Dubai is famous for many things like its unique culture, ultra-modern lifestyle, and luxury shopping. Every shopping enthusiast swears by the products from Dubai’s malls. Goods from all over the world are available in the city, making it one of the planet’s greatest shopping destinations.. From high-end brands to fragrant perfumes to the famous gold jewellery, the city has something for every kind of shopper.

1. Start Your Shopping Adventure At Mall Of The Emirates


Famous for being recognized by Forbes as one of the top five malls in Dubai, this shopping resort exudes luxury in everything it has to offer. Home to a ski field, cinema complex, and 560 high-end fashion brands, the mall is every shopaholic’s dream come true.  If you need a break from exploring different cuisines and buying branded clothes, check out Ski Dubai or Magic Planet.

Famous for: 560 International brands such as Alexander McQueen, Bvlgari, Cartier, and Chanel.


2. Get Fashion Forward at The Dubai Mall 


With so many eclectic  malls in Dubai, the Dubai Mall is the only one that gives you the ultimate experience. It is famously known for its beautiful interiors and 1200 luxurious and premium brands that have their stores in the mall. Beyond all the luxury and fashion brands, you’ll be left in awe by the display of a huge dinosaur skeleton, a beautiful indoor waterfall, and a huge ski-rink inside the mall. Here, you’ll also find the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. It is definitely a shopping nirvana for its visitors.

Caption: Revamp your wardrobe at The Dubai Mall. 

Famous for: Indoor Theme Park, Olympic-size ice rink and high fashion brands.


3. Find A Slice Of India At Dubai’s Own Meena Bazar


True to its name, Meena Bazaar is a marketplace with colourful shops and products that will immediately transport you to the older times of traditional Dubai. If textiles, handicrafts and jewellery are on the top of your shopping list, this place is a ‘must visit’. Other than that, you can also get some souvenirs, like bags, ceramics, and spices packed for your friends and family back home. Oh! And don’t forget to bargain.

Famous for: Traditional textile, jewellery, handicraft and Indian spices.


4. Find Everything Glittery In Dubai’s Famous Gold Souk


Caption: All that glitters is gold–in Dubai’s Gold Souk

While Dubai is famous for its malls, luxury items, and nightlife, your visit to the city is not complete without going to the souks. 

If buying gold jewellery is on your mind then visit the world famous Gold Souk of Dubai. As soon you will enter the market, you will see a myriad of authentic gold on display. Whether you are looking for some traditional gold jewellery or modern pieces crafted with gems, you’ll find it at bargain prices.

Famous for: Gold jewellery


5. Buy Artefacts From Around The World In Global Village

Caption: See the world while you shop at Global Village. 

Global Village Dubai is a shopping festival well known for its unconventional blending of cultures and sartorial styles. Its carnival-like atmosphere is a hit amongst tourists.Indulge in tasty treats and enjoy live shows while shopping with family. With a full stomach and even fuller shopping bags, you’ll feel as though you’ve traversed several continents in one long, exciting day.

Famous for: Leisure activities, entertainment, and artefacts.


6. Bargain Your Heart Out At The Outlet Village

Outlet Village Photo by Alaaeldahshan


The Outlet Village is not your usual shopping centre. This fun area is built outdoors, with European aesthetics. This is the place to head to for buying some of the best high-end fashion brands like Calvin Klein, Roberto Cavalli, and Tommy Hilfiger at throwaway prices. The only thing you need to remember is to bring out those bargaining skills.

Famous for: High-end fashion and lifestyle brands.


7. Indulge In A Shopping Adventure At Ibn Battuta Mall

Caption: A Starbucks coffee outlet at Ibn Battuta Mall

The largest theme mall in the world – Ibn Battuta – is built around the travels of 14th century Moroccan explorer by the same name. It is a confluence of different cultures, luxury, and exotic architecture. Whether you are a shopaholic or not, a visit to this iconic mall is just unavoidable. Soak in the different themes and spend a few hours here. Other activities you can indulge in here are food, arts, and electronics.

Famous for: High-end brands, arts, handicrafts, electronics, and luxury shopping.


8. Awaken Your Senses At Dubai’s Perfume Souk



The rich and pleasant aroma of various fragrances will tantalise your senses as soon you as you enter. Interestingly, incense and perfumes sold in the market are passed down from generations. What’s even better is that you can make your own custom fragrances according to your preferences. Now you know what to take back from Dubai with a hint of personalisation.

Famous for: Perfumes and incenses.


9. Explore The Aromatic Vibrant Spice Souks


While Dubai is famous for its malls, luxury items, and nightlife, your visit to the city is not complete without going to the souks. Tucked away in Dubai’s narrow lanes, Spice Souk will enthral you with the aromatic fragrance of cinnamon, vanilla pods, and many other spices. The numerous jute bags containing freshly ground spices will make you want to buy them all.


10. Get Everything Traditional At Textile Souk


If you want to experience the traditional Dubai, then Textile Souk is where you should head to. In a country of luxury and modern architecture, this place is a breath of fresh air. Apart from that, who doesn’t like to buy some authentic fabrics in cotton, silk, velvet, and wool?

Fun fact – Indian saris, Kashmir pashminas, Persian carpets, and the traditional abayas are some of the favourites amongst locals and tourists.

Famous for: Silks, cotton and brocades. Abaya, kandora, shawls and tailor-made garments suiting.


11. Enjoy A Day Out At Dubai’s Famous Cyber Park – Hub Zero


A paradise for all the gaming junkies, Hub Zero has a range of games to offer. If you love gaming, you are in for a treat, as Hub Zero will offer you an unmatched interactive gaming experience. The state-of-art technology will transport you to a different world of adventures. With 3D and virtual reality technology, Hub Zero is the place you can visit with family or friends.

Famous for: Gaming


12. Eat, Shop, And Explore At Dubai Design District (D3)


D3 is a welcoming change between the myriad of luxurious offerings in Dubai. This sprawling urban design place is home to some of the most unconventional yet outstanding fashion boutiques, art galleries, and quirky cafes. Love indulging in delectable treats? Grab a plate of Royal Eggs made with poached eggs, smoked salmon, hollandaise sauce on a rustic bread, at Craft Café. Or simply head over to fashion boutiques like Amato and Closet Case if you’re in the market for a chic wardrobe

Famous For: Fashion studios, art galleries, and cafes.