent about a month in Bali, doing activities like hiking, trekking up volcanoes, mingling with the locals, gorging on the local cuisine and engaging in beach activities. Besides writing, she also creates video content for her own blog as well as Metro, Lonely Planet, Skyscanner and Huffington Post, and has a strong social media presence.

12. Breathing Travel

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Writes About: Useful travel tips, how to work and live in Bali, co-working spaces, and digital tools for travelers.
Originally from Germany, Carolin has been a full-time traveller and blogger since 2014. Besides indulging in the tourist attractions and exclusive experiences of every place she visits, she also supports herself by taking on local work, which broadens her experience and understanding of the place.

With a huge following on social media, Chloe is most renowned for the way she captures her images, and her travelling tips and tricks.

13. Jones Around The World

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Writes About: Backpacking guides and music festivals in Bali
If you’re a music lover and beach festivals are up your alley, Jones provides curated lists of some of the best events in Bali Primarily a travel photographer, his blog is more visual and gives you a picture-wise taste of the island.

A frequent face at global parties at different destinations, Jones recommends the best parties, festivals and music hubs to explore in every place he visits. He also provides itineraries for popular areas in Bali, and fun adventure activities that you can try.

14. Travel with Bender

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Writes About: Family holidays, listicles about things to see and do in Bali, things to do with kids

Josh Bender’s blog is detailed, expansive and replete with listicles that makes it easy to plan your holiday. Having visited Bali multiple times, Josh puts together reviews and suggestions of hotels, eateries and other activities in Bali. An avid photographer, his writing is supplemented with pictures shot by him on his many travels.

15. Goats On The Road

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Writes About: Tips and advice on travelling to Bali, and how to make money on the road
Nick and Deriece have been travelling for almost a decade now, trying various jobs around the world while simultaneously handling their blog. They’re writers, photographers, videographers and of course, hungry travellers.

Their blog covers a lot of adventure activities and accommodation experiences in Bali, besides a first-hand documentation of the jobs they took up there.